Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 526

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“E-Exploded?” Even someone with rich life experiences like Jonathan was stunned to hear what Andy
said. “When you said it’s exploded, do you really mean it? Like ‘boom!’ kinda explosion?”

“Yes, exactly. It happened at the square over there. The moment I saw you fall into the lake when I
walked over, the explosion happened!” Andy said while letting out a cough.

All of a sudden, blood started leaking from his nose and the corners of his lips. Andy then spewed a
mouth of blood. The color instantly drained out of his face.

“What happened?” Jonathan looked at Andy and asked with a frown. “I have no idea.” Andy wiped the
blood from the corners of his lips. “When I was having a tough time identifying the actual location
earlier, I heard the bell ringing twice.

After sensing the fluctuations of the spiritual energy, I rushed over here. While standing by the door, I
heard the bell ringing again. My blood began to surge through my veins, and that’s how I coughed out

It must be the ringing sound from the bell! What weapon is that? How can it be so powerful? While
Jonathan was still in deep thoughts, his fingers began to shiver.

In just seconds, he felt an agonizing pain all over his body as if an army of ants was nibbling his flesh.
“Argh!” The sudden pain was so intense that he could not help but let out a deep grunt.

As Jonathan gradually recovered from the pain, he felt utterly exhausted and lost. He slowly lifted his
hand and gently tapped on his lower jaw. Upon his action, the pain in his body was gone almost

Jonathan’s action was no different from how Garrison had locked the meridian on his right arm earlier.

Locking the meridians might temporarily relieve his pain, but it would also cut off the connections
between the receptors in his nervous system and his brain.

In other words, Jonathan would not know if he had suffered any internal injuries. After the pain
subsided, he could still feel a tingling sensation on his body, but since it was bearable, he did not pay
much attention to it.

After helping Andy up, Jonathan turned around and walked toward Torhen Square. He said to Andy,
“Tell me everything that happened after I left.”

Jonathan grabbed Andy’s wrist and activated his limited spiritual energy to inspect Andy’s body.

Andy thought about it and replied, “All right. In less than two hours after you left, Yaleview Army lifted
the ban in Yaleview but stopped the troops from entering. That was why I had to change into casual
attire and enter the city as a citizen. I managed to find my way here based on the information given by

“That’s all?” Jonathan released Andy’s wrist and said, “I sensed a shockwave in your energy field, and
your meridians are mildly damaged, so avoid using your spiritual energy for a month. You can still
cultivate three rotations a day, but not more than that. You should recover after some time.” While
Jonathan was explaining, he felt a pulsing spurt of blood in his throat.

He froze for a moment and knitted his brows before swallowing the fluid lodged in his throat. “Mr.
Goldstein… You…”

Andy seemed to notice something was amiss with Jonathan, but before he could ask, Jonathan shook
his head. “I’m fine. I just used up too much energy just now.”

Yet, Jonathan was aware that he had sustained severe internal injuries during the battle. The golden
core he had cultivated had turned dull after he used it to restore his body and protect his meridians.

Right then, even his energy field was falling apart.

Jonathan deduced his elixir field was approaching an extremely dangerous threshold when the bell
rang for the last time.

If Garrison had been able to ring the bell once more, Jonathan might have died. Even if the latter
survived, the bell’s ringing would still destroy his elixir field. Should that happen, Jonathan would never
be able to cultivate for the rest of his life.

Jonathan walked up to Sophia, squatted down, and pressed his fingers on her neck. He could tell her
pulse was steady. Just as he had expected, the ancient bell seemed to only work on cultivators. It had
no effects on ordinary folk who did not possess spiritual energy.

“Tell us what to do, Mr. Goldstein. Give me the green light, and I’ll immediately inform Hades to gather
all his men. In a day, I can get a million soldiers to standby by Yaleview’s borders!” Andy bowed and
said to Jonathan.

Everything that had happened in Yaleview had triggered those in Asura’s Office. Those in Asura’s
Office would never tolerate or go easy on those who tried to trick and harm Jonathan.

Besides Jonathan, all Eight Kings of War in Asura’s Office had also decided to revolt!

After all, everything that had happened in Yaleview showed that the authorities of the place were no
longer qualified to be the leaders of Chanaea.

Not only did the respectable families intervene in the city’s governance, but businesspeople also
worked closely with governmental officials. In other words, corrupted practices had infiltrated the

Ever since Asura’s Office had appointed Eight Kings of War to rule their respective territories, the entire
Chanaea remained peaceful except for Yaleview.

“You shouldn’t say that. Don’t say that anymore,” Jonathan responded with a sigh.

“Don’t you forget, Asura’s Office was established to end all the wars. If we were to launch a civil war
against Yaleview, regardless of whether we could achieve victory, we would risk sacrificing the lives of
millions of soldiers. Besides, Remdik in the north, Jetroina in the south, and Ibica in the west might take
advantage of the chaos and invade us, since their military force is ever ready,” Jonathan explained.

He then continued, “Chanaea has just defeated the rebels in less than a year. If we were to start a civil
war, we would all suffer regardless of the outcome. If that happens, the foreign powers can easily
intrude on Chanaea. The instability in the country would put us in a disadvantageous position.”

Upon hearing that, Andy gritted his teeth. “But Mr. Goldstein, those in Yaleview have gone overboard.
For your information, they have wiped out three nodes from Asura’s Office intel networks. I’m sure
Office of Government Affairs is up to no good.”

“How many men did we lose in that three nodes?” Jonathan turned around and asked Andy.

Andy took a deep breath and said solemnly, “We lost touch with a total of one hundred and seventeen
men, so we have no idea if they’re dead or alive!”

“How many spies did we station in Yaleview?”

“Almost eight thousand.”

Jonathan thought about it and ordered, “Tell them not to get in touch with the Intelligence Bureau and
destroy all the information they have gathered. From now on, all our spy agents in Yaleview must stop
collecting data.”

Andy’s expression turned grim when he heard Jonathan’s instruction.

It took Asura’s Office more than two years to send those eight thousand agents to Yaleview. These
agents were involved in various sectors, prominent families, governmental organizations, and other
industries. They had already established a comprehensive intel network, providing Asura’s Office with a
vast amount of intel reports.

If they were to stop what the agents were doing, the effort Asura’s Office had put in in the last two years
would be in vain. “Mr. Goldstein, are you planning to ditch all the eight thousand agents?”

“I’m not ditching them. I’m trying to save their lives.”

Jonathan could not help but feel downhearted when he remembered Agent 018, whom he had called
earlier. Agent 018 was the one who had sent him the address of the Osborne residence. Jonathan was
aware that Agent 018 might have already died by then.

“Joshua’s plan in Yaleview is slowly taking shape, and if those agents are to continue investigating
Joshua, they might lose their lives.”

Jonathan walked to the middle of the Great Torhen and picked up a thumb-sized bell from a pool of

“Yaleview is no longer fighting us in the dark. When Wilbur led a six-hundred-thousand troop to fight
against me and prevent me from entering Yaleview, I knew we couldn’t rely on schemes and
conspiracies. It’s time to take them on head-on.”

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