Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 518

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Meanwhile, Sophia noticed something strange happening to Jay on Torhen Square. Jay’s cheeks were
flushed, and the sanity in his eyes began to dim. “Ah!”

Following the sound of an intimidating growl, the armrests of the wooden chair beneath Jay’s hands
were crushed. “What is going on?” Jay growled through gritted teeth. His eyes flickered as he looked at

“What are you looking at, you b*tch?” he shouted, then he got to his feet and started walking toward

Perhaps because he heard Jay’s shout, Garrison appeared at the short wall in the distance. With the
lightest of leaps, he bounded across the twenty meters’ distance that separated them and landed
behind Jay.

“Sit down, Mr. Osborne!” As soon as he landed, Garrison clapped Jay on the shoulder, kicked out
ferociously at the same time, and sent Jay to his knees.

“I’ll kill you!” Jay howled and grabbed Garrison by the throat without turning around. Crack!

Following the sound of a snap, Jay grunted painfully. Unfazed, Garrison had dislocated Jay’s shoulder

The intense pain caused Jay to roar in pain, but it also caused him to regain some sanity.

“Save me, Garrison!” Jay implored, trembling on his knees.

Spiritual energy from Garrison’s palm poured into Jay’s body and subdued the restlessness within him.

“If I’m not mistaken, Mr. Osborne, you have been dosed with an aphrodisiac. The more you flail about,
the more potent the drug becomes. You mustn’t make any unnecessary movements!”

“Aphrodisiac!” Jay growled in pain with his head on the ground. “Give me the antidote, quickly!”

Garrison appeared conflicted as he listened to Jay’s grunts of agony.

“Aphrodisiacs are not poison, Mr. Osborne. Besides, they vary in type. Someone must have planned
this ahead so they could spike your drink. There’s nothing I can do to help you for now.”

“Then knock me out!” Jay shouted once more.

“It’s useless,” Garrison replied anxiously. “If one is unable to relieve himself once the aphrodisiac kicks
in, their arteries would rupture, which will bring irreversible harm to the body over the long term. The
worst case would be death.”

“Then what should I do?” Jay was beside himself with anxiety. “I don’t want to die yet. I’m the firstborn
son of the Osborne family. Nobody can kill me!”

Garrison turned to look at Sophia, his gaze colder than ever.

“You need to relieve yourself, Mr. Osborne,” Garrison insisted. “Though this woman before us is a lowly
member of a great family, she could be used to relieve you of your urgent need.”

He sent a burst of spiritual energy forth from his hand in a violent burst to temporarily stop the drug
from wreaking havoc within Jay. Then, he rose and walked toward Sophia in the distance.

“What are you doing?” Sophia had heard everything. She began struggling madly upon seeing
Garrison walking toward her.

Over the years, she had managed to remain a virgin despite her wildest antics.

Now, I’m about to become the tool for respite for a madman like Jay. I would rather die than cooperate.

Her hands and feet were bound. Sophia stuck her tongue out, ready to bite down on it.

Right when she was about to exert force, the approaching figure had already grasped her chin.

“You want to die? I’m afraid it’s not up to you.” Garrison chuckled before tapping Sophia on the neck
with a finger. She crumpled onto the cold floor like a powered-down machine.

Sophia was terrified. She was feeling sore all over as if all her strength had been sapped out of her.

“N-No…” Sophia whimpered with all of the energy she could muster, her cheek pressing against the

“It’s not up to you!” Garrison hoisted Sophia by her collar and walked toward Jay.

Then, he threw her to the ground like a bag of garbage.

“I shall now take my leave, Mr. Osborne. Please, help yourself,” Garrison said as he reached out and
popped Jay’s arm back in its socket.

However, at that moment, Jay’s eyes were filled with madness and conflicted feelings.

“No!” Tears streamed down Sophia’s face as she remained helplessly sprawled on the floor. The hatred
in her gaze knew no bounds.

Jay’s eyes were visibly bloodshot. He stretched out his trembling arms in Sophia’s direction.

Garrison, meanwhile, turned slowly to depart.

Just when Sophia thought all hope was lost, Jay raised his foot and stomped on her thigh.

Garrison turned and ran back at the sound of breaking bones.

“Mr. Osborne, what are you—”

“Find me a man!” Jay roared, trembling all over.

“W-What?” Garrison’s expression froze. It was evident that he could not recover from his shock.

“I said, I want a man! Hurry!”

Jay raised his foot and brought it crashing down onto Sophia’s other thigh. The crisp sound of broken
bones echoed throughout the square once more.

The pain caused Sophia to let out a soft grunt, but a smile appeared on her face as if relieved from a

I can’t believe that Jay, the firstborn son of the Osborne family, likes men!

Sophia was not the only one. Even Garrison was flabbergasted by the revelation and was at a loss as
to what to do next.

As the firstborn son of the Osborne family, Jay had been groomed to lead his family from birth.

To a powerful and respectable family like his, bloodline was a matter of great importance.

If the direct lineage were extinguished, the numerous branches of the family would be incited to plan a

Now, however, the direct descendent, the heir, is…

The entire Osborne family would be plunged into chaos if the news leaked.

Driven by his most basic desires, Jay was, at the moment, plunged into insanity.

As the heir of a respectable family, how could he not know the laws of his family’s succession?

That was why Jay had kept his preference hidden over the years. It was only due to the influence of the
drug that he had been unable to hold on any longer.

Though he was desperate enough to work off the aphrodisiac using Sophia’s body, he still could not
overcome his revulsion toward women.

A man was all he wanted at that moment.

“Did you not hear me, Garrison? Make the arrangements immediately!”

As the feral yearning consumed him, Jay no longer cared, since his proclivity was already out in the

“Yes, sir!” Garrison did not dare offend Jay. He immediately cast a spell and leaped outward.

After they were left alone, Jay stepped on Sophia’s body, and her face contorted.

“Why are you looking at me like this? Are you laughing at me? You’re nothing but a lowly person! I’ll kill

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