Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 511

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Assembling For Battle

The news alone caused Jonathan to spring to his feet. “Lydia, speak clearly. What do you mean by
Aunt Sophia is in danger?” On the other side of the line, Lydia was given a fright when she heard
Jonathan’s words.

After all, she had seen Jonathan’s methods with her own eyes back when the Maxwell family was
being chased out. Even though she was now part of the Goldstein family and on the same side as
them, thinking about the matter alone would still send a shiver down her spine.

“A few days ago, the Department of Transportation began causing trouble for the Goldstein family. Its
salacious director, Quinten Xydias, invited Sophia out for a meal, and she hasn’t returned since going
out in the morning. I tried to call her, but I couldn’t get through. Furthermore…” Lydia choked out.

“Furthermore what? Hurry up and tell me!” Jonathan snapped.

“Furthermore, a group of men came by just now and began seizing things without warning. Everyone
has been arrested too. Jonathan, you have to hurry back at once.”

No sooner had Lydia spoken than the sound of someone banging on the door was heard. It was
followed by Lydia’s scream amidst a chaotic commotion.

“She’s Lydia Maxwell, Sophia’s associate and a member of Goldstein Group’s senior management.
Detain her so that we can comb through their assets.”

Beep! Beep! Beep!

The subsequent call-end tone triggered a frosty expression on Jonathan’s face.

“Jonathan, I heard something about the Goldstein family. Did something happen over at Yaleview?”

Josephine got to her feet with her hands holding Jonathan’s, hoping to provide him some comfort.

Ever since they knew each other, Josephine had only seen Jonathan this calm once—the time she was

Although he didn’t say a word, she was cognizant that hiding underneath his composed demeanor was
a sense of boiling rage.

Holding Josephine’s hand gently, Jonathan broke into a smile.

“It’s no big deal. As a prominent family, the Goldsteins have plenty of enemies in the business world.
Hence, it’s normal for them to be embroiled in conflict.”

“Really?” Josephine was under no illusion that Jonathan was just trying to reassure her. Hence, she
nodded slightly. “I’m glad that it isn’t serious. In that case, do you want to head to Yaleview to deal with

“I’m afraid I have to,” Jonathan replied with a smile. “But don’t you worry. I’ll be back once I’m done.”

“Okay, be careful while you’re there.”

Josephine tiptoed to kiss Jonathan on his cheek. Then she turned around and walked toward the

In that instant, both of them knew what was on each other’s minds—words were just unnecessary.

After watching Josephine enter the house, Jonathan turned around and looked at Xiara, who was
sprawled on the third-floor balcony.

“Did you hear everything?”

Xiara nodded. “Loud and clear. When do you plan to go to Yaleview?”

“Right away.” Picking up his sword, Jonathan flicked it with his wrist and sent it flying toward Xiara in a
green arc.

On top of the balcony, Xiara—squinting her eyes to aim—caught the sword by the hilt. The power of the
Heaven Sword simply overwhelmed her. Despite holding it by the hilt, she was incapable of maintaining

Finally, she released her grip and allowed the sword to pierce above the window.

With intense pain emanating from her trembling hands, she looked at Jonathan with a burning gaze.

“Jonathan, I’ll go to Yaleview with you. I want to see for myself what’s so special about a respectable

“Not this time,” Jonathan replied flatly.

“I want to leave Josephine under your protection.”

“Is that how you ask for my help?” Leaping toward the ground, Xiara appeared right in front of Jonathan
with a tap of her feet. “What happens if I refuse?”

“I’ll kill you.” Jonathan’s indifferent gaze was like a bottomless abyss. He was devoid of any human
emotion. “However, if you agree, I’ll pay you a hundred million.”

“Deal,” Xiara agreed without a moment’s hesitation, for Jonathan’s murderous aura had already
surrounded her.

She had no doubt in her mind that the wrong answer meant certain death, which, in reality, wasn’t far
from the truth.

When Jonathan made his request, he had already planned to kill her.

As both of them weren’t even friends, leaving Xiara at home in his absence was just too dangerous.

Nevertheless, upon hearing Xiara’s agreement, Jonathan narrowed his eyes before retracting his
murderous aura and leaving.

“Zachary, prepare the helicopter at once!” Jonathan barked into the phone.

“Inform Andy to gather the Yalegard Legion and station them along the borders of Yaleview. I’ll be there
right away.”

Once he ended the call, Jonathan got into the car and headed out.

As for Zachary, he was utterly stunned.

News about Yaleview imposing martial law has already sent shockwaves around the country. And now,
Mr. Goldstein wants to deploy the Yalegard Legion to the city? Does he… want to stage a coup?

Zachary felt a shiver down his spine. After he regained his senses, he picked up his phone to give
Andy a call.

Meanwhile, at the headquarters of the Yalegard Legion, Andy was sitting at the meeting table with
more than ten officers as they studied the strategic map in front of them.

The moment the phone rang, his face turned grim, for it was a specially prepared phone.

Other than Jonathan and the members of Asura’s Office, no one else knew of its existence.

As a result, the ringing phone was a signal that something urgent had occurred.

“Zachary, what happened?” Andy inquired coldly.

“By the Decree of Asura, lead the Yalegard Legion and deploy them to the borders of Yaleview where
you’ll await further orders. Asura himself will arrive there soon.”

“Understood!” Andy responded at attention. “Zachary, I have one question. Is the Yalegard Legion the
only one deployed or is the entire army on the move too?”

“Mr. Goldstein hasn’t ordered for the other units to be deployed yet. However, he has put everyone
under the Asura’s Office’s command on Level Three Defense Readiness Condition. All of our units are
prepared to move out at a moment’s notice.”

Andy fell into a long silence. “Zachary, can Mr. Goldstein be thinking of—”

“Andy! A soldier’s duty is to obey orders without question. The reason for deployment isn’t something
we should take into consideration.”

“Understood!” Upon ending the call, Andy turned toward his surrounding officers.

“The Yalegard Legion will assemble at the border of Yaleview. We are not under any circumstances to
cross the state border!”


The officers present exchanged glances among themselves.

On Andy’s left, a middle-aged officer approached and asked softly, “Commander, are you sure that
we’re to assemble at the border of Yaleview?”

“Do I need to repeat myself?” Andy snapped. “Didn’t I make myself clear just now? Whoever dares to
question the orders will be court-martialed!”


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