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Chapter 508

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Yaleview Army

Martial law in Yaleview? Jonathan immediately looked worried when he heard that. As Chanaea’s
administrative center, Yaleview is truly irreplaceable. With so many powerful forces in it, it has been
chaotic. First of all, Zedfield’s Office of Government Affairs is the most powerful governmental body in
Chanaea, and they announce policies concerning the whole of Chanaea every day.

Secondly, the area is filled with wealthy families. With the Goldstein family as the leader of the wealthy
families, they’re all based in Yaleview. This has been an unspoken rule all along. Once a family is
considered wealthy, it’s safe to assume that the family is capable of influencing the working of the
country because they could easily use their wealth to control the market prices of the goods.

Zedfield’s Office of Government Affairs can’t allow that. Another factor is the influence of respectable
families. Everyone in the world is used to grading families with wealth. However, once wealth reaches a
certain level, it will be pointless to compare wealthy families with one another.

Once the amount of money has reached a certain benchmark, the difference in wealth becomes
irrelevant. While wealthy families are all worth hundreds of billions, respectable families, apart from the
heads and the core members, won’t even know how much money their families have. Since they can’t
be compared with money, the only thing that separates them is heritage.

Since all the wealthy families are gathered here, respectable families can easily intervene so that they
can maintain their power and keep the wealthy families grounded.

In fact, there were still other parties in Yaleview that could be influential. Examples of those parties
were prominent families and foreign embassies.

Moreover, Yaleview was located in the middle of the transportation routes.

If they were to put the city on total lockdown, a lot of people would be affected.

Although Jonathan had used the Decree of Asura to put Jazona on lockdown, he couldn’t do the same
to Yaleview, as it would be an act of treason!

With the network of intel in Asura’s Office, how did we not receive any information on what happened in

Jonathan stared at Zachary and asked sternly, “Who put Yaleview on lockdown? What happened in

Zachary shook his head slightly. “That’s where things seem strange. This time, the lockdown that was
imposed only applies to transportation. All the roads leading into Yaleview, bus stations, and the airport
have been shut down. However, communication remains strong as ever. We’ve received confirmation
from our intel in Yaleview. Nothing major has happened in Yaleview recently.”

Nothing? Jonathan furrowed his brows. Yaleview is unlike Jazona. We can’t just impose a lockdown on
Yaleview. In this case, something must be brewing in Yaleview.

“Who ordered a lockdown on Yaleview? Also, who’s the military leader responsible for the lockdown?”
Jonathan asked.

“The order came from none other than Zedfield.” Zachary thought carefully and added, “As for the
person in charge, it’s the head of the Yaleview Army, Wilbur Xanthos.”

“How could it be him?” Jonathan frowned.

He knew who Wilbur Xanthos was.

Around four years ago, the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique came into Jonathan’s possession by
coincidence when he joined the army.

Due to his outstanding performance, he was sent to the Valley of Elites for gruesome training.

Elite warriors were all held in high regard in ordinary troops.

In the Valley of Elites, however, one had to be an elite warrior to enter.

The Valley of Elites was a secret training base under the direct jurisdiction of Yaleview.

Although Jonathan had been there for more than three months back then, he still couldn’t figure out the
exact location of the Valley of Elites.

The main purpose of the training base was to gather all the elite soldiers in Chanaea and train them.

Once a person had gone through the training, they could go wherever they wanted.

However, all the instructors in the Valley of Elites came from Yaleview. Hence, almost half of the
students would choose to head toward Yaleview after their training.

Wilbur was recruited at the same time as Jonathan, and he was the best performer.

Even during the beginner phase of cultivation, Wilbur was so good that Jonathan would always come
second to him in all the events.

Although they were always competing against each other, they were quite close, and they cherished
each other as rivals.

If they were to maintain their close relationship, they could end up becoming a formidable duo after the
training. However, they were interviewed one month after they finished their training.

In the interview, the representative from Yaleview asked them about their future plans.

In actuality, the interviewer was trying to poach them.

In the face of the conditions offered by Yaleview, Jonathan’s and Wilbur’s choices were the exact

Jonathan chose to return to Mysonna after the training, whereas Wilbur decided to go to Yaleview to
further improve himself.

That was the last time they had a drinking session together. From then on, they never contacted each
other. The next time they saw each other was when Jonathan led his troops into Yaleview because of
matters concerning the Goldstein family. There, they shared a glance from afar.

At that time, Wilbur was already the head of the Yaleview Army, and he had half a million troops at his
disposal. The Yaleview Army was also paying close attention to everything that Jonathan had done in

On the surface, Jonathan seemed to have been acting however he liked in Yaleview. In reality, it was
because the Office of Government Affairs allowed him to do so.

With Eight Kings of War and a million troops, Jonathan, however, had never been able to set up a base
in Yaleview.

Everyone in the world was intimidated by the Decree of Asura except for Yaleview.

The Yaleview Army wasn’t controlled by Asura’s Office. Instead, it received its orders from Zedfield’s
Office of Government Affairs directly. Jonathan couldn’t understand why Wilbur had led the Yaleview
Army to impose a lockdown on Yaleview.

Meanwhile, in the Goldstein residence, Sophia was looking in the mirror to scrutinize the suit she was
wearing. “Okay, this is nice.”

While Sophia was smiling gleefully, Lydia looked utterly worried.

“Sophia, maybe I should follow you. Quinten is a dangerous man. I’m worried that—”

“Don’t worry.” Sophia sighed. “It’s so bright outside. Besides, I’m bringing so many men with me.
Nothing bad is going to happen. I think Quinten is coming at the Goldstein family because he’s jealous
of how fast the Goldstein family got rich. We’ve already talked about it yesterday. If he wants it, we can
give the Xydias family a portion of our wealth. As long as we’re giving them benefits, the Goldstein
family and I will be safe.”

“But… Sophia, are we really not telling Jonathan?”

“All right.” Sophia grabbed Lydia’s hand. “I know you’re worried about my safety. If I don’t come back
before night falls, you can tell Jonathan about it. That works for you, right?”

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