Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 509

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A Meal

In the garden, Jonathan was frowning as he stared at his phone. He had keyed in “018” on his phone,
but he hadn’t made the call. Ever since he heard about martial law being enforced in Yaleview, he had
been contemplating whether to call that number on his phone.

The moment he started his career in the army, he knew no matter how strong he was, he would never
expand into Yaleview. Before Jonathan came into the picture, Chanaea was in a mess.

The respectable families had recalled their members and caused a five-year-long rebellion in Chanaea.
Back then, there were conflicts between respectable families and the local armed forces.

Everyone was fighting for personal gains, and it had threatened the influence of Yaleview’s Office of
Government Affairs.

After continuous efforts from various commanders-in-chief, the Yaleview Army was finally formed.

The army was formed to protect Yaleview and guarantee the sovereignty of the Office of Government

Five hundred thousand troops were stationed around Yaleview, and the army was the biggest official
army force in Chanaea three years ago.

After all, there was no way those private army forces controlled by respectable families would work

Therefore, there had always been a delicate balance between the local armies and the Yaleview Army.

However, that balance was destroyed when Jonathan showed up three years ago.

The private armies in Chanaea were wiped out, and Asura’s Office was regarded as the strongest in

It was then the Valley of Elites shut down at once.

The Valley of Elites’ initial aim was to pick out all the elite warriors in the local armies for Yaleview.

But now, the soldiers were either from Asura’s Office or the Yaleview Army.

If they were to recruit among the troops, not only were they worried that no one would sign up, but they
also didn’t dare to bring in new soldiers because they were worried about accidentally recruiting
Jonathan’s spies from Asura’s Office.

That was exactly what Jonathan had done before the Valley of Elites was shut down.

Right before he established Asura’s Office, Jonathan had already sent over forty men into the Valley of

Among them, twenty-four men managed to work in Yaleview.

And among those twenty-four men, only six of them remained. One of them was the person Jonathan
was thinking of calling.

A long while of contemplation later, Jonathan decided to keep his phone away. Although things are
definitely brewing in Yaleview, I don’t need to contact those people yet. If I call them, they might get
exposed. I should wait a while more.

Meanwhile, a Lincoln was gradually coming to a halt at the entrance of Prosperous Hotel in Yaleview.
Two Mercedes-Benz could be seen following the Lincoln from behind.

The moment the Lincoln came to a halt, a few youngsters in black suits ran out of the Mercedes-Benz.

The youngsters were all expressionless as they arrived next to the Lincoln to open the door for the
passenger, Sophia.

A doorman approached Sophia hurriedly and said with a smile, “Ms. Goldstein, Mr. Xydias has been
waiting for you. Please follow me.” Evidently, they were prepared for Sophia’s arrival.

Sophia smiled and uttered, “Lead the way.”

Soon, they arrived at a luxurious private room on the thirty-eighth floor.

Happy Place? Sophia frowned slightly when she saw the name of the private room. Despite what she
thought, she merely adjusted her clothes before entering the room.

In the room, a chubby middle-aged man was enjoying his cigar on the couch. Next to him, a young man
was bowing at him with a document in his hand. It seemed that the young man was there to report

When they heard someone coming in, they abruptly turned toward the door.

“Ms. Sophia, it’s such a hassle to set up a meeting with you!” Seeing that Sophia had arrived, the
middle-aged man laughed and stood up. When he got up, that fat on his stomach bounced.

“You’ve arrived early, Mr. Xydias. You must’ve waited for me for quite a while.” Sophia walked up to him
with a smile and shook his hand.

Quinten grew excited when he felt her hand. He started ogling her body.

Sophia noticed the perverted look in his eyes, so she forcefully pulled her hand back. “Mr. Xydias, since
you’ve waited for me for so long, you must be famished! Let’s eat and talk at the same time.”

“Oh?” Quinten retracted his gaze from her breasts and smiled. “Sure! Sure! Let’s eat and talk.”

When Quinten was pulling Sophia’s chair out for her, he checked her out from the back.

“You all may leave.” Quinten sat down and waved his men away.

The youngsters following Quinten nodded and left.

On the other hand, the bodyguards Sophia had brought along remained still.

Upon seeing that, Quinten chuckled and said, “What’s wrong, Ms. Goldstein? Do you not trust me?
Why are you being so dramatic? It’s just a meal. If you don’t trust me, I don’t think we have anything to
talk about.”

Sophia stared at Quinten for a good ten seconds before letting out a chuckle. “Oh, no. You’re the
director of the Department of Transportation, whereas I’m a nobody. Why would I not trust you?”

Sophia then turned around and said to the men she had brought along, “I need to talk to Mr. Xydias in
private. Wait outside. You guys don’t have to come in if you hear nothing from the inside.”

There was obviously a hidden meaning behind Sophia’s words.

When Quinten heard what she said, he sneered and leaned back in his chair.

“Although it’s just a meal, it seems that you’ve come prepared, Ms. Goldstein. My sincerity was for
nothing, then.”

In response, Sophia nodded slightly and said, “Mr. Xydias, since we’re now alone, let’s be frank. What
do you want in return for letting the Goldstein family off the hook?”

“What if I say I want you?” Quinten puffed out a ring of smoke and smirked.

“You’re funny, Mr. Xydias.” Sophia covered her mouth and smiled. “With the Xydias family’s influence
and power, beautiful girls from all over the world must throw themselves at you. I’m just an ordinary


“You’re not.” Quinten threw his cigar into a glass of red wine. “Initially, there were four main wealthy
families in Yaleview. Now, however, the Goldstein family is ahead of everyone. You’re worth over a
trillion now. Perhaps you don’t know this, but everyone in Yaleview is yearning for you. You have the
looks and money. With you by my side, I’ll definitely be able to soar to greater heights!”

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