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Chapter 512

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Yaleview Army Is The Target

At that moment, roadblocks were being set up at the border between Yaleview and Lostaria. On the
highway exiting Yaleview, the Yaleview Army had three divisions stationed there.

As a result, all the cars on the highway that were trying to leave were forced to turn back, leaving it
empty for the very first time.

Meanwhile, there were ten tanks parked at the toll station with the barrels of their guns pointing at the

In fact, their formation was a testament to the Yaleview Army’s stand without the need for words.

Death awaited whoever who dared to breach the barriers.


Beside one of the tanks, a heavily armed soldier asked his sergeant, “Didn’t they say that this was just
a military exercise? Why are we setting up a roadblock on the highway with tanks? Why do I get the
feeling that sh*ts gonna hit the fan?”

“How the f*ck should I know?” The old sergeant let out a sigh. “I was supposed to be on leave and visit
my relatives, but I was forced to return the moment I arrived at the railway station. F*ck my luck…”

Before the old sergeant could finish, he staggered forward suddenly.

When the younger soldier turned to see who it was, he tucked his head in fright.

It turned out that their division leader had appeared behind them out of nowhere. Having heard their
exchange, he gave the old sergeant a deserving kick.

“It’s a soldier’s duty to obey orders without question. Even if you have gotten on the train, you are still
required to jump off it and return,” Chase Granger, division leader of the Yaleview Army’s Ninth
Division, asserted.

When the sergeant called Blackie climbed back up to his feet, he acknowledged his reprimand, “Yes,

“Whose soldiers are these?” Looking at the officers following behind him, Chase demanded in a frosty
tone, “I want everyone—from the company leader to the brigade leader—investigated. Having soldiers
like these is a disgrace to the Ninth Division.”

No sooner had Chase spoken than a gentle rumble rang out from behind him.

When the crowd turned to look, they were greeted by the sight of a convoy of armored cars
approaching from the end of the highway.

Travelling behind the convoy was a heavy tank.

Narrowing his eyes, Chase observed the never-ending convoy on the highway.

“Sir, their plates belong to the Yalegard Legion,” one of the clueless officers beside Chase said.

“I’ve been waiting for them.” An icy glint flashed across Chase’s eyes. “Order the men to get their
weapons ready!”

“Yes, Sir!” his men responded aloud.

Soon, the sounds of whirring machinery rang out from behind him.

The entire Ninth Division of Yaleview had aimed their weapons at the approaching Yalegard Legion.

As the Yalegard Legion gradually drove up, they finally stopped outside the toll station, coincidentally at
Chase’s signal.

Subsequently, the door of an armored car opened for the stern-looking Andy to alight.

“Andy, aren’t you supposed to be in Lostaria? What brings you here to Yaleview?” Chase sneered at
the sight of Andy.

“By the Decree of Asura, we are performing a military exercise to defend Yaleview.”

“Is this a joke?” Chase snorted with laughter. “Yaleview has us, the Yaleview Army, protecting it. Since
when does the responsibility fall upon Asura’s Office? If you know what’s good for you, you had better
turn back with your men. Otherwise, don’t blame me for what I’m about to do.”

The Yaleview Army’s composition was different from that of other regions.

For example, even though the division leader of the Ninth Division was lower in rank than Andy, he
commanded a force of seventy thousand men, which was only thirty thousand lesser than Andy.

The origins of such a composition were rooted in the early establishment of the Yaleview Army. Back
then, the commander of the Office of Government Affairs had hoped to establish Yaleview’s own army
as a counterweight to the military factions belonging to the country’s other regions.

As the military factions then were controlled by a few respectable families, the latter had obviously
objected to a proposal that threatened their interests.

Thus, the early formation of the Yaleview Army was fraught with difficulties.

Nevertheless, it was finally established after years of bureaucracy but bound by one condition—
Yaleview could only form a single army.

The rule was set by the previous commander and subsequent commanders were not allowed to break
it. However, there were still ways to circumvent it.

Since the structure of the Yaleview Army couldn’t be changed, the commander-in-chief began to tweak
its composition, especially after Joshua came to power.

What he did was repeatedly increase the number of soldiers until the Yaleview Army comprised six
hundred thousand men.

As a result, even though the Yaleview Army consisted of thirteen divisions, each division leader
commanded a force that was usually under an army commander.

Meanwhile, Andy smirked at Chase’s haughty expression.

“The Yaleview Army only has jurisdiction within Yaleview. As for the Yalegard Legion, we are under the
command of the Asura’s Office and are responsible for the defense of Lostaria.”

Just as he spoke, Andy turned to look at the toll station.

“The toll station sits on the border between Yaleview and Lostaria, while I’m standing on the territory of
Lostaria itself. Therefore, even if I’m not under orders to conduct military exercises, I can still lead my
army here to enjoy a barbeque, and there’s nothing you can do about it!”

With that, Andy barked, “Cascade the order to set up camp and prepare our meals!”

His soldiers acknowledged his instructions with a loud grunt.

As for Chase, his expression drastically changed as he watched the Yalegard Legion pitch their tents
from behind the toll station.

“Andy, how dare you!”

At the sound of Chase’s shout, the ten tanks behind him gradually trained their guns at Andy.

“Are you trying to scare me?”

Staring down the barrels of ten tank guns, Andy simply sneered, “Granger, do you think I’m as useless
as the Yaleview Army who is only good on paper? I have followed Asura into battle and slaughtered
countless enemies across Chanaea. My station was forged from the blood of my enemies instead of
relying on relationships with respectable families.

“As for the Yalegard Legion behind me, every single one of them has fought on a real battlefield before.
Hence, weaklings like you don’t scare us at all. Let me ask my men. Is anyone feeling afraid?”

“We’re not afraid!”

“We’re not afraid!”

“We’re not afraid!”

In response to Andy’s shout, his men responded with equally high spirits.

The moment their voices rang out, the murderous aura within their tone sent an inexplicable chill down
their opponent’s spines.

That was the difference between the two armies.

It was just as Andy had said. The Yaleview Army, which had never been in a real battle, couldn’t stand
up to the Yalegard Legion, who had gone through the baptism of fire on the battlefield.

“Andy… are you trying to rebel?”

Despite having been in tense situations before, Chase was still cowed by how intimidating the Yalegard
Legion was.

“Rebel?” Andy chuckled.

“I have not even stepped foot in Yaleview, and yet, you’re pointing your guns at me. It seems to me that
you, Chase, are the one who’s trying to ignite a civil war! Looks like the Yalegard Legion has come to
the right place.”

With that, Andy barked, “Yalegard Legion, prepare for battle and aim your guns. The target is the
Yaleview Army!”

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