Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 498

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You Can Have Him

If anyone else had mentioned such impertinent words, they might have been considered a rebel.
However, no one batted an eyelid when Jonathan said it.

“You will never serve under anyone’s command…” Xiara gazed at Jonathan pensively. “Are you saying
you wish to become Chanaea’s true king?”

Hearing her question, even Hayes, standing aside and staring intently at the battle ahead, could not
help but look in Jonathan’s direction.

Despite Asura’s Office’s current immense power, the eight Kings of War selected by Jonathan, and
even Hayes’ title as the King of Lumonburg, were nothing more than a designation instead of a

If Jonathan truly wanted to become the king, he would have to re-establish the current political

In Hayes’ opinion, Jonathan was the real Asura.

If a war broke out, he would be the first to risk his life on the battlefield for Jonathan.

However, if Jonathan desired to seize the ruling power, even Hayes did not know which side he would

Sensing Hayes’ gaze on him, Jonathan merely smiled faintly.

“When I say I will never serve under anyone’s command, I meant to not abide by the current rules. I do
not have the slightest interest in political power.”


Hayes giggled after hearing Jonathan’s answer. Then, he shifted his attention back to Andrew and the

Xiara glanced at Hayes and went into deep thought.

“Jonathan, I am very curious. Do those Eight Kings of War serving under Asura’s Office and the two
million soldiers stationed all over the nation serve Chanaea, or do they work for you? How many
among them would follow you if you decided to start a rebellion?”

Jonathan fell silent for a long while. In the end, he shook his head.

“I don’t know. Obeying commands is the natural duty of a soldier, but protecting the nation is our
obligation. I can only hope they make a conscientious decision if a conflict arises between these two

After he finished speaking, the fight on the field involving Andrew and the others was also coming to an

After a few grunts sounded, Andrew and his party remained the only three people standing on the field.

“Sir, we’ve accomplished the mission,” Andrew reported while panting heavily.

Jonathan looked up at Andrew and saw that the latter’s body was now covered in footprints. Even his
cheeks were swollen like a pufferfish.

“It seems like you all have become well-acquainted now. I will not interfere in the rest of this matter. You
all will deal with it yourselves.”

Jonathan got up to leave while Xiara hurriedly trailed behind him.

Then, Hayes’ deep and low voice rang again behind them.

“Two hundred of you lost against these three people, yet you all dared call him a toyboy? Even I feel
ashamed for your sake! Get up, all of you. I’ll personally entertain those who still dare to object.”

Following that hideous fight, Hayes’ soldiers become significantly more obedient.

After the handover ceremony ended, Andrew successfully became the new King of Lumonburg, while
Hayes, accompanied by his sister Juliette, departed to Northern Crimson Prison without any escort or

If Jonathan did not have faith in Hayes’ character, he would not have spared the latter’s life.

While sitting on the plane back to Jadeborough, Jonathan pondered while staring at the clouds outside
the window.

Actually, he had planned to let Nelson from Gronga Special Force take over Lumonburg’s army
following Hayes’ discharge.

After all, Jonathan had bombarded Grand Forest Mountain, eliminating the entire Gomez family in the
process. His decision was a clear statement that he would fight against the Osborne family until the
end, and once the Osborne family retaliated, Lumonburg would be their first target.

Naturally, the respectable family was still only a clan, so they did not have as much proper military
power as Jonathan to engage in a war with Jonathan directly.

Nevertheless, Jonathan found their simple manipulation from all other sectors to be equally

Therefore, the most suitable candidate to handle such a complex situation would be Nelson, a veteran
who had thrived in a complicated area such as Gronga.

However, it was not easy to establish and maintain the current stable situation at Gronga. Lumonburg
might be important, but Jonathan could not risk losing Gronga too.

After some thorough contemplation, Jonathan ultimately chose Andrew, who had followed him for a
long time.

As Jonathan thought of Andrew, another two faces surfaced in his mind.

The Morsley family was a respectable military clan. Aside from Andrew, two other members of the
family also served under Asura’s Office.

One of them was Andy Morsley, also known as Pale Cloud King, one of the Eight Kings of War who
guarded the country’s western border.

The other member was Allen Morsley, the division leader of the Western Guard Regiment’s Second
Division. He was one of the best soldiers in the Western Guard Regiment.

And now, Andrew was promoted as the new commander of Lumonburg’s army.

As a result, the Morsley family’s military influence was becoming more significant due to the combined
authority of Andrew, Andy, and Allen.

Jonathan reckoned Hades would nag him again once the plane landed.

“Hello, sir. Would you like champagne or any other drinks?” the stewardess beside him piped up while
Jonathan was absorbed in his thoughts.


Xiara loaded the gun with a soft click and pointed the weapon at the stewardess’ waist.

“How dare you try to poison him in front of me? Do you realize you are displaying your inferior skills in
front of an expert?”

The stewardess panicked. “Miss, what are you doing? Please do not make this kind of joke. You’ll have
to face time in prison for carrying a gun on the plane!”

Jonathan turned around and noticed that despite the stewardess’ frightful tone, she spoke in a
diminished voice as if she was afraid of attracting others’ attention.

In fact, ever since he stepped into the plane, Jonathan had felt that something was off.

Although Jadeborough was a third-tier city, there should not be only two people, just him and Xiara,
sitting in the first-class cabin, regardless of the season.

At that moment, the curtain separating the first-class cabin and the economy class had been drawn.

The remaining two stewardesses and steward gathered over while wearing unfriendly expressions.

“Planning an assassination ten thousand meters above the ground. I guess you all are really not afraid
to die.” Xiara laughed and immediately pulled the trigger.


The sound of the silencer ensued. A bullet passed through the stewardess’ abdomen and created a
hole in the cabin’s ceiling.

Everyone was shocked after witnessing the gunshot.

They turned to look at the bullet hole on the ceiling nervously.

Those scenes in the movies featuring aircraft hijacking using guns were plain nonsense. As Xiara
mentioned, the occurrence of a gunfight in midair was no different from an act of voluntarily throwing
their lives away.

Putting aside the firing of shots, everyone would face death if someone made a hole in the plane,
causing air pressure in the cabin to decrease and the level of oxygen to desaturate.

At that instant, all of them regarded Xiara like she was insane.

Sensing those killers’ lack of movement, Xiara raised her left hand to support her chin.

“Do you all intend to die along with me, or should we postpone this matter until the plane lands?”

In spite of her casual tone, she was gently tapping on the window with the gun in her right hand.

If she fired a shot, everyone would probably lose their lives.

The flight attendant, standing at the back, said, “Hey, girl. Are you an assassin too? Since you’re also
one of us, you should understand our problems. We are only doing this for money, so there’s no need
to risk our lives to get this job done. You can have Jonathan.”

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