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Chapter 525

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The Old Geezer Exploded

“You asked for it!” Supporting himself against the brick wall that had cracked and collapsed, Garrison
slowly rose to his feet.

“Although I have known that your cultivation level is high and you’re a rare talent, it seems that the
Osborne family has underestimated you, Jonathan. Since you refuse to submit, let me eliminate this
obstacle for the family!”

While saying that, Garrison lifted his left hand and pressed his fingers against his right arm hard. A
flash of pure spiritual energy flitted across Jonathan’s eyes. Garrison didn’t activate his force field this
time. Thanks to the augmentation of spiritual energy, the spiritual energy under the surface of his skin
became distinctly visible.

Ah, the triple energizer meridians! As Jonathan clocked the positions of Garrison’s fingers, his lips
curved into a smile. Those five acupoints governed the circulation of blood in the meridian of the arm.

In other words, Garrison was sealing the five acupoints. Not only did he manage to stop the flow of
blood, but more importantly, he also blocked off his arm’s senses.

“You want to go all out?” Jonathan queried calmly. “No, I’m not going all out. Instead, I’m killing you!”
Garrison declared, cackling manically.

His teeth that were stained scarlet by blood appeared horrendously ghastly. “Since you refuse to let me
go, you can only die here!”

With a cry from Garrison, a bronze-colored bell appeared in his left hand. When Jonathan sensed the
ominous aura on the bell, his heart lurched. Seemingly on reflex, he activated his force field and
backed away.

“You want to flee now? It’s too late!” Garrison charged after him. He shot out his right index finger,
tapping it against the bell in his left hand.

Ding! It was a light nudge, but a resounding ring split the air. Blood instantly spurted out from Garrison’s
finger that flicked the bell, but it merely scattered an inch before the bell absorbed it.

Standing before him, Jonathan had his force field wide open, sealing his entire body within. Even so, it
couldn’t withstand the invisible ripple that headed straight for his energy field.

Death and emptiness pervaded the air. Wherever the bell sounded, one’s spiritual energy would suffer
a shockwave while their spiritual sense dispersed. “Die!”

Garrison gave a loud roar upon seeing that Jonathan’s force field was unstable. In a flash, he streaked
over to the latter. “Converge!”

With a bark from Jonathan, his remaining force field promptly formed a shield before him. “Smash!”

As Garrison struck the protective barrier of spiritual energy, Jonathan endured the spasms of spiritual
energy within his mind and flicked his right hand imperceptibly. At once, more than a dozen boulders
rose behind the former. Flying forward so fast that they became afterimages, they shot right at the back
of Garrison’s head.

“It’s not going to work!”

Rays of golden light manifested around Garrison unceasingly. When the swift boulders were an inch
away, they turned into dust and scattered.

“I used my own flesh and blood for the exchange, so you’re dying for sure today!”

Ding! Garrison tapped the bell again. His middle finger exploded. Again, the blood was absorbed by the
bell in his left hand.


The Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique was whirring at warp speed within Jonathan. Rays of golden
energy glimmered, and spiritual energy surged within him ceaselessly.

At that moment, Jonathan felt as though even his blood would boil. In the face of the bell, his spiritual
sense merely scattered for a bit before it gathered again.


Following his bellow, Jonathan rushed to Garrison’s right at such speed that he turned into an
afterimage. “How is this possible?”

Shock deluged Garrison when he saw that Jonathan was seemingly not affected in the least.

“Fire!” With a roar, Garrison stretched out his hand and struck the bell.


Jonathan’s figure flickered. He waved his right hand, upon which pure spiritual energy formed an
invisible blade in his right hand.

A single strike from him severed Garrison’s right arm. Alas, Jonathan was a step too late. The severed
palm still struck the bell.

Ding! Following that light ring, the bell blurred and expanded until its diameter exceeded three meters.
Meanwhile, Jonathan was thrown back the instant the bell rang, falling into the artificial lake dozens of
meters away.

His meridians were severed, and his skin was flayed into a bloodied mess. Having fallen into the lake,
he bled from all orifices. His consciousness almost faded entirely away.

Ultimately, I still overestimated myself! That isn’t a bell at all. Instead, it is an ancient magical item with
engravings of an arcane array, a large bell with many runes on it.

As he cast his mind back at the final afterimage he saw, bitterness swamped him. Well, I’m going to
die, huh?

Sensing the squishy sensation at his back, Jonathan knew that he had probably sunk to the bottom of
the lake.

He wanted to swim to the shore, but the shockwave earlier made it so difficult that he couldn’t exert an
ounce of energy. Even the spiritual energy within him had then lost all contact with him.

The only thing he could feel was that the spiritual energy in his energy field was swiftly disappearing
into his body.

Just when Jonathan had already resigned himself to his fate, a figure dived into the lake. In the next
second, he felt someone seizing hold of his collar, and he quickly started rising to the surface.


The moment he broke the surface of the water, he gulped in fresh air. At his cultivation level, it would
have been a piece of cake for him to even stay in the water for several hours as long as he held his

However, he couldn’t use any spiritual energy at all because of the recoil of that strange, large bell. If
he hadn’t broken the surface of the water, there was only one ending awaiting him—drowning to death.

Never had there been a moment when he found the air so sweet. He turned to the person who was
holding onto him, only to see that it was Andy.

“Mr. Goldstein!”

Using both his hands and legs, Andy dragged Jonathan onto the shore. “Are you okay?” he shouted
anxiously upon seeing that Jonathan’s limbs were completely limp.

“Well, I’m not dead yet!” Jonathan replied as he panted heavily. By then, he was already seemingly
paralyzed from the head down. Besides his head, he couldn’t feel any other part of his body.

Even a four or five-year-old kid could easily stab him in the heart with a knife right then, not to mention
Garrison. Nonetheless, sheer relief suffused him the instant he saw Andy.

I’m not going to die, after all. At least, I’ll definitely be fine as long as Andy remains alive.

Jonathan had no reason to suspect Andy when the latter was someone who was willing to follow him
and launch a revolt against Yaleview’s authorities at any minute.

“What happened to you, Mr. Goldstein?” “I was injured by the recoil. Oh yes, where’s Garrison from the
Osborne family?” Jonathan asked worriedly.

Although he had taught the Eight Kings of War some cultivation techniques from the Ancient Sacred
Dragon Technique, even Hades, who had the highest cultivation level among the Eight Kings of War,
was only at the threshold of the Grandmaster Realm.

I can no longer move now, so if that old geezer from the Osborne family is to attack us, we’ll definitely
perish. Andy alone is no match for that old geezer.

“The old geezer you’re speaking of exploded!”

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