Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 493

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You Will Be Spared

It took only one day for the Intelligence Bureau of Hayes’ subordinates to determine the exact location
of the place shown in the photo. They identified it as the Grand Forest Resort.

The moment they received the location, Jonathan ordered Hayes to get his men to rush to Grand
Forest Mountain immediately. Jonathan, Hayes, and Xiara took the Audi because it was faster. They
arrived at the resort in less than four hours.

Just as Jonathan and his group got out of the car, the valet in the courtyard called out, “Guests here!
Hit the drum!”


Boom! Boom!

Three loud sounds of a gong rang out. One of them was slow, and the other two were quicker.

Not far away, a middle-aged man dressed in a long robe, wearing a small hat and sunglasses walked
out swiftly. He looked like a modern fortune teller.

“Welcome, welcome. Please excuse us for our lack of hospitality.”

Jonathan frowned as he looked at the fortune teller. He reached out for Xiara’s tablet.

“Are these photos taken here?”

The fortune teller met different kinds of people on a daily basis as he greeted people who came to the
resort. Some of them could be quite difficult to deal with.

However, it was the first time he met someone like Jonathan and Hayes.

Standing at one hundred and ninety centimeters tall and weighing over two hundred pounds, Hayes
gave off a vicious and imposing vibe.

Seeing such a situation, that fortune teller dared not say much. Instead, he took over the tablet and
looked through the photos.


After perusing the photos, the fortune teller looked up with hesitation.

“May I know who are you?”

“It seems like we have come to the right place.” Jonathan chuckled and continued, “That’s good then. I
want to meet the person who is in charge of this place.”

“Sure. Please hold on,” said the fortune teller as he nodded. After that, he turned around and walked

“I’m referring to the owner of this place,” Jonathan repeated himself. The fortune teller paused in his
tracks momentarily before he quickened his steps and went into the same hut.

“Mr. Goldstein, why are you wasting your time with them? If you ask me, none of the prestigious
families is as powerful as the weapons we have,” mumbled Hayes.

Before Jonathan could say anything, Xiara broke out in laughter.

“How do you become Tiger and the King of Lumonburg?”

“What do you mean by that?” asked Hayes coldly.

“I think you’re being silly,” said Xiara with a chuckle as she sat on the swing. “Although I don’t know
much about prominent families, I witnessed Philip’s way of handling things with my own eyes last night.

When he was imprisoned by the Osborne family for a year and a half, he was forced to learn martial
arts. That explains his achievement. Even if you choose to ignore Philip’s talents or the fact that regular
folks can engage in cultivation, how many martial artists do you think a family who has been around for
thousands of years can cultivate? I know Philip is already dead. But if your best soldier has gone
against him, I promise you that your best soldier would have died long before he can take his aim. I
have witnessed all of these with my own eyes. As for the higher-level martial artists, there’s no way I
can figure out the exact data using the usual logic.”

During the last line, Xiara found herself looking at Jonathan.

At the moment, Jonathan was shaking his head slightly.

“What Xiara says is correct, but she isn’t completely right. Most martial artists are strong. But when
faced with an assault from a large force, even I cannot make it out alive. The use of weapons is
common in the modern era, and that is a fact that even history cannot change. My biggest worry is
when all the prominent families join forces. Anyway, both of you won’t understand no matter how much
I share with you. All you need to know is that you are given the freedom to do as you like this time
around. Since we have decided to fight, we must fight without any fear or hesitation. We must let our
enemies know that they have to pay the price for offending me!”

“As you wish, Mr. Goldstein!”

Xiara hopped off the swing and grinned at Jonathan. She then saw Hayes sneering at her. “Stop acting
so coquettishly…”

Jonathan could not be bothered with their petty bickering. Instead, he focused his attention on that
small hut in front of him.

The fortune teller appeared again, albeit with a much calmer demeanor.

“Mr. Osborne has agreed to see all of you. Please come with me.”

The fortune teller led the way with Jonathan and the other two following behind. After around ten
minutes, they arrived at a mansion.

“We are here,” announced the fortune teller as he bowed.

Jonathan looked into the mansion and saw a man in his thirties feeding the fish in the pond. It was
Broderick Osborne.

The man did not even lift his head up. Instead, he asked, “So, you are Jonathan Goldstein?”

In that instant, it took everyone by surprise.

It was not because he had an imposing aura. On the contrary, it was his voice. It was too feminine for a

In fact, there was a hint of seduction in that feminine voice of his.

It reminded them of the pimp in the brothel in movies!


Hayes’ face had turned bright red. He failed to control himself and ended up laughing.

At the sight, the man smiled shyly.

“Tiger, are you laughing at me?”

“Obviously. Your voice… Pfft! Haha—”


Something flew through the air, and it caused a sense of alarm in Hayes’ mind.

By the time he wanted to react, it was already too late.

There was a flash, and it turned out to be Jonathan’s palm.

Hayes stared at the left hand that was blocking the front of his face.

There was a black ring in between Jonathan’s fingers.

If Jonathan had not caught it in time, the ring would have gone into Hayes’ skull.

“That’s a quick reaction,” commented the man with a sigh.

He then took out a handkerchief to dab his mouth as he sat on the stone bench.

“No wonder Philip died in your hands. You are not only good at fighting battles, but you are also a
skilled martial artist.”

With a nonchalant smile and a flip of his wrist, Jonathan sent the ring flying back to its owner.

Broderick raised his right hand slightly, and the black ring went onto his ring finger perfectly.

However, the strength of the flying ring had exceeded his expectations.

Although the ring sat on his finger nicely, his hand shook ever so slightly. Obviously, the impact was
powerful enough to hurt him.

Broderick uttered unnaturally, “Looks like I have underestimated you.”

As for Jonathan, he pushed the door open before walking into the courtyard without any invitation.

“Let’s not waste each other’s time. I want to know what exactly is the Osborne family up to?”

“It’s simple.”

The man looked at Jonathan and smiled.

“Hand over your military powers, and the Osborne family will make sure that you will be spared.”

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