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Chapter 496

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Cannot Accept

Wasahurst Mountains was located in Jedayton of Drieso. Thirty years ago, the Wasahurst Mountains
had been listed as a Level-1 dangerous area and a national-level wildlife nature reserve by the local

However, there was a tiny village in the middle of the main peak. Apart from the three-level mansion in
the middle of the area, the other hundreds of families lived in red-tiled houses, which were arranged in
an orderly manner.

The only odd thing about the village was that there were luxury cars worth tens of millions parked in
every family’s courtyard. Some even had helicopters.

The people in the village were extremely well-behaved. They would smile and nod when they met
someone but never engage in small talk.

It was a peaceful yet bizarre sight. That was where the Osborne family lived.

A grey-haired elderly man was holding on to the hand of a child who was about five years old while
walking along the path between the mountains.

Standing beside them was a chubby-looking middle-aged man.

“Dad, I’ve received news from Grand Forest Mountain. The holiday manor is destroyed by artillery fire.
Broderick managed to survive with the help of the bunker. However, his arm has been crippled by
Jonathan. The negotiation with Jonathan seems to be a failure,” he said.

After listening to the middle-aged man’s words, the elderly person stopped in his tracks and squatted
down. “Little Reid, can you go over there and pick me some flowers?”

“Great-grandpa, do you need to discuss some matters again?” Reid Osborne asked sweetly, batting his

“Yes. I need to discuss some matters. I’ll play with you once I’m done,” the elderly man promised,

“Okay!” Reid trotted over to the field in front of them.

As soon as Reid left, the smile on the elderly man’s face disappeared.

He uttered coldly, “Very well. Jonathan is declaring war against us. It’s been many years since
someone had the guts to go against a powerful family like us. How dare this Jonathan try to show off?
He’s courting death!”

Upon hearing that, the middle-aged man smiled. “By the way, there are some changes on Dark Web’s
assassin list. Recently, a new organization has appeared. It’s called Apocalypse. The entire
organization includes the top three assassins of Dark Web. Their criteria for entering the organization is
by killing Jonathan. Looks like Jonathan will be facing endless attempts of assassinations for some

The elderly man was not the slightest bit delighted when he heard the news. Instead, a solemn gaze
appeared in his eyes.

“Get someone to get in touch with this new organization. Try to get ahead of the other families and get
Apocalypse to collaborate with us, if possible. This is very important,” he said.

“Got it. I’ll make the arrangements now,” the middle-aged man said with a nod.

The elderly man nodded. “Oh, that reminds me. Send my regards to the Holmes, the Morsley, and the
Shields family. Since Jonathan doesn’t want to cooperate with us, then we’ll crush the Goldstein family
of Yaleview. So what if he’s Asura? I don’t believe he can be that heartless to ignore his family.”

Jonathan and Xiara sat opposite each other at the garden’s stone table at the Yaeger residence in

At the same time, Hayes stood respectfully by the side like a defeated animal.

“Mr. Goldstein, I’ve gathered all the captains above regiment level from the war unit. The handover of
the military power will be completed once the person who’s replacing me arrives,” Hayes said hoarsely.
There were traces of reluctance in his tone.

Sensing that, Jonathan put down his cup and asked, “What is it? Are you displeased with the fact that
I’m sending you to Mysonna?”

“Of course not. It’s my fault for not teaching my sister well. You’ve already shown me enough mercy by
sparing her life. How could I be displeased with anything?” Hayes said, lifting his head.

“Good that you know,” Jonathan said with a deep voice. He then waved his hand in the air, and a black
chip fell right into Hayes’ hand.

Hayes gazed at the chip in his hand and asked in puzzlement, “Mr. Goldstein, isn’t this Philip’s memory
chip? What is—”

Jonathan said flatly, “Just take it. Hayes, you’ve been with me in all kinds of life and death situations,
but do you know why you’re not a part of Eight Kings of War? Do you know why you can only be a
pathetic leader who’s in charge of a deserted place like Lumonburg?”

Hays lowered his head and muttered, “I don’t. To be honest, I’m not happy with this. Why can’t I be
given the same title, too? I’ve fought almost the same number of wars as them.”

Jonathan said with a smile, “The answer is in the memory chip. The reason the Eight Kings of War are
each given a piece of land is not based solely on their achievements. They have to be powerful too.
Remember Punisher? The person who tried to kill me and ranks third on Dark Web’s assassin list?
Hades can kill him singlehandedly. Meanwhile, Xiara ranks ninth on the list. She could’ve killed you
anytime back in Grand Forest Mountain. That’s how different you are in terms of power. In Asura’s
office, every person who’s given the title of King of War is a frequent receiver of the bounty. Without the
equivalent level of abilities, you’ll never be given the title, even until you die.”

As he was saying that, he got to his feet and walked over to Hayes.

“Tiger, you can’t win the upcoming battles by just being fearless. You also need the brains and
capabilities. I can’t make you smart, but this chip has all the cultivation methods left by Philip. Since
you’ll have nothing to do in Mysonna, it won’t harm to train more. I’m sure the training will be useful in
the future,” said Jonathan.

“Mr. Goldstein…”

Jonathan’s words caused Hayes’ eyes to redden and tears welled in them.

Jonathan did not know how to respond to Hayes’ reaction.

I’ve just given him a chip with cultivation methods. Why is he being so emotional?

To his surprise, Hayes wiped his tears and said, “Mr. Goldstein, are you saying I don’t have to be
locked up in jail for the rest of my life? Is that right?”

When Jonathan heard Hayes’ words that were laced with a thick northern accent, the former swallowed
all the words he was about to say.

“Uh… Maybe you shouldn’t come out for the time being,” Jonathan muttered.

As he was saying that, a clear voice rang outside the garden.

“Reporting in!”

“Come in!” Jonathan said softly.

Everyone turned their heads instantly, and they saw three young men dressed in military uniforms
marching toward Jonathan.

The trio stood straight, and the leader of the group reported loudly, “Commander, Andrew Morsley, the
division leader of Divine Dragon Guards’ third division, has come to report to you.”

Jonathan saluted in response. “Andrew, you know why I’ve asked you to come here, right?”

“Yes, Commander. I have received the order. You’ve ordered me to come here to take over
Lumonburg’s military power,” Andrew replied loud and clear.

Jonathan nodded. “All right, Hayes. You may begin the handover.”

Hayes hurriedly responded and held Andrew’s hand. “Mr. Morsley, the Lumonburg army will be now
handed over to you. Please take good care of them.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll take good care of each soldier.”

Just as Andrew and Hayes were laughing and exchanging pleasantries, someone among the troop in
the distance yelled, “Commander, I cannot accept this!”

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