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Chapter 504

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The Goldstein Family Of Yaleview

Jonathan frowned after he heard what Zachary said. When I went back to Yaleview last time, I brought
people along with me to search for the few prominent families of Yaleview and chased them out. We
only have Aunt Sophia’s best friend, Lydia, left in Yaleview. Lydia is a fantastic woman!

She settled the matters related to the Goldstein family in a short period. She knows who I am, so I’m
sure she won’t dare to do anything terrible. Now that the Goldstein family is the most prominent family
in Yaleview, there shouldn’t be anything for me to worry about. So how could something happen there?

Jonathan picked up his phone and called Sophia. It rang a couple of times before the call connected.

Sophia’s familiar voice sounded. “Didn’t expect to hear from you, Jonathan. Why did you call? Did you
miss me?”

Jonathan furrowed his brows slightly when he noticed how Sophia pretended to be calm and relaxed
on the phone.

As usual, Aunt Sophia likes to tease me, but I can still detect a hint of tiredness in her voice.

“Aunt Sophia, did the Goldstein family run into any trouble?”

“Trouble?” Sophia was momentarily stunned, but quickly, she said with a chuckle, “You’ve chased
those families out of Yaleview, and the rest of the prominent families are now on their toes. How could
we possibly run into any trouble? Our family is the biggest and strongest in the business world at
Yaleview now! Jonathan, if you need financial assistance, just let me know anytime. I’m only
responsible for keeping tabs on the Goldstein family business for you!”

“Okay. Well, I’m glad that everything is all right. If anything happens, you must inform me at once!”

“Okay, okay, don’t worry. My nephew is Asura. It’d be dumb of me if I didn’t ask for your help.”

After Sophia ended the call, Jonathan gave Zachary a questioning look. “Where did you hear the news
about the Goldstein family of Yaleview?”

“From Andy Morsley, Mr. Goldstein,” Zachary answered respectfully. “He said that according to his
informant, the Office of Government Affairs is going to target a prominent family in Yaleview soon. For
now, the only prominent family left in Yaleview is the Goldstein family.”

The Office of Government Affairs…

Jonathan turned toward the window, and immediately realization dawned on him.

It must be when I declared war with the Osborne family in Lumonburg that caused the current
turbulence in Yaleview.

The reason why respectable families could survive for decades after decades was because their
descendants were found in every field in Chanaea. Their people were everywhere, from culture,
politics, military, and agriculture to commerce. No matter the change in leaders, these people needed
someone to protect and support their political power. Besides that, they also required gifted people in
political, financial, and cultural matters to stay strong. That was when respectable families came into

In Chanaea’s history of over two thousand years, these descendants from respectable families had
been filling the seats in the government. They played an essential role in writing history, and this
situation continued until modern days. Before Jonathan appeared, many members of respectable
families could be seen in the military all across Chanaea.

According to the information gathered later, the leaders of different military teams vanished together
five years ago. This was one of the main reasons behind the military issues that happened five years

ago. And according to subsequent analysis, these leaders were likely pawns placed in the military by
these respectable families, and for some reason, all of them were transferred away.

Someone from the Osborne family had also mentioned some matters related to the respectable
families on Grand Forest Mountain. However, there was no telling exactly what it was.

Not only that, respectable families placed the utmost importance on the business field. And the most
prominent supporter of the business field is the Office of Government Affairs. That place was the center
of all administration work in Chanaea.

Am I the only one who wants to ruin the power these respectable families have? I’m sure I’m not the
only one. Many of them want to do what I did too—that person in the Office of Government Affairs

Jonathan’s eyes darkened.

If I really want to take down these respectable families, I’m afraid I’ll have to work with him.

Meanwhile, in the Goldstein residence in Yaleview, Sophia looked moody after she hung up the call.
Her table was a mess, with documents strewn all over.

Beside Sophia, Lydia heaved a long sigh before she removed her glasses and stood up. “Sophia, we
can’t sign these contracts. There will be countless problems after we sign them. All the Goldstein
family’s business will become subordinate to the other party.”

“I know,” Sophia said somberly. “But then this other party is the Xydias family. If we don’t sign now, we
may face difficulty in what we do in the future. The Goldstein family’s business could crumble in the
banking and transportation field!”

“Then what should we do now?” Lydia leaned against the office table weakly. She was one of the few
geniuses when it came to running businesses. She had only used half a month to get control and
understand a company’s operations as big as the Goldstein family’s. However, a person’s capabilities
are limited. Lydia could form an emergency PR team for a typical crisis. But, this time round, it was the
Xydias family. There was nothing she could do about it.

Sophia stared at the documents on her table. After a long moment, she said, “Quinten has been asking
me to eat with him, no? I’ll meet him and find out what he has to offer.”

The moment Sophia finished her words, Lydia quickly grabbed her wrist. “No. Sophia, you know what
Quinten has in mind. You know his motives when it comes to you. You can’t go out with him. Let’s just
tell Jonathan.”

“No way!” Sophia shook her head. “The Xydias family has the Office of Government Affairs backing
them up. If Jonathan returns, I’m sure he will cause chaos in Yaleview with his temper. He may be
Asura, but Chanaea does not belong to him. You and I are born to affluent families. We know way lot
more secrets. Yaleview is a complicated place. I don’t want to involve Jonathan in this unless I really
have to. Besides, I’m the head of the Goldstein family now. If I ask Jonathan to solve any problems that
we run into for us, there’s no point in me being the head anymore.”

Lydia let out a sigh when she saw how determined Sophia was. “Then you must bring those men who
are willing to sacrifice their lives with you tomorrow.”

Sophia smiled. “Lydia, you and I both know that that doesn’t do anything to help when it comes to
facing the Xydias family. Don’t worry. I will find a way to protect myself.”

Zedfield, which was located in Yaleview, was a place that was not revealed to the public. Even the
intelligence organization from different countries had no idea where Zedfield was.

In a yard stood a white-haired, middle-aged man with a folder in his hand.

There was a knock on the door before a young man in a suit walked in. “Commander, I’ve compiled the
information you needed.”

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