Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 501

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Prince Of Diyouli

Meanwhile in Salinsburgh, a city in the northeast of Chanaea. In a spacious office located in the
headquarters of Salinsburgh’s main garrison, Karl had a cigar in his mouth and was letting out puffs of

“These cigars you brought are not bad. It’s a pity that there are only three. That’s way too little,” he
remarked with a smile. Across from him was a man from Remdik. He was tied up and bound to the

There were four guards in total on both of his sides, all of which were armed with guns. From the looks
of it, the man might get his head blown off if he made the slightest movement.

“Karl! I came here to meet you out of sincerity. I don’t deserve to be treated like this!” he yelled in stiff

In response to that, Karl stretched his finger out and wiggled it slightly. He sneered, “No, no. Aidan, you
need to know that I caught you alive. You didn’t come here to meet me out of sincerity. Those are two
completely different things.”

He added, “Now that you mention it, I am rather curious. We’ve built our bases using River Onxy as the
border, and it’s been over a year since any conflict has occurred. Even if you were here to conduct
some recon in preparation for war, you have a lot of spies in Chanaea, don’t you? It’s not like you
would have to strut into my territory all high-and-mighty. Why exactly are you here?”

Aidan looked at the four armed guards around him and shook his head slightly. “I can’t answer that,
Karl. There are other people here.”

“I get it.” Karl nodded. “You’re saying that I’m the only one you can tell, right?”

Aidan affirmed, “Yes. What I want to tell you can’t be heard by anyone else-”


Before he could even finish his sentence, he was sent falling backward with an explosive sound.

The one who had done so was none other than Karl.

Since the heavy ashtray in his hands was cracked in half, he spit the cigar out and threw the ashtray to
the side.

After searching around for a bit, he took a shiny, golden trophy from the bookshelf next to him.

“In the eighth military competition, I won first place in technological surveillance and
countersurveillance tactics,” Karl smirked as he held the trophy in his hand. “It feels good to hold this.”

He walked over beside Aidan’s body and sat on top of him. “Aidan, in over six years, there have been
times when we were engaged in huge and small battles, as well as times when there was no fighting
going on at all. Do you have any idea how many of my subordinates have died at your hands?”

“People will inevitably die in war,” Aidan stated. His face was covered with blood, but the words that
came out of his mouth were as indifferent as ever. They seemed to carry no emotion.

“Thirty one thousand six hundred and eighty-four men!” Karl roared.


That was the sound of Karl slamming the trophy down onto Aidan’s face.

“Eight thousand four hundred and ninety one wounded and paralyzed!” he thundered.


He slammed down once again. The base of the trophy was covered in blood.

On the other hand, Aidan’s face was distorted beyond recognition right then. His entire face was
stained with blood. His appearance was absolutely terrifying.

Cough… Cough…

Aidan was lying on the floor. His blood had flowed backward into his airway, causing him to cough

Obviously, Karl had no intention of letting him go just like that.


With that third slam, the trophy made of brass alloy finally broke.

In the meantime, Karl wiped the blood off his face and slowly got up. “You f*cker. I could kill you a
hundred times over and it still wouldn’t be enough, yet you have the audacity to come looking for me
alone? Are you f*cking stupid?”

Aidan struggled to get up off the floor. He didn’t pay the wounds on his face any mind as he staggered
to grab the water bottle on the table and poured all the water on his face.

The red, bloody water dripped down, and his face was refreshed once again.

At that moment, the flesh beneath the skin on his forehead and eyebrows was completely exposed.

His flesh had crumpled up as if it had been dried under the sun. The sight of it alone was enough to
give one goosebump.

Even so, Aidan was acting as if those wounds weren’t on his body at all. Despite having four people
aiming guns at him, he panted heavily and got back in his seat.

He shot Karl a meaningful look before rolling his neck and lifting up his arms.

With a loud shout, he caused all of the ropes restraining his body to rip.

“I’m guessing you can calmly hear me out now, Karl,” he sneered. “I came here because I wanted to
ask if you wanted to become a true king.”

A true king? Karl’s eyebrows furrowed as he looked at Aidan. “What do you mean?”

“Nothing.” Aidan eyed the four guards, who were obviously nervous, and revealed a smug grin. “Three
years ago, you led Eastern Army to fight against Remdik at River Onxy. In my knowledge, River Onxy
is where Chanaea has suffered the most losses over the past hundred years. Am I wrong?”

There was a glint in Karl’s eyes as he listened to Aidan speak.

The scenes he had witnessed on the battlefield flitted across his mind.

River Onxy had been described as a modern meat grinder.

Both parties relied heavily on technology in the war, but the battle had somehow been forced to a point
where the losses on both sides combined could amount to over thirty thousand people at its peak.
When that piece of news first broke out, it practically shook the whole world.

In fact, the troops that both parties had deployed weren’t a bunch of weaklings that relied on numbers

The troop that Aidan led was Medved Army, which was the best of the best in Remdik.

On the other hand, Eastern Army, which was led by Karl, was known as the Weapon of Chanaea.

At the start, when both troops rallied at the border, everyone had predicted the most likely situation on
the battlefield that involved two technologically advanced troops. Everyone presumed that they would
use sophisticated weaponry to fight each other. At most, they would just be burning a lot of money.
Nobody had expected that there would be a huge number of casualties.

In reality, however, both parties had rushed into a fight to the death on the first day of the war.

It had all begun because they both used the same tactics in battle.

Besides preparing sophisticated, medium-range missiles and drones, both parties had mobilized the
strongest team of hackers at their disposal.

The two teams of hackers had a shocking goal, which was to completely penetrate the enemy’s
defense systems.

It was not hard to imagine how many soldiers would lose their lives if there was even a slight delay in
the defense systems when missiles were flying around on the battlefield.

On the very first day of the battle, both parties had lost access to their defense network just as they
launched their missiles.

When Karl recalled the countless bone-chilling shrieks of distress amidst the chaos, the veins in his
forehead began to bulge. “Aidan, both of us suffered in the battle at River Onxy. Why are you bringing it
up now?”

“No reason.” Aidan smirked. “I just wanted to remind you that you are the one fighting the hardest
battle. Everyone else is just following Asura around in circles and resolving the turbulent situation in
Chanaea by relying on the formidable image of their troops. They aren’t even using any firepower.”

He challenged, “When Asura is given the title of king, why should Hades get to be in charge of Asura’s
Office, while you, the one who actually contributed, is stuck here keeping guard? Prince of Diyouli, are
you really willing to do Asura’s Office’s dirty work for the rest of your life? Are you never going to make
a name for yourself?”

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