Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 517

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Sacrificing Sophia

Jonathan remained silent upon hearing that. Instead, he turned around and made a tactical gesture at
Andy. “Inform everyone to stand by in position.”

Looking thrilled, Andy immediately passed the order to the subordinates. A surge of emotions washed
over him. After all, it was his first time seeing that familiar gesture again after two years.

Words couldn’t describe how worked up he was at the moment. He felt as if he had just returned to the
days when he followed Asura around to fight with their enemies.

Meanwhile, Jonathan turned and looked at Wilbur.

Just then, Wilbur had gotten out of the car, which had gone out of shape.

The impact was extremely strong. If that happened to any ordinary man, their bones would have
fractured. Moreover, they might even lose their lives.

Unexpectedly, Wilbur was still dusting off his clothes casually at the moment. His face was covered
with blood, yet he remained unbothered.

Then, he took over the bottle of alcohol from a soldier who stood at the side. As soon as he opened the
lid, he poured the alcohol on the wound on his head without hesitation.

Most people would probably find that scene disturbing if they saw how Wilbur disinfected his wound.

However, Wilbur remained calm and composed. There were no traces of emotions on his face as if the
wound on his head had nothing to do with him. “Jonathan, why aren’t you leaving yet? Didn’t you say
that you have something urgent to settle?”

“You’ve blocked the road. I can’t have my car driven here, so I’ll have to borrow a car from you,”
Jonathan replied indifferently.

Hearing that, Wilbur chuckled. “It’s already a dereliction of duty for me to let you pass. How dare you
still try to borrow a car from me? Do you think I’ll lend it to you?”

“You will.” Jonathan sneered, adding, “Although you’ve let me enter Yaleview, you’ll still have to keep
track of my location, right?”

Wilbur didn’t expect Jonathan to be that straightforward. Immediately, he burst into laughter.

“Do you know what you’ve just said? You shouldn’t say that out even if it’s a fact. After all, you should
at least pretend you don’t know about that on the outside!”

As Wilbur said that, he waved at a soldier, signaling him to come over. “Drive a car and escort
Jonathan back to the Goldstein residence. Keep in mind that you’re Asura’s driver today. Don’t lose

“Roger!” the young man replied.

After shooting Wilbur a glance, Jonathan turned around and left.

Meanwhile, Wilbur was standing behind Jonathan. As he watched the latter leave, his expression
turned grim.

In fact, the battle just now was merely a test. Wilbur didn’t unleash all of his power.

Nevertheless, he clearly knew that Jonathan, too, didn’t unleash his full power just now.

“I wonder who’ll be the winner if both of us give our best. I’m really looking forward to finding that out.”

Wilbur watched Jonathan get into a military jeep. After Jonathan left, he finally turned around and
looked at Chase, who was standing beside him. “Colonel Granger, come here,” said Wilbur while
waving his hand.

“Commander…” Chase trotted over to him.

“Chase, if I remember correctly, you begged Jonathan for mercy just now, didn’t you?” Wiping away the
blood on his face, Wilbur questioned.

“I-I… Commander, I’m sorry. I-I’ve embarrassed you…” Chase attempted to explain, but he didn’t know
where to start.

To his surprise, Wilbur shook his head slightly. “It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s normal for humans to be afraid of
death. I totally understand.”

“H-Huh? I… Thank you for your understanding, Commander. I’ll definitely—”


Suddenly, a crisp sound rang out. Chase quickly lowered his head to look at his chest.

It turned out that Wilbur’s right hand had pierced through Chase’s chest like a sharp knife.

“A great figure in history once said that humans should always face what they fear with courage! Now,
it’s time for you to face death! You’ll stop feeling afraid of death after this time.”

There was a spacious manor located at the foot of Mount Becker in the northern suburbs of Yaleview.

One could tell how powerful and prominent the owner of the manor was by looking at its location. After
all, every inch of land in Yaleview was expensive, let alone the price and value of the manor.

However, all of those meant nothing to the Osborne family, a respectable family.

In fact, that manor, Moonriver Estate, was the Osborne family’s office in Yaleview.

There was a fish statue in the middle of the courtyard of Moonriver Estate. Half of the statue was made
of black stones, while the other half was made of white stones.

Just then, Jay sat at the edge of the courtyard, enjoying his tea with an elder.

Meanwhile, Sophia’s limbs got tied up as she sat on the floor near the fish statue.

“Let go of me, Jay! You can tell me what you want, but if you treat me like this, Jonathan will never let
you go!” Sophia couldn’t move, so she could only try to change Jay’s mind through words.

However, although such a threat might work on the other prominent families, it was not enough to
intimidate the Osborne family.

As expected, Jay put down his cup of tea upon hearing what Sophia said. “Sophia, you’re a smart
woman. I’m sure you understand what ‘prominent family’ stands for. I know Jonathan’s capability way
better than you. Do you think I’ll be afraid of him, since I already have the guts to make a move? Your
family caused a ruckus in Yaleview not long ago. You guys were so cool and impressive, weren’t you?
Today, I’m going to turn Jonathan into my lackey! If he doesn’t compromise, I’ll destroy your entire

As he said that, he reached out a finger to tap on his teacup lightly.

In an instant, a young man, who was dressed in plain clothes like a servant, bowed over and filled in
Jay’s cup for the latter.

Picking up the cup, Jay enjoyed his tea leisurely.

Meanwhile, the young man, who stood at the side, curled his lips into a smile when he saw Jay drink
the tea.

It turned out that the young man was Joshua’s bodyguard.

In fact, Joshua had sent his bodyguard here to add fuel to the fire. He wanted the battle between
Jonathan and the Osborne family to become even more intense, so he ordered his bodyguard to add
some aphrodisiac into Jay’s tea.

Moreover, that bodyguard had sent all the women in Moonriver Estate away before spiking Jay’s drink
just now.

Now that Jay had finished that cup of tea, Sophia would be his only target.

Nobody cared whether Sophia was innocent. After all, in Joshua’s opinion, the more miserable Sophia
was, the more effective his plan would be.

That was the only thing Joshua cared about, as that was the only way to enrage Jonathan. Only when
that happened would Jonathan go all out and start an intense war with the Osborne family.

“Hey! Give me another cup of tea.” Jay undid the buttons on his collar and said.

Hearing that, that young man hurried over to refill Jay’s cup.

Besides, he noticed that Jay was restless and sweating, so he knew the drug had kicked in.

“Mr. Osborne, we’ve no more tea left. I’ll go and prepare another pot for you.” The young man had
finished his task there, so he planned to leave.

Jay waved his hand impatiently in response. “Hurry up! What’s wrong with the tea? Why am I feeling
hotter after drinking it?”

“Yes, Mr. Osborne.” The young man hurried away.

Meanwhile, only the gray-haired elderly man and Jay were left standing on the ground carved with the
Great Torhen. The gray-haired elderly man, who remained quiet all the time, looked at Jay, who looked

Finally, he realized that something was amiss. Putting down his cup, he reached out to grab Jay’s wrist.

In an instant, the elderly man’s expression changed drastically. “Mr. Osborne, are you feeling hot,
thirsty, and frustrated? It feels like there’s a surge of warmth that keeps flowing in your body, right?”

“U-Umm…” Hearing that, Jay was stunned. “H-How do you know, Garrison?”

“Oh no! There’s something wrong with that servant.” With a shout, that elderly man jumped up from his
chair and ran toward where that young man had left just now.

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