Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 522

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Who Did This

“W-What?” Owen gradually stood up in disbelief while staring at Jake, formerly known as Keith,
pointing the gun at his head. All Jake did at that moment was smile.

“If you move your feet even a little, I will make sure to put a bullet through your head, Owen. I can hit a
hundred rings with ten shots using a handgun over a distance of thirty meters.”

When Owen heard that, his feet moved away from the socket on the floor. If he had put some more
pressure on it, he would’ve been able to cut off the electric supply to the computer, which would render
the folders Jake was transferring into meaningless code.

However, he chose his own safety without hesitation when presented with a choice between that and
preventing the leaking of classified information.

“Back away. Raise your hands over your hand and lie face-down on the floor,” Jake ordered casually
while still pointing the gun at Owen’s head.

At that moment, a troop of soldiers in military uniforms was rushing to the third floor of the research
institute from the first floor.

Ding! Following a crisp tone, the transfer of the files was completed. At that very moment, the door to
the Intelligence Bureau on the third floor got kicked open from the outside. Bang!

A gunshot rang immediately.

The officer who had kicked the door open collapsed backward after the shot. His body was sprawled
out on the floor as his brains slowly seeped out in a red and white mess, the mix of hues a dismal view.

Following the officer’s demise, the soldiers outside raised their guns and sprayed bullets at Jake
without even flinching, displaying no fear.

Blood spattered in the air. In the blink of an eye, a cheerful, optimistic young man had become a bloody
mess riddled with bullet holes.

When Jake collapsed on the floor, he turned his gaze to Owen, who was still lying on the ground beside
him. “Thanks for all that you’ve done for me during the past few years, Owen…”

With a smile tugging on his lips, Jake lifted the gun with his right hand and pointed it below his own
chin. Then, he pulled the trigger.

Bang! After the gunshot rang, Jake closed his eyes slowly.

Meanwhile, Joshua was trimming his plants in a garden somewhere in Zedfield. The sounds of a
barrage of gunfire elicited a frown from him.

In Zedfield, the sounds of gunfire would mean a successful infiltration. Ever since Joshua took office,
he had heard dozens of these sudden barrages of gunfire.

“I’ve returned, Commander,” a young man in a suit announced his presence from outside the garden. If
Garrison of the Osborne family were present, he would recognize the young man as the one who had
spiked Jay’s drink.

“How are things going?” Joshua inquired nonchalantly.

“Things are going smoothly, Commander,” answered the young man with complacency. “I can
guarantee that the Osborne family will fight Jonathan to the bitter end until death descends!”

Joshua nodded upon hearing that. “Good to hear… By the way, go investigate the gunshots just now.
Despite Zedfield being a small place, peace never seems to last here.”

“Commander, I’ve received news from the Intelligence Bureau. Jonathan has a spy in Section 2 Room
3 of the Intelligence Bureau. Just moments ago, that man who transferred information to Jonathan was
gunned down,” reported the young man while handing Joshua the tablet he was holding.

Joshua quickly browsed through the information on it, his expression becoming graver with every
passing moment.

“Decode and find out what information he had sent out. Also, detain the recruits who joined the bureau
in the same batch as the mole. Screen them one-by-one to check for possible fugitives among them.”

“Understood!” answered the young man in a boisterous voice before turning to go outside. However,
Joshua called out to the young man once again when the latter was just about to be on his way.

“That reminds me. Inform Wilbur to remove the lockdown on Yaleview. Since the Osborne family will be
tangled up in a death match with the Goldstein family, there is no longer a need for the lockdown.
However, do tell Wilbur to be careful and not to let large military troops enter Yaleview.”

“Understood!” The young man wheeled around to leave, and Joshua was left standing alone in the
garden. With a solemn look on his face, he raised his head to stare in the direction from where the
sound of gunshots came.

“You’ve gone overboard this time, Jonathan. It’s not time for the war between us yet, but it will soon

In the meantime, Jonathan wore a chilly expression while standing in front of Moonriver Estate.

“Is this the Osborne residence?” he questioned menacingly while studying the two guards at the
entrance. Both of them had reached the Precelestial Realm, but they weren’t afraid of Jonathan when
they saw him.

One of them walked up to Jonathan and bowed to him. “You must be Mr. Goldstein. Your arrival was
long awaited by our elder, Garrison. This way, please.”

As he spoke, the two guards opened the gates and let Jonathan in.

Given the Osborne family’s status, they were well aware that the guards wouldn’t have been able to
stop Jonathan anyway, so they informed the guards to let him in instead.

Jonathan’s spiritual sense spread out like water. Within an instant, he was able to clearly sense the
immense spiritual energy a hundred meters away from him.

There are some powerful opponents ahead!

Jonathan continued his march forward. Despite his slow-looking movements, every step he took could
cover a few meters, so he was able to reach the edge of Torhen Square within a span of ten seconds.

“Aunt Sophia!”

Upon seeing Sophia lying in the center of the square, Jonathan got to her in an instant. By that point,
Sophia’s condition was already at its worst.


Sophia was finally able to relax her tensed-up nerves when she saw Jonathan. At the same time, the
arm she raised in an attempt to reach out to Jonathan fell.

“Aunt Sophia!”

Jonathan reached out to grab her wrist. Within an instant, his mental energy, alongside his spiritual
energy, had gushed into Sophia’s body.

At that moment, he could study the condition of Sophia’s body with his sight as if everything was laid
out in front of him in the open.

Blocked meridians, fractured legs, two fractured ribs, and a ruptured spleen…

As he received feedback in his mind, the veins on his forehead popped, and his aura became unstable.
He was already on the verge of going berserk.

When he was young, Sophia was his only source of warmth and familial affection in the whole of the
Goldstein family.

Yet, she was tortured to such a state because of him.

He raised his head slightly to look at Garrison, who was standing far away from him.

Garrison was stunned by a mere glance from Jonathan.

If one had to describe what Jonathan’s gaze contained, it would be madness, bloodlust, and coldness.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration even if one were to use every single negative word available to describe
the look in his eye.

The Osborne family was initially planning to force Jonathan into submission by taking Sophia hostage,
but Garrison couldn’t help but wonder if the Osborne family had made the wrong move.

After all, the message that the look in Jonathan’s eye delivered boiled down to a single line—he would
fight until one of them was dead!

In the middle of the square, Jonathan landed his palms on Sophia’s body in a flurry of movement.

By that point, he couldn’t bring himself to care about the seniority and gender differences between
them. What he was intent on doing was to seal Sophia’s meridians to stabilize her injuries. Otherwise,

she would lose her life at any second.

His palm landed below Sophia’s navel, sending gentle but large swirls of spiritual energy into her body.

After managing to protect her heart meridian, Jonathan stood to face Garrison.

“Old geezer, I have a question for you. Who inflicted these wounds on my aunt?”

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