Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 519

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Kill Them All

A military vehicle screeched to a halt before the entrance of the Goldstein residence, leaving behind a
trail of skid marks in its haste.

Jonathan exited the vehicle a moment later. Two guards, clad in suits of black, who stood on duty
outside the Goldstein residence, addressed him coldly.

“What’s going on there? How dare you park your vehicle as you please? Don’t you know what this
place is? Get lost!”

Jonathan twitched. Spiritual energy flashed across his eyes as he discovered the ripple of spiritual
energy from the two cultivators standing before him.

Herald Stage, the lowest level of cultivators! He arrived at a decision from a brief glance.

Though Herald Stage was the lowest level of cultivators, he knew the Goldstein family was not capable
of training the cultivators at the Herald Stage.

These two are not guards of the Goldstein family. “Are you deaf? We’re talking to you! We’re going to
rough you up if you’re not leaving—”

Thud! Before the guard who had taken a step forward finished speaking, Jonathan stepped forward first
and punched him squarely on the chest.

The man was sent flying before he crashed down onto the ground. Though his eyes were wide open,
he was dead beyond all doubt.

The cultivator beside him hurried forward and found a crater in his comrade’s chest; Jonathan had
shattered his chest with a punch. The guard shuddered at the realization that such force was

something he could not contest against.

While retreating warily against Jonathan’s impending advance, the guard reached into his pocket
without taking his eyes off the former’s cold countenance.

Almost as soon as the guard touched his communication device, Jonathan, who had been ten meters
away, suddenly stood before him.

Jonathan grabbed the guard’s wrist and applied slight pressure. Crack!

“Ah!” Following the guard’s scream, his wrist and the communication device from his pocket were
crushed instantly.

“I am from the Xydias family. If you kill me, they will not—”

The guard was about to save himself by invoking the Xydias family’s name, but he was unaware that
the mention had stoked Jonathan’s ire instead. It only strengthened the latter’s resolve to exterminate
the Xydias family. The guard’s threat did not get him off the hook, but instead his words acted like fuel
to the fire of Jonathan’s rage.

In a fit of rage, Jonathan leaped up and incapacitated the guard’s elixir field with a forceful strike of his

“I’ll ask you this once. Where are the Goldsteins?”

Upon having his elixir field incapacitated, the guard finally understood that he did not stand a chance
against the man before him.

He gritted his teeth to brace himself against the intense pain in his body before answering, “Inside,
behind the manor. Please, have mercy—”

Before the guard finished speaking, Jonathan grabbed him by the waist and dragged him into the
Goldstein residence.

Meanwhile, in the garden at the back of the manor, the Goldsteins had their hands and feet bound, and
they were thrown onto the grass like livestock.

Surrounded by men donning black suits, a casually dressed young man sat on the stone bench in the
garden, and he was eating a slice of watermelon while Lydia was standing beside him.

Lydia’s hair was in a mess, and her clothes were covered in mud. She was cutting the watermelon
carefully with a knife.

“That’s more like it!” the young man exclaimed with a genial laugh as he gazed at Lydia. “You wouldn’t
have suffered so much if you had played along earlier.”

The young man’s gaze swept all over Lydia’s body.

“Though you Goldsteins see your family as an influential family, you are merely ants before a truly
powerful family. If you can satisfy me, I will put in a good word for you to spare your life. By then, you’ll
enjoy riches beyond your wildest dreams. How about that, eh? Think about it!”

As the young man spoke, he reached out to caress Lydia’s slim legs.

Lydia dodged aside like a frightened rabbit before he touched her.

“Don’t you dare touch me! I’d rather die.”

She placed the fruit knife in her hand on her neck. Her hands shook, and a stream of fresh blood
flowed from the nick on her skin.

“Well, well…” The young man gazed at Lydia with interest before raising his hand and pressing Lydia’s

As he exerted great force, the blade sank easily into her neck.


Lydia instinctively released her grip on the knife from the pain and dodged backward.

The young man had quick reflexes. He grabbed Lydia’s long hair before forcefully pressing her onto the
stone table.

“Godd*mn it, are you threatening me? It is your honor to have captured my attention. Do you think of
yourself as a goddess? You want to die, don’t you? I’ll grant you your wish!”

The young man grabbed the ceramic plate on the side as he spoke, and he was about to smash it
down onto the back of Lydia’s skull.


An icy cold voice sounded.

In an instant, the air around the garden seemed to solidify.

Spiritual energy force field!

At some point, Jonathan had arrived beside the stone table in the garden.

Situated at the center of the spiritual energy force field, the young man felt as though he had fallen into
quicksand. He couldn’t move his left hand that was clutching the ceramic plate, and his left hand looked
as if it had been nailed in midair.

The force field conjured from spiritual energy was a technique exclusive only to those in the
Grandmaster Realm.

Most force fields could only expand up to five meters.

The force field that Jonathan conjured, however, expanded to a radius of fifty meters.

The tenfold difference could only be sustained by the reckless expenditure of a reservoir of spiritual

Though Jonathan was unmoved by the sight of the lawn littered with members of the Goldstein family,
they were members of his clan after all. It did not sit well with him to see them being bound together
like livestock.

The young man was terrified by his complete immobility.

He was only at the beginner phase in the Superior Realm. He knew he did not stand a chance in an
encounter against a cultivator of the Grandmaster Realm.

Furthermore, most cultivators of the Grandmaster Realm cast force fields fueled by spiritual energy to
reduce the speed of their opponents.

Jonathan’s force field, however, was capable of incapacitating him.

Is he really a cultivator at the Grandmaster Realm? Or perhaps he has achieved the God Realm?

As soon as that thought flashed across the young man’s mind, he was stunned to the core.

Even within the Osborne family, there were precious few warriors of the God Realm. Most prominent
families could not even produce cultivators.

Who is this man?

The young man widened his eyes to take a good look at Jonathan beside him, but he could not even
turn his neck because he was constrained by the spiritual energy.

Jonathan grabbed the young man’s arm and slowly lifted it up. With that, Lydia, who had been pinned
to the table, was finally able to get to her feet.

Her tears flowed without restraint as she gazed at the statue-like young man before her.

“Please rescue Sophia, Jonathan. Quinten had called her away.”

“Is he Quinten’s man?” Jonathan asked lightly, sizing up the young man before him.

“I’m not entirely sure,” Lydia sobbed.

“He’s the one calling the shots around here, isn’t he?” Jonathan remarked as he took the ceramic plate
from the young man’s hand.

Lydia nodded. “That’s right. He’s the one who led the raid onto the Goldstein residence.”

“Very well.”

Jonathan held the ceramic plate in one hand. Spiritual energy spilled forth into his fingers, and the plate
instantly shattered into several dozen pieces.

“Everybody aside from him shall die, then!”

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