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Chapter 495

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Sudden Change In Dark Web

As Hayes was speaking, his legs suddenly went weak, and he fell to his knees. “You cunning girl…”
Hayes pointed at Xiara, wanting to scold her, but his voice suddenly changed and he fell flat onto the

Giggling, Xiara squatted beside Hayes and pinched his cheek. “Your nickname is Tiger, eh? You look
like a tiny kitten to me.” “That’s enough. Give him the antidote if you’re done messing around. Don’t tell
me that you want me to deploy the troops?” Jonathan asked, frowning.

Upon hearing that, Xiara glanced at Jonathan’s back with a conflicted gaze before fishing out a pill from
her pocket. “Listen here, little kitty. I have a hundred ways to punish you if you dare to mess with me
again. Hmph. How dare you mess with me? You’re too low for that.”

With that, she shoved the pill into Hayes’ mouth, despite how murderous the latter’s gaze was.

After that, she got to her feet and leaped toward Jonathan without even bothering to look at Hayes.

If one were to judge Xiara based on her looks, no one would be able to guess that young girl who was
about nineteen years old was actually one of the top ten killers on Dark Web.

Meanwhile, Jonathan frowned at the tablet Xiara handed to him while sitting in the car that was on the
highway below the mountain.

“This is the internal server of Dark Web’s assassins. Go on. Take a look at the announcement,” Xiara
said, giggling with the lollipop in her mouth.

Jonathan studied the server’s interface. The layout was clean and simple, with clear records of Xiara’s
number of missions, success rate, and the amount of money.

Seeing the string of zeros in the balance, Jonathan chuckled. “The amount of money you have is way
more than what any prestigious family in the city owns. You won’t be able to spend all of that in this
lifetime, no matter how extravagantly you live. Why do you still want to work in this industry?”

As Jonathan was saying that, he tapped on Dark Web’s notice board.

Xiara glanced at the gorgeous view outside the window and pressed her forehead against it.
“Becoming an assassin is easy, but getting out of it is difficult. I started killing people when I was
thirteen years old. It’s been nine years now. I’m already tired of killing, but I know if I stop that, I’d be
killed. Once an assassin kills a prestigious family’s core members, they’ll never stop finding the
assassin. The reason they can’t find me is not that I’m hard to find, but I’m constantly wandering all
over the world, changing my identities all the time. To be honest, if there’s a place that’s totally safe for
me, I’d like to get a good rest without having to be on my toes all the time. I think… that’s what every
normal girl will do, right?”

Xiara’s voice slowly became softer. When Jonathan turned around, the girl had already closed her

However, judging by her tense body and the gun in her cuff, Jonathan knew she would wake up to
attack if there were any sudden movements.

With that, he turned away and returned his gaze to the tablet.

The announcement on Dark Web was directly related to Jonathan.

Basically, the announcement had turned Jonathan into a proof of allegiance.

Back then, Dark Web’s bounty list was only the amount that was directly rewarded to the assassins.
This time, there was a name of an organization on the assassin section of Dark Web called

Currently, the top three assassins on the list have joined the organization.

The first member was the assassin who had been dominating the list for a long time and never dropped
from his rank. He was dubbed Blaze of Death.

The second member of the organization was an assassin who performed two hundred successful
assassinations, and a fool for killing the former leader of Ordano.

Finally, the third member was Punisher, who had been missing for three years and was recently
released from Northern Crimson Prison.

Apart from the arrogant and attention-seeking Punisher, the other two never revealed much about
themselves publicly. This time, however, the trio had joined the organization at the same time. One
could imagine how powerful the new organization would be in the future.

And with such an organization, many assassins would do anything to join it.

Based on the announcement that was released, there was only one condition to join Apocalypse—kill

Jonathan frowned when he saw his picture on the screen.

Punisher has betrayed me!

Jonathan took out his phone and dialed Punisher’s number. The former only heard two beeps before
he picked up.

“I’ve been waiting for your call, Jonathan.”

“Punisher, I told you this before. I have the power to release you, but I can kill you as well,” Jonathan
said calmly.

Punisher burst out laughing. “Oh, I believe your words, that’s for sure. You’re Asura, after all. However,
let me remind you that Chanaea is not the only country in this world. I know you must be tracking my
position using technical means, but so what? What are you going to do once you find my location? Are
you going to come here and kill me? Are you going to send a special guided missile to blow up the city
I’m in? You can’t do that, right? No matter how powerful Asura’s Office is, they’ll never be able to deal
with everyone in the world. However, I can promise you that Apocalypse is capable of doing that. This
bounty will turn you into all the elite assassins’ targets, and soon, they’ll be launching a massive attack
on you. So, enjoy yourself, Asura.”

After hanging up the phone, Jonathan tossed the tablet aside.

Punisher had been locked up for three years, and he was well aware of Asura’s Office’s powers.
Hence, he would not dare to simply retaliate.

The fact that he had the guts to make such statements only meant one thing. A more powerful
organization had become Punisher’s backer—Apocalypse.

Jonathan’s thoughts raced as he thought of the new organization’s name.

This organization has convinced Punisher that it can go against Asura’s Office and is even more
powerful than the office. Looks like Dark Web is trying to stir up a different kind of trouble, eh?

“I really can’t believe you’d choose to trust a professional assassin.” Xiara stretched her body like a cat.
However, it was an eyesore to see a dagger in her left hand and a gun in her right.

“What about you?” Jonathan asked softly.

“What about me?”

“Can I trust you?”

“Of course, you can.” Xiara put away her weapons and leaned on Jonathan’s shoulder. “I never said I
wanted to kill you,” she whispered into his ear.

Xiara’s breath landed on his face. If Jonathan were to turn his head slightly, he could easily steal a kiss
from Xiara.

However, he knew that woman was a vicious person under the disguise of her cute and obedient

For all he knew, Xiara’s lips could be covered in poison.

“Reporting in!”

Just as the duo was in an intimate position, a deep voice sounded outside the window. It was Hayes
who had just descended the mountain after receiving the antidote.

Standing outside the window, Hayes immediately turned his head away when he saw the position they
were in. “I’m sorry, Mr. Goldstein! I didn’t know you were busy. I’ll tell the others to disperse and warn
you when—”

Before he could finish his sentence, the car door opened, and Jonathan sent Hayes flying out with a
hard kick.

Jonathan got out of the car, looking livid. “What rubbish are you talking about? Are you done deploying
the troops?”

“The highway is sealed, and the artillery base is laid out. Please give us your next orders, Mr.
Goldstein,” Hayes reported loudly while puffing up his chest.

“That mountain top from just now. I want it gone,” Jonathan said plainly.

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