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Chapter 514

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Power Struggle

“It’s only a military helicopter. Order the artilleryman to fire the anti-aircraft artillery at the helicopter
once they enter Yaleview!” Wilbur ordered as he watched the helicopter in the sky.

Perhaps some might shake in their boots at the mention of Jonathan Goldstein the Asura, but Wilbur
was not one of them.

The Yaleview Army had close to six hundred thousand soldiers, and although their numbers were not
as plentiful as Asura’s Office’s, all of their soldiers were chosen for how skilled they were.

Furthermore, the Yaleview Army was initially established to resolve rising rebellions in the country.

Thus, the battles at the border and in Chanaea were originally not part of the Yaleview Army’s
jurisdiction. The entire army was focused on defending itself against the other factions in the country.

In fact, the only enemy the Yaleview Army assumed they had was Asura’s Office.

Wilbur, who had been thinking about how to defeat Asura’s Office all the time, had no fear of Jonathan,
who was defenseless in the sky.

Furthermore, Wilbur would like to see if someone in God Realm could stop anti-aircraft rounds.

Meanwhile, Andy was standing solemnly before the Yalegard Legion.

“Activate the surface-to-air missiles and lock onto those two fighter jets.”

“Andy, are you really going to start a revolution?” Chase questioned, his expression dark.

“Me? A revolution?” Andy returned the question. “My Yalegard Legion is doing a drill in Lostaria, and
that helicopter is an aircraft borrowed from the Northern Army for the drill, but the Yaleview Army is

firing at it in Lostaria. Instead of accusing us of a rebellion, why don’t you admit that you’re taking the
opportunity to start a civil war instead?”

While the two were arguing, the helicopter Jonathan was in flew past the Yaleview border, its rotor
blade whirring loudly.


The thunderous sound of an anti-aircraft sound firing echoed in the air. In the next second, the
helicopter exploded.

“Mr. Goldstein!” Andy roared in fury when he saw the helicopter explode in front of him. In mere
seconds, his eyes reddened, and a murderous aura began exuding from him.

That was the accumulation of homicidal intent over the many years he had been on the battlefield.

“Attention, all artillery divisions of Yalegard Legion. The target is the Yaleview Army’s base…”

Right as Andy was about to declare the assault, a shout sounded out behind him.

“Look up in the sky!”

Everyone looked upward in confusion and saw two dark figures plummeting.

“It’s Mr. Goldstein!”

Andy took less than a minute to figure out that one of the figures was Jonathan.

However, the two figures were landing from a height of almost a hundred meters. Even if Jonathan was
unscathed at the moment, the impact of the fall would certainly turn him into a pile of mushed meat.

Andy wanted to rescue him, but he did not know where to get anything to cushion their fall.

By the time Andy realized he had nothing to save them with, Jonathan and the other person were
already thirty meters away from the ground.


Upon Jonathan’s shout, endless spiritual energy swiftly formed a transparent ramp right under him.

As if they had reached an invisible slide, Jonathan and the unconscious helicopter pilot glided past the
heads of the people beneath them.

Once they went past a spot, Jonathan recycled the spiritual energy to form another new section of the
clear slide.

After sliding for dozens of meters, Jonathan grabbed the unconscious pilot and leaped to land on one
of the military vehicles.


The impact of the landing crushed the top of the vehicle.

Jonathan was panting, and an unusual red veil had enveloped his body.

Although it had only been dozens of seconds since the helicopter exploded until the two landed safely,
Jonathan had been taking in and unleashing the spiritual energy dozens of times to continuously build
the spiritual energy “slide.”

The speed of the activation nearly drained Jonathan of all his stamina despite how powerful he was.

Andy rushed over and asked in concern, “Mr. Goldstein, are you okay?”

Jonathan then jumped down from the crushed vehicle and passed the unconscious pilot over to the
medic who had just run over.

“I’m fine, but he’s unconscious from the shockwave of the explosion.”

Jonathan then reached up to wipe his face, and the red veil on his face turned into bloody water that
coated his face.

That was a mist of blood that had exploded out of Jonathan when he channeled his spiritual energy too
quickly earlier.

Any longer, and Jonathan’s body would have exploded from the stress.

“Mr. Goldstein, what happened in Yaleview?” Andy asked.

“I just received news about it too. Someone has held the Goldstein family hostage, and I can’t contact
any of the Goldsteins.”

Jonathan quickly walked toward the East Yaleview toll station. When he saw the cannon trained in the
direction of the Yalegard Legion, the look in his eyes turned grim.

“Mr. Goldstein, I’m certain that there’s a connection between how the Yaleview Army has sealed off the
entrance to Yaleview and how someone has held the Goldstein family hostage.”

Hearing that, Jonathan halted in his tracks.

“Andy, what are you trying to tell me?”

“Mr. Goldstein, the Yaleview Army opened fire at you earlier. Why don’t we… rebel?”

Andy stretched out his right arm before turning his arm to face his palm downward. His eyes were filled
with murderous intent.

Jonathan had once saved Andy, so the only person in this world that Andy would respect was Asura.

He was not the only one. The Eight Kings of War were all willing followers of Jonathan.

As a matter of fact, the eight of them had even proposed to Jonathan to start a civil war when Asura’s
Office was first established, but Jonathan had rejected the proposal back then.

In fact, he even declared military punishment for anyone who mentioned it again.

However, after witnessing the Yaleview Army’s actions and listening to Andy’s words, Jonathan began
to waver.

A long while of contemplation later, Jonathan said, “Asura’s Office was established to resolve the
military issues in Chanaea and return peace to the country. If we counterattack, that means Asura’s
Office has officially started a revolution. At the very least, two million soldiers on each side will die on
the battlefield, and the war will affect the entire Chanaea. This isn’t Asura’s Office’s original aim.”

“But the Yaleview Army has become like this!” Andy insisted in an upset tone. “Mr. Goldstein, the
Goldstein family is being held hostage, and the Yaleview Army has blocked off the roads and opened
fire at you. This whole thing was set up to trap you! My guess is that the Goldstein family was held
hostage according to the orders of the governmental body. It’s to force you to submit to them!”

Jonathan drew his brows together at that.

“I hope this is all just a coincidence. If the governmental body is behind this, I’m going to make Joshua
Whitley regret everything he’s doing!”

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