Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 500

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Level Three Defense Readiness Condition

For the second half of the flight, the two pilots operated under Xiara’s watch. Much like what she said
earlier, she had never trusted anyone before, not even the two pilots who were so scared they were on
the verge of pissing in their pants.

After the plane landed, she finally put her gun away. Once the cabin door opened, countless fully-
armed soldiers rushed in. Zachary dashed into the plane. He circled Jonathan and took a few looks at
him, but still couldn’t let go of his worries. “Are you okay, Mr. Goldstein?”

“Enough of that. It’s not like I can die that easily,” Jonathan chided jokingly. “Take a look at the
passengers in the back. If any of them are wounded, Asura’s Office will cover all medical fees.
Investigate the identities of the corpses on the ground and get the Intelligence Bureau to look into the
organization that they’re working for. Also, tell Hades that he needs to start gathering all of Asura’s
Office’s troops soon. We’re entering level three defense readiness condition.”

“Level Three Defense Readiness Condition?” Zachary couldn’t help but feel a little confused.

Even though Level Three Defense Readiness Condition was the lowest level of preparation in Asura’s
Office, it still signified that war was about to happen and that materials had to be prepared.

Once Level Three Defense Readiness Condition was put into place, all the garrisons would have to
make full arrangements within a day. All the soldiers on leave or resting would have to return to their
posts regardless of their rank.

Guns would be taken out of storage, and rations would be stored in warehouses. All the vehicles would
be fueled up and weapons would be fully loaded.

Everything was to prepare for war immediately.

“Is there an urgent war happening near the border, Mr. Goldstein?” Zachary asked in a low voice.

“It’s an internal problem within Chanaea,” Jonathan stated. “I’ll tell you when you need to know.”

“Understood.” Upon hearing that, Zachary knew that he had asked an inappropriate question and did
not push the matter any further.

On the other hand, a soldier ran over to the two of them. “Reporting in, Commander. How do we deal
with this woman?”

They both looked over and saw that around five soldiers had aimed their guns at Xiara.

Even so, she was busy eating potato chips. It was as if she couldn’t see the guns pointed at her

“Mr. Goldstein, that woman is…” Zachary was no fool. Other than the pilots, the only people conscious
on the plane were Jonathan and Xiara. He knew she couldn’t be an ordinary person.

Jonathan felt a headache coming on when he saw her.

Initially, Xiara had tried to assassinate him for a bounty. However, once he saw through her, she
decided to follow him.

She had been on his side in Grand Forest Mountain as well as on the plane and had helped him out
quite a bit.

Nonetheless, Jonathan knew that when she used the sedatives to leave everyone unconscious, she
had no intention of sparing him.

Over the past few days, there were many occasions in which he could sense her killing intent toward

She obviously had yet to give up on assassinating him.

If it were Jonathan from the past, there was no doubt that he would have sent Xiara straight to Northern
Crimson Prison.

However, when he thought of Punisher, who had defected after leaving, Jonathan was immersed in

Even though Asura’s Office was tremendously powerful and even had spies in other countries, the one
thing they didn’t have a hold on was Dark Web.

In the past, he had wanted to get Punisher to manipulate the bounty modules on Dark Web. The
purpose of it was to have an extra pawn on the web.

Despite that, nobody could have imagined that Punisher would defect and join Apocalypse instead.

While staring at the grinning Xiara, Jonathan remained silent for a few seconds. “Let her go. She’s not
one of us, but she has helped me out quite a lot.”

Jonathan was straightforward when it came to talking.

By saying that, he wanted to tell Xiara that he had no intention of making things difficult for her, but also
that he wasn’t going to pay her any mind.

Otherwise, if he were to act like Hayes and give people the idea that she was Jonathan’s lover, things
might go wrong further down the road.

When they heard Jonathan’s words, the soldiers of Divine Dragon Guards immediately lowered their

“I knew you didn’t have the heart to kill me, Jonathan,” Xiara said while looking at him with a smile.

“It’s not about whether I have the heart to do it or not. Since I’m letting you go, then you should take the
initiative to leave. If this happens again, you might not be so lucky,” he warned.

Then, he and Zachary walked out of the cabin.

Xiara gazed at the door to the cabin and let out a quiet huff. She put the last potato chip into her mouth
and bit into it with a crunch before giggling. “Next time? Who said I planned on leaving?”

In No. 1 Villa, Edenic Heights, Jonathan had just stepped into the courtyard when he heard Emmeline’s

“Is that you, Jonathan? You’re back!” she exclaimed.

When she saw that Jonathan had appeared, she put down the magazine in her hands and made her
way over to the door.

However, another figure moved faster than her and rushed straight into his embrace.

It was none other than Josephine.

“You left for days on end without leaving a single word, Jonathan. I didn’t hear a word from you. Are
you trying to scare me to death?” she choked out through sobs as she hugged him.

Ever since she found out that she was pregnant, she became increasingly reliant on Jonathan.

That was especially true after the kidnapping incident. Josephine didn’t want to be apart from him at all.
When he left for a whole week without a word, she had been incredibly on edge even with Emmeline by
her side.

As he watched the sobbing Josephine in his arms, Jonathan’s heart softened.

He wiped her tears away and muttered, “Come on, don’t cry. It’s bad for the baby. You missed me,

“You…” she mumbled. Even though she was pregnant with his child, she still wasn’t used to listening to
his sweet words.

The moment he said that, Josephine’s face flushed red and she wrestled herself out of his arms. “As if!
You should go away forever, then this mansion will be all mine.”

“It is all yours from the start,” he remarked gently.

“Nonsense.” She shot him a glare. “Zachary lent you this mansion because you’re his friend. Do you
really think he would give it to you for no reason? This place is worth over a hundred million. When are
you ever going to stop bragging?”

“Okay, okay. I promise I won’t brag next time. Let’s hurry up and go back inside. Being angry is bad for
the baby.” He quietly helped her inside with a doting look in his eyes.

As they passed by Emmeline, he smiled and greeted her while going into the house. She grinned back
in response.

However, a bitter feeling rose in her heart as she watched the two of them.

She had personally seen how Jonathan murdered people in Durbaine. More importantly, she found out
his true identity.

Everyone else in the house thought that he was only bragging because he was riding on someone
else’s coattails.

Oh, my silly sister. The man next to you is none other than Asura. I wonder when you will discover the
truth? she mused while watching the two of them go inside the mansion.

Being Asura’s wife and standing next to him was probably every woman’s dream.

The moment she thought about that, Emmeline jolted with shock and looked around her with a guilty

“What’s wrong, Emmeline? Hurry up and come in!” Josephine yelled from inside the mansion.

Emmeline coughed lightly and followed them inside.

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