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Chapter 505

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Commander In Chief

Hearing that, the middle-aged man put aside the folder in his hand. Jonathan’s photo and his biography
were on the file, and there was a sign that indicated this was a confidential file on the bottom right

“Tell me, what did you find out?” the middle-aged man asked with a smile as he picked up his cup of
coffee and took a sip.

The young man straightened himself and answered, “Commander, I’ve found out that Jonathan led the
armies of Lumonburg to destroy the Grand Forest Resort on Grand Forest Mountain five days ago. It
seems that Broderick of the Osborne family was wounded in the process. Other than that, the Office of
Government Affairs has been interacting closely with Jay Osborne recently. I’m sure that respectable
families have allied with the Office of Government Affairs. The only family that is not involved is the
Xydias family.”

The young man continued, “The Goldstein family is the strongest now after Jonathan caused chaos in
Yaleview last time. Meanwhile, the Xydias family relied on the Department of Transportation in the
Office of Government Affairs to build their foundation. Now, they are one of the up-and-coming affluent
families. With respectable families helping the Xydias family now, I’m sure they will make something for

The middle-aged man swirled the cup in his hand. “They are just an affluent family. We have nothing to
be afraid of. Besides keeping an eye on Kendrick Xydias, who works in the Department of
Transportation, we don’t have to care about the rest. Now. Tell me more about the Goldstein family.” He
pointed at Jonathan’s file.

“Okay. Quinten from the Xydias family is interested in the head of the Goldstein family, Sophia
Goldstein. Even though Quinten is a smart and talented man, he is also a playboy who has been

attracted to Sophia for a very long time. According to our information, after Jonathan was chased out of
the Goldstein family ten years ago, he was not close with anyone in the Goldstein family. However,
things were different between him and Sophia. Both of them are close. Regarding the Goldstein
family’s business, even though they have many businesses in different fields, they still can’t escape the
Department of Transportation…”

The young man then went on to talk about the members of the Goldstein family, the current business
model of the Goldstein family, and more. He went on for half an hour without pausing as though he
knew more about the Goldstein family than the Goldsteins.

As he listened to the young man’s stories, the middle-aged man frowned. It wasn’t until the young man
finished talking that he opened his eyes after taking a deep breath.

The young man exhaled deeply and said, “Commander, this is all the information about the Goldstein

The middle-aged man stood up slowly. “Get them prepared to help the Xydias family. We need to send
the Goldstein family into the depth of despair. Meanwhile, do anything you can, no matter what, to
ensure Sophia’s life becomes a living hell!”

“Understood!” The young man turned around and left.

The middle-aged man looked at the sky in the direction of Jazona.

At this moment, both he and Jonathan were quiet as they stared at the sky. What they didn’t was that
they were staring at each other from miles apart.

Joshua Whitley’s eyes were calm as he looked at Jonathan’s file sitting there before him. There was a
sense of assurance and composure evident in his stance.

Joshua shouldn’t be worried about anything as the commander-in-chief of Chanaea. However, he was
concerned about many things currently.

I should be the most prominent leader in Chanaea as the commander-in-chief. However, most of
Chanaea’s military power is in the hands of Jonathan. The Office of Government Affairs should work
closely with me as the lead. But in reality, respectable families place the utmost importance on the
commercial economy. That’s why they sent more people to the Office of Government Affairs.

These people that respectable families implanted in the government offices are everywhere, from
Yaleview to other small areas. They have formed a perfect chain connection. The results would be dire
if one were to remove all of them now. The entire Office of Government affairs will be paralyzed.

These were the conclusions that Joshua had come to after becoming the commander-in-chief. There
was nothing he could do to achieve his dreams and goals. Like the king in a poker game, although his
career looked terrific, he had no real power. Respectable families controlled the Office of Government
Affairs. Joshua’s title as the commander-in-chief was as good as nothing.

The military and political powers should be combined to maximize their benefits for a country. Now that
the military forces were gone and others controlled the political power, Joshua’s position as
commander-in-chief existed in name only.

“If I was the one who got into the army in the beginning, even though I might not be as good as you, I
could also unite half of the soldiers in five years. If that were the case, respectable families wouldn’t
have a place to stand now. It’s you, Jonathan, who cares about so many things,” Joshua remarked as
he stared at Jonathan’s photo.

Even though both of them had never met before, Joshua had always treated Jonathan as the only
person who could understand his feelings.

One of them had used three years to create Asura’s Office and resolve the war. The other man had
used ten years to climb from the position of director of the Intelligence Bureau to the commander-in-
chief of Yaleview. Both of them were legends, and their experiences in life couldn’t be replicated.
Perhaps that was the reason Joshua cherished Jonathan as his rival.

“Jonathan, because of you, I regretted not joining the army for three years. But now, I understand. Your
rise to power is what I need! You dared to bomb Grand Forest Mountain, which means you know we
can’t let respectable families do anything they want anymore. Even though Chanaea is now at the peak
of its glory, it is slowly decaying on the inside because of parasites like these respectable families.

“I’ve imagined how we would bump into each other with our military and political powers. But I’ve never
expected us to meet each other this way. I have to do this for the sake of Chanaea. I will ask you for
forgiveness myself when I destroy these respectable families. But then, before this… the Goldstein
family has to be destroyed.”

Although his words were heavy, he sounded as if he was talking to an old friend.

In Jadeborough, Jonathan was staring in the direction of the east when a sudden tingling sensation
rose in his heart. However, the feeling disappeared so quickly that he couldn’t wrap his mind around it.
Even so, the feeling left a sense of wariness in Jonathan.

According to the cultivation method manual, as a cultivator slowly improved on his cultivation level, the
cultivator would become more and more sensitive to things that were about to happen in the future.
They could sense the impending events.

In reality, not only a cultivator could sense that, but an average person could do the same too.
However, a cultivator’s sense would be more accurate.

“Are you okay, Mr. Goldstein?” Zachary asked softly when he realized that Jonathan didn’t look good.

“Of course,” Jonathan answered before walking into the mansion. He stopped after taking two steps
and then turned around. “Let Andy know that he needs to keep an eye on the recent news in Yaleview.
If anything unusual happens, inform me right away!”

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