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Chapter 502

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The Choice Karl Made

“Shut up!” Karl shouted through gritted teeth. “You don’t deserve to speak of Asura!”

Upon seeing Karl’s hysterical reaction, Aidan reached out to wipe the blood from his face. Karl had left
a wound that was about four finger spans on his head during their altercation earlier.

If it had been any other person who had received such a wound, they would have been sent to
intensive care already. At this moment, however, Aidan’s wounds had stopped bleeding. Even the
wound from earlier, from when Karl smashed the ashtray on top of his head, had already scabbed over.

It was not possible for an ordinary person to possess such extraordinary regenerative power.

This was the ability of Aidan Reed, a martial artist.

“Without a doubt, you, the Prince of Diyouli, are the strongest among Chanaea’s Eight Kings of War. If
we’re talking about the strength of the army, the Eastern Army is practically invincible. I’m unaware of
the rules in Chanaea, but if it were me, I would never acquiesce. So what if he’s Asura? Can he
withstand missiles? Can he survive being sniped at long range? No! In the end, it doesn’t matter how
powerful his martial arts skills are, he’s only a human being. If he’s human, he can be killed.”

“I’m telling you to shut up!” With a wave of his hand, Karl drew a short knife from the sheath concealed
on his back and placed it across Aidan’s neck. The knife was sharp. Karl had barely exerted any
pressure, but beads of blood were already forming on Aidan’s neck.

Nevertheless, Aidan’s gaze remained confident. “Karl, isn’t there a saying in Chanaea that’s along the
lines of the enemy knows you best? We’ve been fighting for three years. I understand you very well.
You’re definitely not someone who is subservient to others. You won’t kill me. You will need my support
when you wish to become king.”

Aidan continued, “Moreover, I had your wife and children moved to Remdik as insurance. Don’t worry,
they’re fine. In fact, they led hard lives when following you. The clothing on their backs was barely
worth anything. However, if you agree to it, they can become nobles in Remdik.”

“You want them to be censured behind their backs and be called traitorous nobles?” Karl sneered. “I’d
rather they die in your hands.”

Karl did not doubt Aidan’s words. When people like him had risen to a certain caliber, there was no
need for them to stoop to a lowly tactic like lying.

Aidan grasped Karl’s blade with his fingers and gently pushed it away. “Karl, I never intended for you to
betray your country. I also have no intentions of obtaining any intel from you. You only need to do what
you wish to do.”

Upon saying that, Aidan turned his gaze to the four guards surrounding them. “I only wish to see you
control Asura’s Office. The current Asura is too dangerous.”

“What are you after?” Karl glared at Aidan.

“If you become Chanaea’s true king, we want the northeast area. Think about it.” Aidan grabbed one of
the remaining two cigars from the table and started to puff it leisurely.

Karl’s expression was filled with uncertainty. He stared at the four guards who wore complicated
expressions before him. After what seemed like a very long time, he finally heaved a sigh. “You guys
may leave. Do not speak of what you heard here today.”

“Understood,” the four guards replied in unison. However, their voices were tinged with hesitation and
they seemed to have something else to say. They knew they had heard something they should not
have today. If they were to reveal what they learned, they would likely lose their lives.

Presently, only thoughts of immediately leaving this place were on their minds.

Just as the four of them turned around, Karl leaped forward and rushed toward them. Consecutive
muffled thuds rang out as the four guards collapsed to the ground.

The one who had made the move was none other than Karl.

“Commander… you mustn’t betray…” Although the guard had suffered a hit to the spine, he still had a
trace of breath left. He lay on the ground, his eyes filled with terror as he looked up at Karl.

Karl felt as if there was a knife twisting in his heart as he stared down at his men. He knew he had not
brought up soldiers who feared death. They were terrified and overwhelmed at the moment because he
had destroyed their faith in him.

Each of Asura’s Office’s King of War was the pillar of support for the soldiers under their command.
However, at that moment, the pillar of support known as the Prince of Diyouli had collapsed.

“I’m sorry.” Closing his eyes, Karl crushed the soldier’s throat under his foot. He strode over to the desk
at the back of the room and reached out for the last cigar and held it in his mouth.

“In a moment, you will jump out of the window. I doubt it will kill you even though this is the fourth floor.
The moment you exit this place, the Eastern Army subordinates under my command will use all means
to hunt you down. If you manage to cross River Onxy and return to Remdik, I will agree to work with
you,” Karl said as grabbed a lighter and lit up the cigar.

Aidan, who stood across from him, guffawed. “Oh, Karl, we’re going to get along very well. I look
forward to our next meeting.” Following that, he broke the windows and leaped straight down.

Karl picked up the phone from the desk. “A Remdik military officer has escaped. He’s the supreme
commander of the Medved Army, Aidan Reed. I hereby order everyone in the Eastern Army to use all

the means at their disposal to intercept and kill Aidan. Kill on sight! He cannot be allowed to escape to

Before Karl had even hung up, sounds of gunfire could already be heard from outside the window. He
stood by the shattered windows, his eyes filled with exhaustion.

Karl was going to leave it up to fate. If Aidan truly managed to return to Remdik despite being hunted
by the entire Eastern Army, that was also fate.

Over at No. 1 Villa, Edenic Heights, Jonathan was presently seated at the dinner table, selecting some
choice morsels for Josephine. He was unaware of the events that were currently happening in

“Jonathan, where were you?” asked Emmeline, who was sitting beside him.

“I went to the Grand Forest Mountain in Lumonburg. The view there is spectacular. We should go there
and relax when we have some time.” Jonathan smiled as he thought about the Grand Forest Mountain
that had been partially blown flat.

“Okay! It would do Josephine good to take a break too. I’ve been so bored cooped up at home these
days,” Emmeline said happily.

Ever since Emmeline found out Jonathan’s true identity, she had become more and more self-
indulgent. After all, if one had Asura as their brother-in-law, there was no need to put in any effort.

However, just as Emmeline was lost in her fantasies of frolicking and having a good time, Margaret
slammed her fork on the dining table.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Margaret sneered. “Josephine still has to manage the company’s
affairs even though she’s pregnant. You sure have it good to go sightseeing so leisurely.”

Upon hearing Margaret’s reprimand, Emmeline’s face fell. “Mom, stop it.”

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