Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 510

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Come Save Her

Sophia’s expression changed when she heard Quinten’s statement. “Mr. Xydias, although the
Goldstein family can never hold a candle to The Untouchables, we still have a somewhat solid
foundation. There’ll be a price for you to pay to even think of winning me over.

I may be only a woman, but I still have what it takes to stand my ground. Besides, if we, the Goldstein
family, have our backs against the wall, I’m afraid not even you will be able to fend off our retaliation.”

Quinten’s countenance gradually darkened as he listened to Sophia’s claim. “Are you threatening me,

“Oh, no, I wouldn’t have the guts to pull something like that. I simply wish for an amicable relationship
between us,” answered Sophia with a faint smile. “Over the years, Mr. Xydias, the Xydias family has
been flourishing ever so steadily under your lead. Even so, you guys are teetering on the brink of falling
off the chart of being a notable family. If you ask me, you still have a long way to go if your family is to
truly be regarded as a prominent family.”

Sophia quickly added, “Considering that the ranking of all affluent families in Yaleview is going to start
anew, the chance to shoot to prominence is up for grabs. The Goldstein family sees this as a golden
opportunity, but at the same time, you, too, must share the same sentiment, don’t you? If you can find it
in your generous heart to spare me, we can actually form an alliance. After all, the Zeller and Maxwell
families are already exiled from Yaleview, but their positions have yet to be filled ever since. Wouldn’t it
be good if the Xydias family could assume their roles instead?”

Silence ensued in the whole room.

Sophia reached into the briefcase at the side and fished out a set of documents she had prepared

“Have a look. These businesses cover an array of different fields. They’ll be all yours if you agree.”

Quinten slipped into deep thoughts as he looked at those documents on the table.

A tinge of wicked glee flitted across Sophia’s eyes the moment she saw Quinten’s demeanor.

That would be logical, for each of the documents represented a business that was worth a few billion.

By putting them all together, it would bring the sum to a grand total of more than hundreds of billion.

Better still, those businesses offered to Quinten were merely the tip of the iceberg. In truth, Sophia and
Lydia had eliminated them for being crude.

Yet, it was more than sufficient to have the head of a prominent family like Quinten be thunderstruck to
the core.

Such was the difference between a family in clover and a so-called prominent family.

Sophia secretly let out a long sigh after gaining control of the situation.

Alas, just as she was about to open her mouth to impel Quinten into complying, the latter lifted a hand
and pushed the documents worth hundreds of billion back to her.

“What’s the meaning of this, Mr. Xydias?”

A frown marred Sophia’s mien as she posed the question.

Quinten shook his head slightly and said, “Money sure makes the world go round, but this money
comes at a rather inappropriate time, don’t you think? I might not even live long enough to spend the
money you offered. It’s pretty easy if you want to keep the Goldstein family out of harm’s way. All you
have to do is to offer me the entire fortune of your family!”

“What? The entire fortune…”

Sophia was stupefied by the absurd demand. She had thought that he was only greedy to a certain
extent. Not even in a million years did she ever expect him to be that insatiable.

“Are my ears playing tricks on me? Mr. Xydias, if you really meant what you said, I guess we should
just part ways right now.”

As Sophia took a stance, she rose to her feet and was all ready to depart from the place.

Be that as it might, a snort escaped from Quinten’s lips as he remained seated.

“Leaving already? Do you seriously think you can step out of here?”

“What is that supposed to mean?” asked Sophia, putting her guard up at once.

“Do it!”

Following the bellow from Quinten, a series of agonizing shrieks could be heard coming from outside
the room.

Sophia’s visage did a one-eighty there and then as she bolted toward the door, pulling it open with all
her might.

The second the door was open, a gun was pointed directly at her forehead.

All she could see were the members she had brought with her had all fallen to the ground in the

Raising her hands in mid-air, Sophia slowly retracted her steps and returned to the room.

“As the director of the Department of Transportation, Quinten, I suppose you’re in the know of much
insider information. Don’t tell me you have no idea what kind of person Jonathan is! Don’t you know the
repercussion of imprisoning me?”

“Do you think I want to do this?”

Quinten was purple with rage as he stared at Sophia.

