Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 499

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As the male flight attendant spoke, he ordered the other flight attendants to back off. However, right
after that, a strange fragrance was emitted from the woman who had fallen down next to Jonathan and

Jonathan’s expression changed drastically. He shouted to Xiara, “Hold your breath!” Unfortunately, the
second he spoke, Xiara staggered and collapsed into one of the seats.

Even though she tried to get up, her efforts were futile. “What kind of poison is this?” she calmly asked
from where she was slumping on the seat.

“There isn’t a name for it. There’s only a code name, BKD-3,” the flight attendant answered while
walking over with a smile. “This is a drug that can cause a person’s muscles to lock up. It doesn’t have
any other effects, but it can make you lose your ability to move temporarily. Don’t worry, Jonathan.
We’re not here to kill you. We just want to take you to meet someone. Zachary and his men have
already surrounded the airport at Jadeborough, so we’ll have to kindly ask you to get off the plane

As the flight attendant spoke, someone nearby had already taken out parachutes from a locker.

“What do we do about the girl?” an air stewardess questioned.

“Get rid of her,” he replied dismissively.

Jonathan sighed. “Don’t touch her. I’ll go with you. There’s no need to harm someone innocent.”

“She just killed one of my subordinates. She’s not innocent at all,” the male flight attendant pointed out.

He walked over to Jonathan and picked him up before hooking the parachute onto his shoulder.

“I’d like to know who exactly wants to meet me,” Jonathan said. He leaned against the chair and
allowed the flight attendant to fasten the parachute for him.

“I can’t tell you,” the flight attendant responded while shaking his head.

“Even if you were to die?” Jonathan probed.

“If I told you, then my death would be guaranteed,” the air stewardess revealed.


Right after that, the sound of a gun firing was heard, and blood burst out from the back of the air
stewardess’ head.

“What’s going on?” The flight attendant had just gotten up when his shoulder was shoved down by a
large hand.


Jonathan exerted more strength on his hand, and the bones in the flight attendant’s shoulder shattered

Meanwhile, Xiara was back on her feet. She was already going head-to-head with two other flight

Jonathan stretched his hand out and made a subtle move. Two plastic spoons, which seemed to have
been possessed, began spinning in the air. They circled past Xiara’s back and shot directly into the two
flight attendants’ eyes.

When she saw that the spoons were stuck into their eye sockets, Xiara’s eyes lit up with amusement.
“Isn’t that Philip’s trick, Jonathan? Why do you know how to do it?”

“All you have to do is control the objects using spiritual energy. It’s no big deal,” he casually stated.
Then, he stretched his right arm out and cleanly split the flight attendant’s jaw.

It was sliced off with a snap. When Jonathan lowered his head to take a look, he put his hand inside
the man’s mouth and forcefully pulled out a large tooth. “There’s a tracker inside his tooth. How
professional. I’ll give you a chance. If you tell me who’s behind all this, then I’ll make your death a
painless one.”

“Hehe…” The air steward chuckled. He lifted his right hand and pinched his own neck.

Immediately, crimson blood began spewing out.

Jonathan picked the man’s right hand up and saw that there was a tiny, yet incredibly sharp blade in
between his fingertips.

“Are all assassins like this nowadays? Do they just kill themselves without any warning?” he muttered
dejectedly while looking at the corpses lying on the floor.

He then turned to Xiara and grumbled, “If you’re going to pretend that you fainted, then stick to it. Can
you at least leave two of them alive next time?”

“You’re one to talk.” She glanced down and inspected some of the items the assassins were carrying
and let out a huff. “I only killed two of them. The rest was all your work.”

She straightened up and looked at the tooth in Jonathan’s hand.

“They aren’t from any organization of assassins. In our line of work, you absolutely cannot trust another
person. There’s no way they would have let someone put a tracking device in their teeth just like that.
The way I see it, they were sent here to die. I mean, he already told you that they didn’t come here to

kill you and that they just wanted to take you to meet someone. Who knows? Maybe an old friend of
yours misses you and wants to see you again,” Xiara analyzed.

At the start, her deduction was a reasonable one, but things got a little off track toward the end.

She stared at the mischievous Jonathan and was about to say something, but instead opted to glance
at the economy cabin.

Footsteps could be heard from behind the curtain.

The only thing separating the first-class cabin and the economy was a piece of curtain. They had made
quite a lot of noise during the fight earlier, and someone must have sensed that something was amiss.

“If word gets out about a fight on the plane, that’d be pretty big news. Worst comes to worst, the plane
might end up crashing,” Jonathan said cheerily as he looked at Xiara. “Do you want to deal with them,
or should I do it?”

One of the passengers was heard calling for a flight attendant. “Excuse me, Miss? I think I heard some
noise over there…”


The curtain swung open, revealing a man in his thirties who was frozen in place. He was seemingly

In front of him, Xiara was chewing on a lollipop as she aimed a gun at his head. “Don’t scream, or else,
I’ll make sure you end up just like them.”

As she spoke, she took out a glass vial from her pocket and sprayed the liquid inside onto the man’s
clothes. “Don’t worry. It’s just sedative.”

She looked at him with a smile and walked forward with the gun in her right hand. The cold barrel of the
gun was pressed against his forehead.

“Bang!” she shrieked.

Following her scream, it was as if a switch had been flipped in the man. He turned around and began
running away while yelling at the top of his lungs. “Argh! Help! Someone’s been killed! The plane’s
been hijacked!”

The man seemed to have lost his mind as he barreled through the walkway. He kept moving forward
even when he collided with someone as if he couldn’t feel any pain whatsoever.

When the other passengers heard his screams, all of them turned to look in Jonathan and Xiara’s

What greeted them was the sight of corpses all over the floor. It caused chaos to break out in the plane.


“Don’t come closer! Y-You’re outnumbered. We’re not afraid of you!”

“Please let me go… I don’t want to die…”

“I’ll pay you…”

Upon hearing the commotion in the cabin, Xiara squatted on a seat and burst into laughter. “Hahahaha!
Look at how pitiful they are, Jonathan. They’re scared to death! Hahaha!”

“Come on. Is being scared to death funny to you?” Jonathan asked with a frown.

“Haha… Haha… Ah…” Xiara’s grin softened. Eventually, she took back her words. “It’s not funny at all.
They’re wonderful! At least they are afraid of death.”

As she spoke, however, her eyes were red-rimmed.

After taking a deep breath, she once again regained her usual innocent, unaffected demeanor. “The
drug should be taking effect by now.”

Right after she said that, the sound of thud after thud could be heard in the cabin.

All the two hundred over passengers collapsed to the floor in less than half a minute. All of them were

Jonathan was silent as he observed Xiara, who was once again leaning against the window.

Even though he didn’t know what she had experienced in the past, there was one thing he could be
certain of.

Those memories of hers definitely weren’t pleasant ones.

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