Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 520

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Where Do You Want To Go

Following that glacial voice, Jonathan lightly flicked his fingers. The ceramic shards shot out like rays of
light, and along with that came screams of terror.

Those men in black suits around frantically escaped for their lives. But what ensued was hysterical
cries for agony before they all collapsed to the ground one after another.

Within the force field that expanded to a radius of fifty meters, those cultivators who had yet reached
the Grandmaster Realm were nothing but a bunch of weaklings to Jonathan.

Using the information relayed to him by the spiritual energy within the force field, Jonathan could easily
track everyone’s movements and their next course of action.

Within a few seconds, dead bodies littered the ground of the massive garden. Before Jonathan, there
was only one last shard left.

Using his spiritual energy, he kept it spinning on his fingertip. With a grim laugh, Jonathan lifted the
spiritual energy that was restraining the young man. “Sir, have mercy!”

The young man fell to his knees as soon as the force field was removed. Witnessing that scene,
everyone felt their hearts sink.

Not too long ago, that young man was still acting high and mighty, trying to decide the fate of the vast
majority. Yet now, with Jonathan’s presence, the young man could only plead and beg for forgiveness.

“Where’s Sophia?” Jonathan placidly asked while staring at the trembling young man before his eyes.

“I-I… have no idea…”

Whoosh! As soon as the young man’s words fell, that ceramic chip flew out, leaving a deep streak of
blood on his cheek.

Under Jonathan’s control, that shard returned to his fingertip, but unlike earlier, it was now stained red.
“That’s not the answer I want. Give me another answer,” Jonathan said.

“I-I…” The young man gulped. As he looked at the piece of shard before his eyes, his entire body
shook involuntarily.

“Sir, I honestly have no idea. The Osborne family sent me to the Xydias residence to help train their
cultivators. I’m here today also because I received the command to capture the members of the
Goldstein family. That’s all that I’m aware of…”

Whoosh! A sharp sound split through the air. This time around, the shard pierced right through the
young man’s elixir field.

With his elixir field crushed, he spewed a mouthful of blood, and his vitality withered to a critical point.

“Sir, I’ve been incapacitated. I-I beg of you. Please spare me…”

Knowing well that the odds of him winning against Jonathan were too low, that young man did not put
up any resistance. Instead, he struggled to crawl over and began begging desperately.

Jonathan shot a look at the young man on the ground indifferently.

The shard that had stabbed through the young man’s lower abdomen had left a deep cut of about two
fingers wide, and at that point, it was bleeding uncontrollably.

Had it been an ordinary being, he would have long lost the ability to move after sustaining such a
severe injury. Nonetheless, the young man did not seem to be in a serious condition other than slight
impairment of his mobility.

“Do you really not know anything regarding Sophia?” A frown formed between Jonathan’s brows.

“I’m really clueless.” Kneeling on the ground, the young man sounded particularly earnest. “I’m from the
Osborne family’s branch family which got ignored for many generations. I don’t even know where the
main family is truly located, let alone their family affairs. To their direct blood descendants, people like
me are only their pawns. I’m no different from an outsider. I really don’t know what you’re saying. I beg
of you. Take me as nothing and let me off…”

Right then, a jet of crimson blood spurted out. The ceramic shard slit through the young man’s neck
precisely. Yet, Jonathan seemed unfazed, almost as though he had merely done something trivial as he
turned around to look at the members of the Goldstein family.

The Goldstein family, led by Tommy, all broke free from the ropes and struggled to their feet at that
point. However, the gazes they threw toward Jonathan were far from being polite and friendly.

In the Goldstein family, Loretta was initially in the seat of authority, with Tommy and the others of the
same seniority holding a say over matters.

But after Jonathan created a commotion in Yaleview the other time, he had put Sophia to take the helm
while leaving the rest of the members of the Goldstein family out.

It was thus no wonder why those people held such hostility toward Jonathan.

“Jonathan… That’s a member of the Osborne family. You’ve caused big trouble for the Goldstein
family!” Tommy looked at Jonathan and uttered in fear.

“Cause trouble?” Jonathan shot him a frosty glare. “Tommy, do you think they kidnapped you for the fun
of it?”

“Y-You…” All colors drained from Tommy’s face.

“Jonathan, if you didn’t insist on doing things your own way, the Goldstein family would still be a
prominent family in Yaleview. We wouldn’t be in such a state today as well. But you’ve offended a
prestigious family now. The Goldstein family can no longer secure our foothold in Yaleview. Tell me,
what are we supposed to do now?”

Following Tommy’s barrage of questions, a ray of piercing light flashed across the air before coming to
a halt before him.

“Tommy, do you think I don’t have the guts to kill you?” Murderous intent filled Jonathan’s gaze and
tone. “Aunt Sophia has been taken away, yet none of you showed your concern at all.

And now you’re yelling at me because you’re worried the situation will be unfavorable to your self-
interests. Is this what you call a prominent family? You people are not only frigid and heartless but also
clouded by greed! You guys are honestly way worse than beasts!”

It was unknown whether it was because that flying ceramic shard was too terrifying or because
Jonathan’s words had hit the nail on the head, but the members of the Goldstein family fell in complete
silence in that instant.

Catching sight of that scene, Jonathan coldly scoffed and strode toward the exit.

“Remember this—Goldstein Group will no longer have anything to do with you after you people get out
of this situation. I’ll kill anyone who dares lay their fingers on anything other than this manor.”

Meanwhile, in the Xydias residence, Quinten was packing his belongings in the living room.

It was, in fact, out of sheer desperation that the Xydias family had gotten themselves involved in the
grudge between the Osborne family and the Goldstein family this time around.

Two years ago, the Xydias family was still a nameless, ordinary family, and Quinten was merely an
average administrative officer in the Department of Transportation.

At that time, the director of the Department of Transportation was an honest and decent man. The
Osborne family wanted the director to intervene and control the developments of the four prominent
families, yet he refused.

Learning that the director was someone unmoved by force or persuasion, the Osborne family killed him
right before Quinten’s eyes.

The following day, Quinten, who had witnessed the entire incident in person, took over the director’s
position and officially became the powerholder in the Office of Government Affairs.

It was also then the Xydias family went through tremendous growth. However, that came with a price to
pay—they became the vassal of the Osborne family.

Realization finally dawned upon Quinten that collaborating with the Osborne family was tantamount to
playing with fire. With the Xydias family’s foundation, they stood at risk of getting decimated at any

Somehow, Quinten had a feeling that the downfall of the Xydias family would come anytime soon. That
was why he had to think of a way to get out of Yaleview and even Chanaea.

With that, Quinten had his important belongings packed—cash, clothing, and passport, to name a few.
Nevertheless, just as he was ready to leave, an indifferent voice rang out behind him.

“Mr. Xydias, are you perhaps heading somewhere? You seem like you’re in such a hurry!”

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