“Of course, I’m very tempted by your generous offer worth hundreds of billion. I can even go against my
own conscience and do all your bidding. Still, this measly amount of money would only be deemed
chicken feed for them.”

“Them? Who?” questioned Sophia in perplexity.


A crisp voice was heard coming from outside the door. Immediately afterward, a young man decked in
a suit set foot inside the room.

“I’ve long heard that the daughter of the Goldstein family is a beauty. And today, I get to witness it with
my very eyes.” The young man lifted a finger and pushed the gun away from Sophia’s forehead. “Be
gentle, please. You shouldn’t be uncouth toward our goddess.”

After shoving his subordinate to the side, the young man tugged at Sophia’s shoulders and pressed her
down into a chair.

“Ms. Goldstein, you don’t genuinely believe that a loser like Quinten gets to be so full of himself just
because he’s the director of the Department of Transportation, do you?”

That young man took a seat next to Sophia and rested his feet. Concurrently, Quinten, who had been
sitting opposite him, leaped up right away and respectfully stood aside.

Even if he was belittled outright by the young man like that, he didn’t dare to have any kind of reaction
at all.

“Who are you…”

Seeing Quinten’s bearing, Sophia reckoned that the young man had to be some sort of big shot. Yet,
no matter how she racked her brain, she could not put her finger on who would have the audacity to lay
a hand on her and the Goldstein family.

“Ah, forgive me for being crude. This is the first time we’ve met. I should’ve introduced myself to you.”

The young man flashed a grin as he straightened his shirt.

“I’m Jay Osborne from the Osborne family. A few days ago, Jonathan declared war on my family, and
he even went as far as to disable my elder brother’s hand. So, today, I’m here to collect the debt!”

Meanwhile, Joshua was leisurely enjoying some tea in the courtyard at his place at Zedfield in

“Commander, the Osborne family has made a move. Sophia is now being held captive at Prosperous
Hotel. As for the rest of the Goldstein family members, the Osborne family has sent someone to go
after them. The entire Goldstein family would fall into the clutches of the Osborne family in an hour, at
the latest.”

Upon hearing the report, Joshua bobbed his head in response.

“Sometimes, humans do require a push to the brink before they acquire the courage to overcome their
fears. Jonathan is a strategist himself; he has been taking baby steps year after year just to build up his
connections and strengthen his power.”

He stopped to ponder for a bit before continuing, “In order to ignite the fire within him, we need more
fuels to fan the flames. Isn’t Sophia the only kin he cares about among all of his family members? Make
sure her life is a living hell, then.”


Back in the garden at No. 1 Villa in Jadeborough, Jonathan was stroking the ancient sword in his

At that point in time, Josephine was bringing over a tray of well-sliced fruits to Jonathan’s side.

“Look at yourself. You’ve been carrying this sword around and staring at it ever since you came back
from Lumonburg. What on earth is so special about it?” asked Josephine in mock anger as she put
down the tray of fruits on the table beside.

Listening to the woman’s query, Jonathan broke into a smile while laying down his precious Heaven
Sword at one side.

“You know, you can always ask the helpers to do these chores in your stead. You have a bun in the
oven, so you must rest more.”

As Jonathan dropped his remark, he dotingly helped Josephine to the seat. He even reached out to
lightly touch Josephine’s tummy.

“There’s someone else here who also needs some rest, you see.”

Josephine instantly flung her hand to shove Jonathan’s hand away from her belly.

“The baby’s only two-month-old. So tell me, how much rest do I actually need to have?”

Josephine pouted as she tossed him a retort.

Despite blurting out such a comment, she still wore a sweet smile as she caressed her own stomach.

There was an unconcealable glint in her sparkling eyes. Without a doubt, she must feel blessed.

Jonathan was also all smiles, gazing at Josephine right in front of him. How I wish to have the ability to
freeze time so that I can be with Josephine forever, living a simple and peaceful life, just like now.

Right at that juncture, Jonathan’s phone chimed. He fished out the phone and peeked at the caller ID.
The next second, he froze.

Lydia? Why’s she calling me?

After swiping the answer key, Jonathan held his phone to his ear.

“Jonathan! Sophia’s in danger. Come save her. Quick!”

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