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Chapter 523

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How Durable

Upon hearing that, Garrison approached him with a frown. “Jonathan, what’s the point in you asking
this now? We did this to the Goldstein family to remind you that you still have weaknesses, no matter
how mighty you are. Your troops don’t matter when you’re facing off respectable families like us. You
still failed to protect your family, didn’t you?”

“Is this a threat?” asked Jonathan coldly, huffing a laugh as he studied Garrison. All the while, Garrison
marched forward one step at a time, his aura surging to incredible levels.

When he arrived before Jonathan, his cultivation level had reached the beginner phase of the God
Realm, which was on par with Jonathan.

“Jonathan, this isn’t a threat but the truth of the matter,” he explained to Jonathan while smirking.

“Jonathan, you’re too soft, so you can’t become a hero. You care about family and friends. It’s exactly
what’s happening now. Any person could easily disrupt your mind. This is a warning. The Osborne
family never intended to fight you.

Otherwise, you wouldn’t even be alive by now. You have no ambition despite holding supreme military
power. People like you deserve to be trampled over by others. Now, I shall ask you on behalf of the
Osborne family. Will you submit to us, allow yourself to be of service to us, and become a vassal of the

“You’re full of gibberish!” Following a cry of rage, Jonathan rushed forth, ready to claw at Garrison’s
face. Bam!

There was a muffled noise before Jonathan was sent flying backward. Meanwhile, a faint golden glow
flashed around Garrison. Is that a shield made of spiritual energy?

After landing on the ground, Jonathan checked on his bloodied fingers. His nails were all uprooted,
which was an after-effect of him clawing at the spiritual energy shield.

No, this isn’t a spiritual energy shield. Although cultivators who have surpassed the Grandmaster
Realm could condense their spiritual energy outside their body to form a temporary shield, it would only
be a simple form of defense. It couldn’t possibly have such power.

As the slabs of stone cracked underneath Jonathan’s feet, he lashed out at Garrison once again. His
figure was a blur as he dashed forward. Clang!

The golden glow emerged again, rippling like water. That time around, Jonathan focused his sight on it
and finally managed to see it clearly. There were odd, blurry characters flashing on that glowing orb of

It was peculiar, for it seemed like the huge bell found in temples. It’s a protective magical item! In an
instant, Jonathan could already see why Garrison could remain unperturbed.

Although he had never seen one himself, Jonathan had read about various pills and magical items in
the latter part of the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique.

According to the description provided by the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique, cultivators during
ancient times wouldn’t only train by making use of spiritual energy found in nature, but they would also
boost their weapons by adding various functions to them through the use of special rune arrangements.

For instance, they would use spatial rune formations to create magical items used for storage. Despite
the tiny object, it could store huge amounts of items.

Other than that, one could also use fire-attribute rune formations on weapons to add a fire affinity to the
weapon and deal more damage.

Protective magical items were the most precious out of all the magical items. It was hard to gather the
necessary materials, and the process of forging them was incredibly challenging. Every single one of
those items could help save lives.

Powerful protective magical items could even allow cultivators to negate attacks from others, so they
were definitely prized treasures.

Yet, despite their prowess, the materials required to forge these items could no longer be found due to
the destruction of the spiritual roots in nature.

Even the author who created the cultivation method of the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique had only
seen them on rare occasions, adding to their mysterious nature.

Thus, Jonathan wasn’t expecting to encounter something that had vanished during ancient times.

He wondered if he was considered lucky or unlucky.

Seeing Jonathan’s two failed attempts at attacking, Garrison wore a smirk on his face.

“Stop wasting your energy, Jonathan. You can’t possibly break through my defense. Moreover, I will
hereby inform you that this magical item that I’m using is but a mid-tier item amongst all that the
Osborne family owns. Known as The Untouchables, the Osborne family doesn’t only get to accumulate
their wealth throughout the centuries. You couldn’t even begin to imagine the foundations we possess.
Submit to the Osborne family, and we will assist you in becoming the new ruler of Chanaea.”

“Shut the hell up!” With a roar, Jonathan reached in front of Garrison in a flash. He swept his leg
sideways, and the golden light orb around Garrison glowed again.

Ding! Dong! Ding! Dong! A series of clashing noises rang in the air. It sounded as if countless bells
were rung in Moonriver Estate, their chimes spreading far and wide.

Bam! Following a muffled noise, Jonathan got punched in the face by Garrison and was sent flying

“How do you plan on fighting me when you can’t even lay a finger on me?” said Garrison.

Following a roar, his figure was already above Jonathan when he raised his fist to crash it down on
Jonathan’s skull. Bam!

There was a crisp sound when Jonathan managed to grab Garrison’s wrist tightly while still soaring

“Just die!” As Jonathan bellowed, he activated his spiritual energy force field, crystalizing an enormous
amount of spiritual energy around him to form an invisible wall.

The moment his feet touched the spiritual energy wall, he gathered more of his power. Then, grabbing
ahold of Garrison’s wrist, Jonathan twisted his body around and smashed Garrison to the ground like
how one would wield a hammer.

Boom! Gravel tumbled everywhere. Even though he only struck once, he made a hole around four to
five meters wide and two to three meters deep on the ground.

Jonathan panted while squatting at the edge of the hole.

“If I get it correctly, your protective magical item is only useful if you remain passive. You’ll have to
remove the item if you want to go on assault, right?”

Jonathan burst into laughter while watching Garrison struggling to get up in the hole. “I sure want to
see how much longer this protective magical item of yours can last.”

Garrison was still in the hole and bleeding profusely from his nose and mouth. Although his protective
magical item had absorbed most of the force from Jonathan’s throw, the powerful impact still dealt
Garrison serious internal injuries.

When Garrison saw the crazed smile of Jonathan, who was squatting on the ground above him,
Garrison was thinking of retreating.

Jonathan was right. Although the protective magical item was powerful, its fatal weakness was that the
protection was applicable to people on both sides of the protective barrier.

As soon as it was activated, not only would the person outside not be able to reach the person inside,
but the person inside the protective barrier would not be able to reach the other person as well.

Before Jonathan realized that, Garrison was able to attack by manipulating the magical item at will.

However, now that his trick was exposed, the magical item’s power was greatly reduced and had lost
its threat to someone of Jonathan’s caliber.

Since Garrison had already decided on retreating, he didn’t hesitate to leap away in an attempt to

However, the moment he leaped, a footprint descended from above, pushing both him and the
protective barrier of the magical item back into the hole.

“What do you want, Jonathan?” asked Garrison with a solemn look on his face. He looked at Jonathan,
who landed on the edge of the hole.

Jonathan smiled. “As I said, I would like to know how durable your magical item is!”

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