Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 507

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Martial Law

It was the Heaven Sword. Jonathan looked at the ancient sword on the table with a frown. He had
found the sword in the strange cave. In the cave, there were giant pythons, ancient bronze trees, a
sarcophagus, and illusions, which were spooky.

He even nearly died there, and his biggest gain was this sharp ancient sword. He had previously
noticed that something was strange about the sword.

In addition to being sharp and hard, the ancient sword could actually feel his emotions. When he held
the ancient sword calmly, the aura emanating from the ancient sword was one of righteousness and

Yet, when he touched the sword while feeling angry, the sword exuded an indomitable killing intent.

The aura emanating from this sword could even feed on Jonathan’s spirit and magnified his murderous

Since then, Jonathan had rarely touched the strange ancient sword.

However, to his surprise, he sensed the presence of spiritual energy downstairs when he was upstairs
earlier, and it was actually coming from the ancient sword.

“Jonathan, why is this sword glowing?”

Xiara squatted by the window like a kitten in the dark night. She was looking at the ancient sword in the
room curiously.

Ignoring Xiara, Jonathan reached out to grab the hilt of Heaven Sword.


In an instant, Jonathan felt as if his spirit had been hit by a giant hammer.

An image flashed before his eyes, while Heaven Sword returned to silence as if it had lost all its

Jonathan slowly turned his head.

At this time, Xiara had already entered the room, and in her hand, she was holding a short dagger.

Just when Jonathan picked up Heaven Sword, Xiara had clearly sensed Jonathan’s momentary

However, as she was hesitating, Jonathan had returned to normal.

She had missed the chance to attack him.

Feeling the spiritual energy in his body decomposing the toxins quickly, Jonathan shook his head

“You know, since I became successful in my cultivation, the moment earlier was the closest I ever got
to getting killed. But you hesitated…”

“Well, there’s always a chance as long as I follow you.”

Putting away her dagger, Xiara threw out a white medicine bottle.

“I used a little too much poison. If your family show signs of poisoning, just feed them one pill.”

With that, Xiara pushed open the door and left without the slightest hesitation.

Jonathan looked at the medicine bottle and casually put it aside.

Who exactly is Xiara? Where was she trained in her childhood?

Jonathan closed the door and took Heaven Sword in his hand again.

This time, Jonathan only felt that he was connected to the aura of Heaven Sword without the earlier

After several attempts, he finally chose to give up. He sat on the bed and began to recall the scene just

Although the image was fleeting, it was extremely clear.

It should be an image of a verdant valley, with mountain fog drifting in the distance, and old trees and
vines nearby.

However, the angle of the image was a little weird. He felt as if he was looking out through a gap of
something, as it was extremely long and narrow.

Other than that, there was nothing special about it.

Is this a place that exists in reality? Or is it an illusion like I saw in the strange cave?

Thinking back on everything that had happened, Jonathan became even more convinced that the
ancient sword must have a great background.

Meanwhile, Joshua, who was sleeping soundly in the mansion in Zedfield, Yaleview, opened his eyes
without warning.

Raising his right hand, he fixed his gaze on the ring on his thumb.

With its green light fading, the ring returned to a milky white color.

“In order to find the secret treasures inherited in our family back then, you set us up to annihilate our
family, but I, an illegitimate son who has been excluded since childhood, managed to survive. After
that, you secretly made me the commander-in-chief, trying to make me your puppet. Yet, I bet you have
never thought that I’ve been wearing this thing on my hand all this while.”

Reaching out and turning the ring on his thumb, he turned over and looked out the window.

“Dad, that legend is true. It’s going to open soon…”

At noon, Jonathan went for a walk in the garden with Josephine.

Due to Xiara’s appearance, Jonathan had spent the entire morning coaxing Josephine before he finally
saw her smile again.

“Jonathan, who exactly is the girl you brought back? She’s not really a killer, is she?” Josephine asked
in a low voice while holding Jonathan’s arm.

“You could say that. But killers have to take on tasks, and her current task is to protect us.”

“I see,” Josephine replied thoughtfully.

“Maybe I should apologize to her for treating her like that yesterday when she’s here to protect us.
She’s a girl after all and—”

“She’s a girl only biologically, not in other areas,” Jonathan hurriedly cut Josephine off after seeing how
sympathetic she became.

Many people would laugh at the fact that one showed sympathy for the killer who ranked ninth on
Heaven List.

Xiara’s wealth was so much more than the available assets of the Smith family.

People like Xiara did not need sympathy.

In the distance, Xiara was sitting on the swing with a lollipop in her mouth, looking at the couple with a

Obviously, she had heard their entire conversation.

Looking at Xiara’s harmless face, Jonathan nodded slightly, but in the next instant, he sensed
something and turned to look outside the mansion.

It was Zachary’s aura.

“Josephine, how about you go back to the house to rest first? I still have some things to deal with.”

Josephine followed Jonathan’s gaze and looked into the distance, only to see Zachary rushing over
with some people.

Even though Josephine was still kept in the dark after going through so many things, she knew that
Zachary and Jonathan had an unusual relationship, so she nodded slightly.

“All right. I’ll go back to rest, then.”

Josephine turned and left while Jonathan walked over to meet Zachary.

“Mr. Goldstein,” Zachary greeted respectfully from a distance.

Seeing that Zachary was about to bow, Jonathan hurriedly raised his hand to stop him.

“It’s okay. Josephine can see us here. Just tell me what happened. You didn’t come all the way here in
the morning just to greet me, did you?”

“There are two things. First, Tiger broke into Northern Crimson Prison. I heard he fought his way in,”
Zachary reported.

“Fought his way in?” Jonathan chuckled. “How is he now?”

“Dorian broke his ribs. He definitely won’t be able to stand up anytime soon.”

“Okay.” Jonathan nodded in satisfaction. “Tell Dorian to teach Tiger a lesson. If he wants to cultivate
martial arts, provide him with all the resources he needs.”


“What about the second thing?” Jonathan asked, looking at Zachary.

“Mr. Goldstein, I heard from Andy that martial law has been enforced in Yaleview!”

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