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Chapter 513

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God Realm

Following Andy’s order, the soldiers of the Yalegard Legion raised their guns to train on the Yaleview

Two army units with a total of nearly two hundred thousand people were in a confrontation at the East
Yaleview Losyale Expressway toll station.

At the back of the Yaleview Army was a military jeep. In the vehicle was a man with a crewcut and a
knife-length scar on his left cheek, and he was frowning at the tablet in his hands.

This man, who had yet to reach thirty years of age, was the current commander of the Yaleview Army,
Wilbur Xanthos.

“Sir!” a young soldier respectfully greeted outside the jeep.

“Speak,” Wilbur said.

“Commander, the Yalegard Legion led by Andy Morsley has readied themselves for battle. They might
fire at any time. Should we initiate the attack?” the young soldier asked tentatively.

It had been almost three years since Asura’s Office was established. Although Jonathan had already
gained control over the lands outside of Yaleview, everyone had to admit that those three years had
been the most peaceful time in Chanaea in the past few decades.

That peace would be disrupted if either party—the Yalegard Legion or the Yaleview Army—were to fire
the first shot.

Furthermore, the battle between the two armies that had been formed and strengthened over the past
three years would be something to fear about.

Therefore, even though it was merely a question for his commander, the soldier’s heart was thumping
loudly in his chest.

At the sight of the young soldier’s anxious demeanor, Wilbur lowered the tablet in his hands.

“Are you a part of the Yaleview Army’s general staff?”

“Yes, Sir!” the young soldier answered enthusiastically. “I’m Minoas Xanthos, a general staff of the
Yaleview Army. My main responsibility is to analyze the battlefield and strategize.”

When Wilbur heard that the young soldier was from the same family, he chuckled.

“Since you specialize in analysis and strategizing, let me give you a lesson. Look at the information
here. The main forces of Asura’s Office are the Eight Kings of War. So far, only Andy Morsley’s
Yalegard Legion has come. Even though Andy is a commander who has experienced countless battles,
he had ordered his men to stand in a horizontal line. This formation is clearly a disadvantageous one
for them. If a battle really broke out, just one round of cannonballs would decimate a portion of their
army. Do you think they’ll make a rookie mistake like this?”

“I…” Minoas shook his head.

“That’s right.” Wilbur chuckled. “Don’t worry. If a battle breaks out, the cannonballs will surely fly; there’ll
be no need for them to bring the whole group over. Didn’t they say it’s a drill? Tell Chase that I’ll
continue with it.”

“Yes, Sir!” Minoas turned and left.

Right then, a soldier jumped out of a vehicle behind them.

“Commander, we’ve found a helicopter in the southwest direction flying toward Yaleview.”

“Inform the navy, the army, and the air force of Yaleview to demand the helicopter pilot to turn around,”
Wilbur replied.


The soldier then went back into his vehicle. However, less than a minute later, he jumped back out.

“Commander, we’ve established a connection with the pilot, and we’ve confirmed that the person in the
helicopter is Asura’s Office’s Jonathan Goldstein. He has requested to enter the city.”

“Rejected.” Wilbur lifted his head to look in the southwest sky, where a black dot was approaching

“Send two fighter jets to intercept him. If he insists on trespassing, you have my permission to open

Meanwhile, Jonathan, who was in the helicopter, was grimacing.

The pilot in front of Jonathan yelled, “Commander, we’re approaching Yaleview’s territory. Yaleview’s
air traffic controllers have ordered us to turn around right away or land. If we continue forward, they’ll
open fire!”

“Are they threatening me? Does Wilbur really think that I won’t dare to stain my hands red?” Jonathan
sneered. “Ignore them and head straight to the Goldstein residence!”

However, just as Jonathan said that, two fighter jets appeared in the sky.

“Military helicopter ZB 1351, this is Yaleview Air Forces Y23. No aircraft is allowed in Yaleview skies for
now. Please cooperate with us and return the way you’ve come from or land your aircraft. If you pass
Yaleview’s borders, the air forces will open fire at you. I repeat, military helicopter ZB 1351…”

The warnings from the air forces kept traveling out of their headphones, and the two fighter jets were
hovering closely beside the helicopter.

The ear-piercing sirens were reverberating in the sky, and the light from the radar in the helicopter was
flickering non-stop.

“Commander, our aircraft has been locked on by the opposite party’s assault system. If we forcibly
enter Yaleview, and if they open fire, the helicopter will go down.”

“Just keep going,” Jonathan uttered coldly.

Troubles had arisen in the Goldstein family, and no one knew if Sophia was going to make it.

At that moment, no one could stop Jonathan from entering Yaleview, not even god.

“Military helicopter ZB 1351, Yaleview is thirty kilometers ahead of you. Please turn around, or else we
will resort to force. This is your first warning.”

A moment later, the second warning came. “Military helicopter ZB 1351, this is your second warning.
Yaleview is twenty kilometers ahead of you. Please turn around immediately. If you continue ten
kilometers more, we will open fire.”

Another beat later, a few more warnings came. “ZB 1351, you will be entering Yaleview in fifteen
kilometers. Please turn around immediately! Thirteen kilometers left! Twelve kilometers! Ten kilometers!
ZB 1351 has displayed clear provocation toward the city. Permission granted to open fire. Fire!”

With the last warning, the fighter jet to the helicopter’s right abruptly flew higher.

At the same time, a turret came out from under the second fighter jet that was behind the first jet.

That was the automatic turret equipped on the fighter jet.

The armor-piercing bullets encased in an orange glow flew straight toward the tail of the helicopter.

As if sensing the battle above, Andy, who was on the ground, tilted his head back to look at the sky.

The bullets whizzed through the air like charged marbles.

They seemed like the most beautiful fireworks ever made by men, but everyone knew that the peak of
its beauty would be when the helicopter up ahead exploded.

“How dare he open fire? Wilbur, you must have a death wish!”

The ear-shattering sirens kept ringing in the helicopter cabin.

When Jonathan saw the bullets approaching them, he scowled.

As he folded and cross his hands by his chest, he activated the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique.

Like water escaping a dam, continual pure spiritual energy poured out of Jonathan.

“Barrier, solidify!”

Jonathan manipulated the spiritual energy to solidify into an invisible barrier shaped like a cone behind
the back of the helicopter.

Even though Jonathan was already in the Enlightenment realm, the barrier formed with spiritual energy
would still break the moment it came into contact with the fighter jet’s bullets.

Jonathan would not be able to take on the bullets head-on, but he could attempt to change the direction
of the bullets.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

The noise of bullets thumping against the barrier sounded out. The moment they touched the spiritual
energy barrier, they changed the direction they were heading to.

Wilbur froze when he saw that, but soon he grinned and commented, “You’re using a spiritual energy
barrier to steer away the bullets. It seems that you’ve achieved God Realm too!”

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