Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 506

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In Mysonna, a black Jeep was speeding through a sandstorm. “Tiger! Let go of me!” a woman shouted.
It was none other than Juliette, who had ordered Finley to assassinate Jonathan. She was tied up and
bound in the backseat. However, no matter how much she struggled, the ropes around her showed no
signs of budging

Meanwhile, the man who was driving the car was Hayes, who had been ordered by Jonathan to head
toward the Northern Crimson Prison.

“Tiger! Forget about helping me to exact revenge after someone bullied me. You even brought me to a
place like this. Are you sure you are my brother?”

The SUV screeched to a halt on the sandy road. Hayes looked at the surprised Juliette in the backseat
before opening his door.

“Tiger… what are you doing?”

The man opened the door. Then, he forcefully pulled the ropes on Juliette’s body before grabbing her
by the collar and throwing her onto the sand.

“Hayes, are you f*cking crazy? I’m your sister!” In pain, Juliette shouted as she tried to get herself up
from the ground.


The crisp sound of someone being slapped faded into the vast background.

Juliette fell backward onto the sand slope behind her. Only after rolling on the ground for more than ten
meters did she stop.

“Juliette, do you think you would still be alive if I didn’t treat you as my sister? I can help you fix the
mess when you act arrogantly and snobbishly on usual days. After all, these rich kids are not good
people too. But this time, you’ve made a big mistake!”

“What do you mean?” Juliette stood up and tried to climb up the dune. When she arrived before Hayes,
she grabbed his collar with both hands. “When our family got caught in the military issues years ago,
you told me you would protect me forever. Hayes, you told me you would always stand by me! I stayed
alive because I trusted your words! But now, you are afraid. You’re scared because he is Jonathan

“B*llshit!” Hayes used his right hand to grab Juliette’s neck and push her against the Jeep. “Juliette,
Jonathan is not only my superior! Do you know he saved many families like us three years ago? As we
drove here, you kept saying I was someone who curried favor with the wealthy and powerful. Let me
show you how I gave you the carefree life you led until now!”

As he spoke, he ripped off his shirt and showed Juliette the scars on his body.

Juliette widened her eyes and covered her mouth in shock after seeing the countless scars on Hayes’
body. “You are… You are the King of Lumonburg. How could you be so gravely wounded?”

“I’m not born the King of Lumonburg,” Hayes whispered. “Juliette, why do you think Mr. Goldstein let us
off the hook? Do you think a man who leads an army to kill over eight hundred thousand rebel fighters
is someone who is soft-hearted? I used my death before this in exchange for our lives now. Juliette, I
can ignore it every time you act recklessly before this. But this time, I’m really disappointed in you!”
Hayes took a backpack out of his trunk as he spoke. “There’s water and food in here. You can leave
now if you truly think I’m Mr. Goldstein’s lackey. But if you want to start again, you can follow me to the
Northern Crimson Prison.”

With that, he climbed into the car.

After more than a minute, the backseat door opened, and Juliette got into the car unwillingly.

“Since this is your choice, I don’t want to hear you ridiculing Mr. Goldstein along the way. Remember
this: you can’t humiliate Mr. Goldstein even if you are my sister.”

Juliette snorted. “I remembered you told me that Northern Crimson Prison was a place that no one was
willing to head to. I never thought you would be so loyal to him even though you had been stripped of
your title as the King of Lumonburg and exiled to that horrible place.”

“Exiled?” Hayes chuckled, feeling the faint spiritual energy in his stomach. “You’re wrong. This is a new

On the balcony of the third floor in No. 1 Villa, Jonathan was sitting cross-legged with his eyes closed.
The spiritual energy ran through his veins like what was written in the Ancient Sacred Dragon
Technique. When he tried to feel his inner body, he felt as if streams were running through his body
while thunder sounded in the background.

He used his spiritual sense to course through his elixir and energy fields. To him, everything was infinite
yet reachable.

When he noticed the golden core that kept on condensing in him, he smiled.

My cultivation level increased tremendously after I found the other half of the Ancient Sacred Dragon
Technique. Even though there’s a complete cultivation technique in the Ancient Sacred Dragon
Technique, it does not give me the insight I need. It’s like practicing external martial arts. Without
insights, one cannot fully unleash one’s potential even if one has learned the skills.

Jonathan slowly opened his eyes after the spiritual energy around him faded.

The foundation period was equal to the Grandmaster Realm in martial arts, while Enlightenment was
equal to the highest level in martial arts. Jonathan had never met anyone who was at that level until

“Jonathan, is this your cultivation method?” A curious voice rang out from the top of Jonathan’s head.
When he raised his head, he saw Xiara sitting on top of the roof.

“It’s midnight already. Aren’t you going to sleep?” Jonathan leaped lightly and landed next to Xiara.

Xiara shook her head gently. “My job requires me to understand the routes in a new place thoroughly
before I can rest.”

Jonathan pondered about her words as he stared at her innocent eyes. “You’ve been wanting to kill
me, right?”

“Yes,” Xiara replied without hesitation. “However, I can’t find the chance to do so. Even though I have a
few dozen ways to end you while you were cultivating just now, I still have the feeling that if I attack
you, I will die. When you were cultivating just now, I felt something around you. Is that the energy that
you people in Chanaea always talk about?”

“People in Chanaea? Are you not a Chanaean?”

Xiara smiled. “I don’t know. When I was young, I was trained on an island. After I passed the test, I was
given a new identity every time I was on a mission in a new country. We were trained to speak many
languages when we were young. So, the only way I knew I was of Southeast Aploth’s descent was
from my appearance. But I never knew which country I’m from.”

The wind was blowing gently, and there was not a single cloud in the sky during the early autumn night.
Even though Xiara was speaking calmly, Jonathan’s heart clenched when he heard her words.

“I’m curious, though. If you can’t kill me, why—” Suddenly, Jonathan’s face stiffened. He turned and
jumped off.

In the house, there was a traditional long sword with a light-green glow.

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