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Chapter 515

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No Entry

Jonathan walked out slowly and stopped in front of the two armies facing each other off. “Martial law
has been enforced in Yaleview. Outsiders aren’t allowed entry. Those who try to barge in will be
punished by the military law,” Chase announced when he saw Jonathan.

He was standing behind the railing of the toll station. Following Chase’s words, the soldiers behind him
raised their guns and aimed at Jonathan.

Calmly, Jonathan swept his gaze across the soldiers. Those who met his gaze felt a chill go down their
spines and immediately looked away. That was how intimidating Asura was.

Three years ago, he had started as an ordinary soldier and was now a Military God who had
established Asura’s Office to stop the rebellion army in Chanaea.

Even among the Yaleview Army, Jonathan was a legend.

Now, they were ordered to point their guns at him. When Jonathan looked at them, they dared not raise
their heads.

Jonathan pinned Chase with a withering look and grabbed the railing of the toll station.

Crack, crack, crack…

The thick bar slowly cracked and became deformed in Jonathan’s hand.


With the final crack, it broke in half.

Jonathan tossed it aside and strode over to Chase.

Chase took two steps back. However, he had no choice but to halt in his tracks as everyone was
staring at them.

“Jonathan, what are you doing? Do you know—”


The sound of the slap echoed throughout the entire toll station.

Chase toppled to the ground from the force of the slap.

“I’m not part of Asura’s Office, Jonathan. You don’t have the right to—”


Chase was kicked into the air following the sound, and he hit the tank behind him.

“Are you trying to start a civil war?” Jonathan asked calmly as he stepped on Chase’s cheek.

Chase yelled, “Jonathan, you don’t have the right to—”

Before he could finish, Jonathan stomped on his cheek.

Chase let out a blood-curdling scream as all his teeth fell to the ground. He could no longer speak a
proper sentence.

The other soldiers stepped forward with their guns pointed at Jonathan when they saw him insulting
their commander.

The moment Jonathan lifted his head, however, the soldiers couldn’t stop themselves from retreating in

Jonathan sat down on Chase’s body and glanced at the soldiers around them.

“Chase has been beaten up badly, yet you dare not open fire. Likewise, when I entered Yaleview,
Chase didn’t have the guts to order you to open fire. The only reason is that Wilbur is around. Get him
to come here.”

The soldiers shared a look in silence, for Jonathan was right.

They dared not open fire.

Jonathan was sitting on Chase right now. Even if Chase were safe and sound, he wouldn’t dare to
order them to shoot Jonathan either.

Yet, no one knew Jonathan would ask to meet Wilbur directly.

The soldiers exchanged glances, at a loss for what to do.

As no one moved, Jonathan fished out the gun from Chase’s waist.

“You can tell Wilbur that I’ll only wait for five minutes. If he’s late for even one second, I’ll kill him,”
Jonathan announced as he pointed the gun at the back of Chase’s head.

“Hurry, do as he says!” Chase screamed incoherently from his spot on the ground, blood gushing out of
his lips.

Hearing that, the soldiers immediately ran back to the Yaleview Army’s base behind them.

Time ticked by as Jonathan calmly pointed the gun at the back of Chase’s head.

“One minute left. If I don’t see Wilbur, you’ll die,” Jonathan told Chase nonchalantly as he disengaged
the safety.

The cocking sound of the gun drove Chase crazy.

“Jonathan, you can’t kill me. I’m a division commander. If you kill me, you’ll be charged in the military

“No one can bring me to trial, not even Zedfield. Why am I afraid of a mere military court?” came
Jonathan’s answer.

He lifted his arm to glance at his watch before placing his finger on the trigger. The countdown began.





“Please, spare my life! I’m willing to give everything up. You can have everything that belongs to me!”

“Jonathan Goldstein, it’s been a long time since we last met.”

At the last second, Chase’s plea and a hoarse voice rang out at the same time.

Jonathan lifted the gun and unloaded it. After tossing the bullets to the ground, he got to his feet and
glanced at the man making his way to him.

“Wilbur, if I don’t account for the time when the Maxwell family got kicked out, we haven’t met for
almost two years.”

Wilbur flashed a grin. “Two years and six months. I don’t remember how many days specifically.”

The scar on his face looked menacing as he curled his lips.

A murderous look flashed across his eyes.

Jonathan narrowed his eyes when he sensed the murderous aura exuding from Wilbur.

“Were you the one who ordered them to fire the anti-aircraft guns?”

Wilbur admitted to his actions at once. “Besides the anti-aircraft guns, I also order the fighter jets to
open fire. Yaleview is under martial law, so I’d have failed in my duty if I were to allow you entry. You
didn’t die anyway.”

“Yeah, I didn’t.”

Staring at his ex-comrade, Jonathan finally stopped thinking of him as a friend.

Back in the Valley of Elites, Jonathan had already realized Wilbur had nothing in common with him.

Back then, they had been slightly outstanding soldiers from their respective teams and had been
crowned elite warriors.

When they talked about the future, Jonathan wanted the war to end quickly so that society would
regain peace as soon as possible.

However, Wilbur merely laughed and called him a fool.

According to Wilbur, they trained day and night to become elite warriors to achieve one goal—to go to
war and earn merits.

Wilbur wanted to be a soldier to rise through the ranks and reign above others.

Thus, he assumed Jonathan was joking when the latter’s wish was to restore peace to the world.

When Jonathan heard that, he thought Wilbur meant that he wanted to head to war and kill their

However, instead of heading to the border to protect their country together with Jonathan, Wilbur
accepted Yaleview’s offer to join the Yaleview Army.

It was then that Jonathan realized Wilbur wasn’t joking.

All Wilbur cared about was climbing up the ranks. He didn’t care who got killed or how he got his
achievements as long as he achieved his goal.

Military power was the most important thing to him.

As of now, Wilbur had achieved the goal that he had set years ago.

In less than three years, he was at the top position of the Yaleview Army. He had enough power to go
against Jonathan.

Back when they were drinking at the top of the mountain in the Valley of Elites, they never knew this
day would come.

Three years later, both men holding over ninety-nine percent of Chanaea’s military power were at odds.

Jonathan gazed at Wilbur and nodded slightly.

“Wilbur, I need to enter Yaleview. Even if you’re in control of six hundred thousand soldiers, there’s no
way you can ask them to line up and surround Yaleview. I’ll find a way to get in. I believe you know that
well. This is the quickest way to get in. Are you going to allow me entry or not?”

Hearing his question, Wilbur chuckled. “Jonathan, I’m not refusing to allow you entry. I can’t allow you

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