Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 521

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The Codename

Quinten turned around slowly, only to see Jonathan walking in his direction from the entrance of the
mansion. “You are… Jonathan Goldstein?”

Quinten had gotten information on the Goldstein family from the Osborne family early on, among which
Jonathan’s was the most detailed given his status as the head of the Goldstein family.

In an instant, Quinten cast the luggage that he was holding aside and ran inside. “I don’t have anything
to do with this! The Osborne family made me do all of it!”

Quinten knew it was likely that Jonathan might have already finished off the security guards outside,
seeing that Jonathan had arrived before him.

When it came to Jonathan, the lesser one knew about him, the better, for knowing too much about the
man would only bring about an overwhelming sense of helplessness and fear.

At that moment, Quinten had understood that he would be as good as dead if he fell into Jonathan’s
clutches. “Where is Sophia?” asked Jonathan nonchalantly while following behind Quinten.

“I really have no idea at all!” Quinten kept on avoiding Jonathan in the room. As he ran around, he
reached for the objects on the desk and threw them in Jonathan’s direction in an attempt to chase the
latter away.

From Jonathan’s point of view, all that he did seemed like child’s play. In a flash, Quinten was pressed
to the floor in a death grip by Jonathan.

Usually, Jonathan would never be as aggressive toward a common person, but he could hardly calm
down when Sophia’s status was unknown after being abducted.

“Jonathan, this is all the Osborne family’s doing as the mastermind! I’m but a pawn who takes orders
from them, so why make things difficult for me? If you’ve got the guts, go face Jay head-on!”

Jay Osborne? Jonathan furrowed his brows when he heard the name.

Back then, when he was digging up information on Grand Forest Mountain, he found out that the owner
of the mountain resort was Broderick Osborne, and now he encountered someone named Jay
Osborne. It seems that I’ll have to deal with the Osborne family again.

Crack! Following a crisp noise, Jonathan reached out and broke Quinten’s arm before grasping the
broken arm and giving it a push, causing the broken bone in Quinten’s arm to jut out from underneath
the flesh.

Just like that, the bone that had just fractured got exposed in the air alongside the black fascia. “Argh!”

Quinten wailed upon feeling the intense pain shooting up from his arm, and his eyes rolled back as he
almost fainted. Yet, Jonathan silently placed his left hand behind Quinten’s head at that moment.

Cool, pure spiritual energy surged into Quinten’s brain nonstop, even managing to jolt Quinten awake
despite the fact that he was on the verge of losing consciousness just seconds ago.

As soon as his addled mind cleared up, the pain in his arm intensified. Yet, the spiritual energy
prevented him from fainting, making him suffer a pain worse than death that resonated on a soul level.

“Jonathan! Please kill me! Let me die!”

Although Quinten tried to wring himself free from Jonathan’s clutches, he couldn’t have gone anywhere
with his broken arm in Jonathan’s grip.

“Tell me all that you know, and I will make short work of you,” Jonathan demanded emotionlessly as he
watched Quinten struggle painfully.

Having climbed from rock bottom to the reigning position he held, Jonathan had seen his share of
happenings during wartime.

Torture of that degree was nothing to Jonathan. To Jonathan, the minor injury on Quinten’s arm
wouldn’t have stirred anything in him.

However, such deeds felt hellish for Quinten, who was put through them.

“I’ll talk!” Quinten shouted while trembling. “It was Jay who had me ask Sophia out. He then abducted
her and ordered me to bring you a message. He’s in Yaleview, so you have to find him if you wish to
rescue Sophia!”

“Is that all?” Jonathan raised his leg and gave Quinten a hard kick on his crotch.

“I told you to spill everything you know. You shall be guaranteed eternal suffering for the remainder of
your life if you leave anything out.”

“I don’t know anything else! I’m not lying!” Quinten wailed in distress. “Please kill me. I’ve already told
you everything…”

Quinten had known all along that he would be met with such a fate someday, but he had never
expected it to descend on him so soon and with such extreme horror.

By that point, he had given up hopes of fleeing from Jonathan’s clutches. All he wished for was the
sweet tranquility of death.

“Where was Sophia brought to? Where is the location of the Osborne residence?”

“I have no idea at all!” Quinten howled in agony. “Kill me! Please, just kill me!”

Crack! Followed by a soft noise, Jonathan raised his leg and kicked Quinten on his lower back.

“Take your own life now if you wish to die. Otherwise, you will witness the Xydias family going down
with your own eyes.”

Jonathan turned to leave with a smirk on his face, while Quinten could be heard begging for mercy and
also cursing behind Jonathan with all his might.

As Jonathan stood before the entrance to the Xydias residence, Jonathan finally took out his phone.

“Hello, Agent 018. I need to know the location of the Osborne family.”

At Quillen Research Institute in Zedfield, a spectacled young man was nodding nonstop while standing
with his phone in his hand.

“Sure. I will send you all the information I have obtained.”

After hanging up, he heaved a long sigh while staring at the phone he held.

A middle-aged man passed by beside him with a smile on his face and a piece of toast in his mouth.

“Say, Keith. It’s only noon. Why are you wearing such a silly grin on your face?”

Keith Zinn put his phone away and looked at the middle-aged man before shaking his head slightly.

“You won’t understand. It’s been three years since my arrival here. I assumed that I had been forgotten,
but it turns out that person still remembers me.”

“Do you mean your girlfriend?” the middle-aged man whispered, setting the documents he was holding
onto aside. “We’re in Zedfield’s Intelligence Bureau with the highest level of confidentiality, so you
shouldn’t blabber when you’re talking on the phone, lest you get taken away in secret.”

“Don’t you worry. I’ve got this.”

Keith sat down in front of his computer smilingly. After he entered a few lines of commands, a group of
folders showed up on the computer screen.

“These are…” the middle-aged man asked Keith with a frown on his face. It was because the screen
showed that Keith was transferring a plethora of information to someone.

Keith looked at the middle-aged man smilingly.

“These are all the files that I can access with my Level 3 permission, Owen. I’m currently transferring all
of them to Asura.”

“Why would you send these to him?” The middle-aged man, Owen Wilcox, was startled by Keith’s
words. Immediately, he patted Keith’s shoulder as if he had a sudden realization. “Oh! I get it now! You
must be joking with me, right? I’m telling you, you shouldn’t make light of such matters. We’re in the
Intelligence Bureau. People have been known to die odd deaths due to having run their mouths for
even just a second…”

As Owen was speaking, Keith retrieved a black handgun from underneath his desk.

“Owen, my surname isn’t actually Zinn, but Vasquez… My real name is Jake Vasquez.”

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