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Chapter 524

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A Perfect Replication

“How dare you, Jonathan Goldstein!” Garrison shot to his feet. The spiritual energy within him started
surging wildly. If one were a true fighter, they would be able to judge the gap between themselves and
their opponent easily by testing the waters for a bit while engaged in battle.

Having gone up against Jonathan earlier, Garrison knew that the man wasn’t of the Grandmaster
Realm. Like him, the man was also of the God Realm.

That aside, Jonathan wasn’t at the beginner phase of the God Realm. After all, the capabilities
Jonathan exhibited earlier were far above Garrison’s.

He’s an expert at the advanced phase of the God Realm! How could this possibly be? At that thought,
Garrison lifted his head and stared at Jonathan, a sense of trepidation inexorably swamping him as his
spiritual sense spread out.

Despite the Osborne family having gathered elders for over a millennium, they only had a few elders of
the God Realm, totaling less than ten.

On top of that, the youngest among them only broke through the God Realm at fifty-five years old. At
the end of the day, the most important element in cultivation was long-term amassment and insight of
cultivation methods.

However, Jonathan had stepped foot into the God Realm when he wasn’t even thirty years old.

He’s probably on par with that prodigy from the Gomez family. Then, there’s Wilbur Xanthos, the
commander-in-chief of Yaleview Army. According to the reports, he has probably broken through the
God Realm. In the past, the entire martial arts world would be shaken if someone broke through the

God Realm before sixty years old. But now, there are three such prodigies in the world. It looks like this
era won’t be that peaceful anymore.

As Garrison was standing in the deep hole, his thoughts abruptly took a sharp turn.

“Since you don’t want to leave, I’ll send you to meet your maker instead!”

Letting out a roar, he made hand seals with his right hand. A glimmer of golden light flashed across his
body. Surprisingly, he removed his protective barrier.

“You’re right in that this protective magical item isn’t perfect. One must remove it to launch an attack.
It’s indeed impressive that you’ve managed to discern that in such a short time. But don’t tell me you
thought that I only managed to climb to my position today just because of this protective magical item
when I’m an elder of the Osborne family. It isn’t that simple. The Unmovable King Seal! Converge!”

Following that bellow, Garrison clasped his hands before his chest with his fingers interlocked. In the
blink of an eye, a strange hand seal took shape.

At the same time, the spiritual energy within him surged wildly.

In merely a few breaths, the turbulent spiritual energy within him doubled. Garrison shot up to the
advanced phase of the God Realm.

Is this… a secret method to milk one’s potential?

At the sight of the veins popping up on Garrison’s forehead, Jonathan’s eyes brimmed with excitement.

“You’re finally willing to reveal some capabilities, huh, old geezer?”

Ever since Jonathan established Asura’s Office, there hadn’t been any military upheaval in Chanaea.
As such, he never unleashed his full capabilities after that.

After learning that there were still many cultivators in this world, in particular, he had been looking
forward to finding an opponent of the same level to test his capabilities.

Looks like the battle I’ve been anticipating is transpiring today! The corners of his mouth turned up, and
fire blazed in his eyes as he regarded Garrison below.

“Come at me and show me what you’ve got!”

As Jonathan spoke, he slowly backed away for real. He went a distance away and waited silently.
“You’re courting death!”

Garrison’s expression was icy, his hands locked in a hand seal. Having utilized a secret method to
activate his potential, Garrison experienced unprecedented strength.

Along with that, overwhelming self-confidence flooded him. Sensing Jonathan’s aura, Garrison leaped
lightly and finally stood on the ground once more.

At that moment, he had confidence that he had at least an eighty percent chance of killing Jonathan
with his methods.

The two of them stood on the ground carved with the Great Torhen, one on the white half and the other
on the black half. By then, Jonathan had already moved Sophia to the side with spiritual energy.

As Garrison stared straight at Jonathan, the former expanded his force field and enveloped Jonathan
within. “Take this!”

Following that shout, the slate beneath Garrison’s feet shattered. A fist appeared in front of Jonathan,
heading straight for the front of his head.

Whoosh! A muffled thud rang out, and a gust of wind swirled around him. “You’re too slow,” Jonathan
commented placidly after stretching out a hand and blocking Garrison’s terrifying blow with a frown.

Back when Jonathan sparred with Wilbur, it was exceedingly dangerous although neither of them
unleashed their full capabilities.

Yet, Garrison’s punch then was of no threat at all. At once, Jonathan sensed something amiss. Sure
enough, the moment Jonathan uttered that remark, a sneer tugged at the lips of Garrison, whose fist
the former held in his palm.

“Break!” With a bark from Garrison, Jonathan sensed a violent burst of spiritual energy rushing into the
meridian of his arm from his palm.

Excruciating pain assailed him, and he promptly flew backward.

In the meridian of his arm, the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique automatically activated. Countless
bursts of pure spiritual energy poured into the meridian of his right hand, wrapping around the unstable
spiritual energy and directing all spiritual energy back into his energy field.

His golden core glowed. In an instant, all the unstable spiritual energy was purified.

“Spiritual Energy Hit? I’ve learned it.”

Jonathan gave a sneer before his figure disappeared in a flash. “How is this possible?” Garrison

Within his force field, Jonathan’s movements were distinctly imprinted in his mind. Jonathan moved in
the same trajectory and replicated Garrison’s action.

A fist appeared before Garrison, heading straight for the front of his head. Alas, it did him no good
despite being able to see it all.

In the force field, all information was relayed almost simultaneously. Ultimately, sensing it and being
able to dodge it were two different things.

In the face of the punch that was similar to what he had unleashed earlier, the only thing Garrison could
do was to stretch out his hand and block it as Jonathan did. Bang!

A muffled bang rang out, and a spurt of blood arched across the air. Garrison was thrown dozens of
meters back, only stopping after smashing into the low wall around the garden.

In the square, a mist of blood hung in the air in front of Jonathan. As the protective barrier of spiritual
energy diffused, the mist of blood scattered on the wind.

With a slight leap, Jonathan crossed dozens of meters to stand before Garrison. “You’re Garrison, yes?
If you’ve got an ultimate technique, you’d best use it now. Otherwise, you won’t have the opportunity to
do so anymore,” Jonathan advised mildly, gazing down at the man whose chest was all bloodied.

When Garrison looked at Jonathan again right then, the look in his eyes was as though he was
beholding a monster. He replicated my attack!

In truth, Garrison had already noticed that the man’s attacks were exceedingly plain despite his high
cultivation level. It was as though he was filled with energy, but he hadn’t yet learned to use it.

And now, that proved to be the case indeed. The only thing Jonathan lacked then was the
corresponding techniques. Although the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique was incredibly powerful, it
was merely a profound basic cultivation method at the end of the day.

The basic cultivation method worked internally. It could boost a cultivator’s cultivation level continuously
by establishing a foundation.

Techniques, on the other hand, were external. With cultivation level as the base, a cultivator could
come up with various attack and defense techniques.

That was precisely why Jonathan had been holding back and testing the waters when he battled with a
cultivator, be it Philip from the Gomez family previously or Garrison right then, although he could have
defeated them easily.

It was to learn how they utilized their cultivation level.

Despair inundated Garrison as he stared at his right arm, which was a mess of blood and flesh. That
was a result of the Spiritual Energy Hit Jonathan had just learned from him.

While Spiritual Energy Hit sounded simple, it was exceedingly difficult to cultivate. Back when Garrison
learned it himself, it took him a whole year of trial and error to have a basic grasp of it.

Right then, however, Jonathan managed to replicate it perfectly just after a single look. Is he… for real?

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