Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 516

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Hearing that, Jonathan stepped forward and unleashed his spiritual energy. “What if I insist on getting
in, Wilbur?” A powerful surge of spiritual energy descended on everyone.

Jonathan stood in the middle while everyone else widened their eyes in shock and retreated fearfully.
This was the first time Jonathan had unleashed his spiritual energy without holding back after his
golden core was stable.

According to legends, the ancient and powerful being who created the Ancient Sacred Dragon
Technique comprehended it by simulating Sacred Dragon’s cultivation method.

In Chanaean mythology, dragons were the spirit of the people. It reigned above all and was born to be
a leader. That was what Jonathan looked like right now.

Everyone couldn’t help but fear and admire him. All soldiers within a fifty-meter radius seemed to be
struggling against something. A few seconds later, they dropped their guns and collapsed to their
knees weakly.

Meanwhile, Wilbur’s lips curved into a smile as he remained standing across from Jonathan. There was
a glowing red energy shield surrounding Wilbur.

“Jonathan, I can’t believe you’ve now entered the God Realm. It looks like you’ve encountered
countless miraculous events over the years,” he commented.

Jonathan couldn’t hide his surprise when he realized Wilbur wasn’t affected in his realm.

During the commotion that had happened in Yaleview previously, Jonathan and Wilbur had exchanged
a look from afar.

Back then, Jonathan had sensed that his ex-comrade was no longer an elite warrior; he was now a
strong martial artist.

Despite coming prepared, Jonathan was still surprised to learn that Wilbur’s strength was on par with

Jonathan wouldn’t be where he was today if it wasn’t for the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique.

He had been constantly involved in deadly battles over the past few years.

Jonathan dared not slack off to restore peace in Chanaea and escape from his enemies who wanted to
assassinate him.

Aside from that, he also received enlightenment through his countless battles and made several
breakthroughs quickly.

His brows furrowed as he stared at Wilbur.

“God Realm, huh? Looks like I’ve underestimated you,” he responded.

“Right back at you.” Wilbur stretched out his right hand and balled up his fist. “To be honest, I never
knew you’d achieve the God Realm in just three years. Go back, Jonathan. I can pretend that this
never happened since we used to be comrades.”

Slowly, Wilbur lifted his head and gave Jonathan a stern look. “We used to be acquaintances. Don’t put
me in a tight spot.”

“Put you in a tight spot?” The spiritual energy surrounding Jonathan faded away like flowing water.
“Wilbur, we’re not fools. Stop putting on an act. You came here to stop me, no?”

Wilbur shot him a curt nod. “You’re right. So are we going to fight against each other to determine the
winner just like how we did three years ago?”

“Sure. Let’s fight to determine the winner,” Jonathan responded evenly.

“Come on!” Wilbur chuckled.

“Bring it on.”

Right after Jonathan said that, Wilbur charged toward him, intending to punch him in the chest.

His punch was so swift that no one saw how he did it.


A loud sound reverberated in the air.

Energy ripples originating from both men spread across the area.


The soldiers who were closest to them promptly coughed out blood when the energy ripple permeated
their bodies.

The impact of their strike had injured the soldiers’ internal organs.

A battle between the gods would make ordinary humans suffer.

Jonathan and Wilbur weren’t gods, but they were beyond the Superior Realm.

One couldn’t compare them to ordinary human beings.

“Everyone, retreat now! Stay at least one hundred meters away!” Wilbur shouted when he realized his
soldiers were injured.

Jonathan turned to look at Andy, who was standing beside him, and gave his order. “Retreat!”

As both commanders gave the order to retreat, their armies immediately turned around and fled the

Jonathan and Wilbur released their spiritual sense. When the last soldier stepped out of the hundred
meters radius, they shut their eyes at almost the same time.

Boom, boom, boom!

A series of booms were heard.

Andy stood on the top of a tank and observed their fight with a pair of binoculars, wearing a grim
expression on his face.

Through the binoculars, he noticed that Jonathan and Wilbur didn’t move an inch.

However, their hands were a blur of shadows, and their palms would collide with each other again and

If Jonathan and Wilbur weren’t this horrendously swift, they would look like old men exercising in the

However, the longer their fight lasted, the more worried Andy became.

His brain began racing at the sight of the visible but transparent energy ripples.

Andy remembered trying to connect several moves while learning to box in the army base two years

He had flipped and jumped, trying his best to perfect the moves.

One day, Jonathan smiled and told him that only weaklings would waste time on useless moves.

A real elite knew how important simplicity was.

In a real battle, one should take the other party’s life using the simplest and quickest way.

That was what they were doing right now.

Every move Jonathan and Wilbur launched was simple. There was no fancy trick.

They didn’t waste time as they tried their best to kill the other party.

In less than one minute, they exchanged hundreds of moves without opening their eyes or moving from
their spots.

The energy fluctuation from their moves had left visible marks on the tanks surrounding them.

With his eyes closed, Jonathan was the omniscient god of his realm.

After activating the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique, he could see Wilbur’s every move clearly in his

In fact, Jonathan could even see Wilbur contracting and relaxing his muscles or launching the spiritual
energy from his veins.

Uppercut, palm push, downward kick…

Jonathan avoided every move of his opponent easily. Fifty moves later, he abruptly opened his eyes,
delivering a swift punch that was accompanied by crackling sounds.

The crackling sounds were caused by the speedy delivery of his punch.

Wilbur’s eyes snapped open as he reached out to block the punch. Alas, he was one step too late.


The punch landed on Wilbur’s body, sending him flying, and his body hit a van behind him.

Slowly, Jonathan kept away his spiritual energy.

Glancing at Wilbur, whose face was wet with blood, he asked indifferently, “Can I pass now?”

Wilbur grabbed the car door beside him and exerted force to pull the car door away from its hinges
easily. It seemed as though he was tearing a paper in half.

“You win. I can’t stop you. But you’re the only one who’s allowed entry.”

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