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Chapter 494

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As Easy As A Snap

“If you continue spouting nonsense, I’m going to finish you!” Even though Tiger had a near-death
experience earlier on, he still bellowed in anger when he heard how the man asked Jonathan to give up
his military power.

The man just glanced at Jonathan who was sitting on the opposite side. He was aware that the latter
could defend against all his attacks, so he did not continue to make any moves.

“Jonathan, control your underling. If he continues to bark aloud, he’s not going to stay alive for long.”

“You motherf*cker!”

Tiger was about to dash forward, but he was stopped by Jonathan.

“Sit down.”


Tiger shot the man a death glare, gritted his teeth, and stepped aside.

The man looked at Jonathan and smiled.

“That’s more like it. Since you’re here to talk, you should act like it. Asura, you should consider what I
just said.”

Jonathan calmly replied, “There’s no need for consideration. The military seal means nothing to me. If
the Office of Government Affairs wants it back, that’s fine by me. However, I can assure you that you
will not be able to order anyone from Asura’s Office.”

Even though Jonathan’s words sounded casual, they carried an overwhelming amount of confidence.

That was the truth, after all.

Everyone from Asura’s office, be it the Eight Kings of War or the millions of soldiers, their respect for
Asura was unparalleled. That level of respect was not replaceable by a mere military seal.

The man clearly understood what Jonathan was trying to say.

“Pfft! You are so confident, aren’t you? I guess you really don’t know your place,” the man said with a
chilling smile.

He continued, “Five years ago, chaos ensued among the respectable families. We overlooked control
over the mortal world. As a result, politics and the military in Chanaea were in a mess. Otherwise, with
only that level of ability, you would not have been undefeatable. What a joke this is! You only managed
to achieve this because we could not be bothered to put you in your place!”

While speaking, the man stood up and bore an arrogant expression.

The man added, “Jonathan, the assassination back then was just a prelude. If the respectable families
were to take action, do you have any idea what you’ll be facing? Once you’ve offended us, it’ll be as
easy as a snap to end you no matter where you escape to!”

As the man was talking, he extended his right arm and was about to snap his fingers. Jonathan
suddenly grabbed the man’s wrist and pressed it down on the stone table.


A crisp sound rang out.

The stone table immediately cracked into pieces. At that moment, the man’s right arm became dough-
like. The bones inside had been smashed into pieces.

Jonathan chuckled and said, “I guess it’s not that easy to make a snap. Tell the head of your family that
I will not give up my military power. If the Osborne family wants to cause trouble, I don’t mind ending
another respectable family!”

With that said, Jonathan turned around and walked away. Tiger retreated while glancing at the man

As for Xiara, she lightly nodded at the man mischievously and teased, “Goodbye sis! Let’s have a drink
some other time!”


The man gritted his teeth as he watched the trio leave his place. After testing Jonathan just now, he
knew that the former would be unharmed even if he gathered everyone from the resort to fight against

“Gael, call Uncle Everett!” the man ordered.

“Understood,” Gael replied.

When the call connected, a cold voice sounded from the other side, “Broderick, what happened?”

“Uncle Everett, Jonathan refused to surrender his military power. Also, he threatened to end the
Osborne family.”

“I got it.”

Noises sounded from the other side, and the call ended.

After dumping his phone aside, a vicious glint flashed across Broderick’s eyes as he looked in the
direction Jonathan left. He grumbled, “Jonathan, let’s see how long you can continue to act so


At the entrance of the resort, Tiger was still boiling with rage.

He exclaimed, “Mr. Goldstein, that rascal was too much! Are we just going to leave like this? I can’t
endure this!”

Xiara smilingly said, “What can you do if you can’t endure it? Weren’t you the one who was nearly killed
with just one move just now? What’s the point of making a fuss now that you’ve left? Aren’t you just
blabbering for the sake of it?”

Seeing the two of them bickering again, Jonathan coughed lightly.

“Xiara, did you leave something at his place just now?” Jonathan asked.

With widened eyes that were full of curiosity, Xiara replied, “How did you know?”

I did it so inconspicuously. Why does Jonathan seem like he knows everything? How did he manage to
see through my act?

“What did you leave there?”

“Oh, nothing much. Just some drug,” Xiara replied with a pout on her face.

Hayes was dumbfounded. He questioned, “You drugged him? How? Weren’t you sitting at the back the
whole time? You didn’t even touch him. How did you drug him?”

Xiara sneered, “I’m a professional. If I could only drug a person by touching them, my life would’ve
ended a long time ago.”

While saying that, Xiara removed the lollipop that she had been eating from her mouth.

Jonathan lowered his head and saw a crack on the plastic stick of the lollipop.

“The drug is in the plastic stick of this lollipop. When I want to drug someone, I just need to give it a
little press. The drug has no smell and no taste. It’s an essential travel item.”

Hayes was a bit stunned by how smug Xiara looked.

Puzzled, he asked, “If that’s the case, wouldn’t you be the first one who gets poisoned?”

“This lollipop is the cure. I won’t be poisoned while eating it.”

After saying that, a thought came to her mind. She handed the lollipop to Jonathan.

“Mr. Goldstein, you were poisoned too. Do you want to have a lick?”

While looking at Xiara’s pouty lips, he helplessly replied, “No need. Keep it for yourself.”

Actually, even Jonathan did not notice how Xiara poisoned Broderick.

He only noticed when his golden core lit up for a bit after sensing the poison entering his body. Then,
the spiritual energy in his body neutralized the poison.

That was how Jonathan found out Xiara had done something.

Xiara snorted lightly after being rejected by Jonathan. She put the lollipop back into her mouth.

“If you don’t want it, then fine! I’m not giving it to you!”

Hayes, on the other hand, breathlessly asked, “X-Xiara… what are the symptoms of a person being

“That person will feel breathless and weak. The dosage is small, but it’s enough to keep a person
defenseless for two to three hours.”

While explaining, her gaze fell on Jonathan’s face.

Sensing the murderous aura from Xiara, the corners of Jonathan’s mouth curved upward.

As expected, a killer never gives up on a target.

Meanwhile, Hayes was panting while supporting himself with a small tree. Oh no, am I going to be a
dead tiger soon…

“X-Xiara, I think… I-I won’t be able to hold on any longer. Hurry and let me lick that lollipop…”

“No,” Xiara snorted and strode away. While leaving, she cast an enigmatic glance at Jonathan.

Seeing Xiara leave, Jonathan turned his head to look at Hayes.

He asked, “Your troops have arrived at the bottom of the mountain, right?”

“They should be here now. Mr. Goldstein, please give us your order,” Hayes replied as he continued
panting heavily.

“Obliterate the whole mountain with your cannons!”

“Got it! We’ll get the job done!”

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