Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 491

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Cannot Stand The Sight Of Him

What should a Superior Realm do when he encountered a Grandmaster Realm? He could probably
save some dignity if he did not fight back and die in peace.

That was a harmless little joke in the martial arts world. But the joke did hint at the big gap between the
powers of Superior Realm and Grandmaster Realm.

As the name implied, Superior Realm carried the meaning that those in that realm were in a superior
position as compared to other ordinary people.

When martial artists reached that realm, their various physical indicators could no longer be measured
like ordinary people.

Although he was not capable of soaring to the sky and diving into the earth, his strength, speed, and
reaction had been greatly improved.

Some of the Superior Realm cultivators could even use their spiritual energy to control things.

Philip was one of them. He could use the spiritual energy in his body to turn into invisible ropes to
control two flying needles to hurt his enemy. However, that was basically the limit of the Superior

On the other hand, the most iconic manifestation of the Grandmaster Realm was that the martial artist
could control the spiritual energy in a small area to form a small force field for himself.

Because these spiritual powers came from the master artists themselves.

When the spiritual power was released, it was equivalent to the extension of the martial artist’s body.

Every move in the force field could be perceived by the martial artist with the fluctuations of his spiritual
energy, without even looking at it.

That was similar to Jonathan’s spiritual sense, but the small force field of the Grandmaster Realm was
subject to many restrictions. For instance, if there were tyrannical martial artists fighting against the
force field, or directly depriving the spiritual energy in the force field, then the force field would become

At that moment, Sullivan had treated Jonathan as a Grandmaster Realm martial artist based on the
feeling of being restrained just now.

“Jonathan… Oh no! Asura! I’m just a messenger. Please forgive me—”


Jonathan landed a hard kick on Sullivan’s belly.

Sullivan’s elixir field was broken, and his spiritual energy was rapidly lost.

At the same time, his face turned pale.

The martial arts that he had been cultivating for twenty years vanished within seconds. Sullivan was
instantly turned into a useless prick.

Over the years, Sullivan was being controlled by the Osborne family. He knew very well how the
Osborne family dealt with those who were useless.

Even if he did not die, his remaining life would be extremely miserable.

“Tell the Osborne family, if they dare to bother me again, I will definitely kill them all no matter where
they hide!”

“I understand… I will definitely pass the message to them.”

Sullivan supported his body to stand up and walked toward the helicopter without looking back.

Just then, outside the garden, a uniform running sound was heard. Sullivan had just arrived at the
helicopter, and a dozen red dots appeared on the door.

That was the infrared aiming light!

The gate of the garden was knocked open from the outside, and Hayes, wearing a combat uniform,
rushed into the garden with the Lumonburg army.

“Mr. Goldstein, it’s eleven-fifty. I caught him.”

Following Hayes’s words, the two sergeants behind him came up with a young man with shackles on
his hands and feet.

“Get on your knees!” Hayes kicked Finley on his calf and knocked him down.

Seeing Finley lying on the ground, Jonathan frowned slightly. “Tiger, isn’t this the servant of the Yaeger

Hayes knelt down on one knee and said with his head lowered, “Mr. Goldstein, it’s my mistake!”

“Why do you want to kill me?” asked Jonathan, staring at Finley.

Although the issue about the Gomez family was a little troublesome too, it was still reasonable in his
understanding. But Jonathan was completely baffled by Finley.

“I just want to kill you. There’s no reason. I don’t care if you want to kill me or what. It’s up to you!”

Finley was lying on the ground with an indifferent expression. He was fearless even in the face of

“Jonathan, this kid has the will to die. He’s not going to tell the truth if you interrogate him like this.”

Xiara, who was on the side, stepped forward and squatted next to Finley. “Why don’t you hand him
over to me? Assassins like us are very good at extorting confessions by torture.”


Hearing that, Hayes immediately got up and stood opposite Jonathan.

Several guards behind Hayes also had their guns pointed at Xiara’s head.

“We’re on the same side! I work with Jonathan.” Looking at such a scene, Xiara immediately raised her

Hayes glanced at Jonathan with a rather confused expression.

He had followed Jonathan to fight in so many wars. But he had never heard that Jonathan liked little
girls like Xiara.

Jonathan felt speechless when he saw Hayes’ strange gaze. “She is one of us, a new recruit.”

“I get it.”

Hayes chuckled and nodded. He immediately instructed his guards to put down their guns.

Jonathan did not bother to explain so much to him. He just squatted down and put his hand on Finley’s

The spiritual energy surged wildly in his right arm.

The next moment, a transparent ripple visible to the naked eye swayed from Finley’s head.

That was a trick he comprehended from the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique.

He let his spiritual energy enter and explode in the enemy’s head. That could directly dissipate the
enemy’s consciousness.

It felt like the dazed state that one experienced when he was being knocked over by a close-range
explosion on the battlefield.

At that moment, Finley’s eyes had lost focus.

“Name?” Jonathan asked.

“Finley Xenos.”


“Twenty seven.”

Jonathan tested him with a few random questions. Then, he began his interrogation. “Why do you want
to kill Jonathan?”

“Because Ms. Juliette wants him dead. I’m willing to do anything for Ms. Juliette—”

Before Finley could finish his sentence, Jonathan applied more force to his hand, and Finley
immediately lost consciousness. He fell into a vegetative state.

Jonathan raised his head to look at Hayes and sighed. “I told you before that if she tries to do it again, I
will not let her go!”

“Mr. Goldstein!”

Hayes knelt on the ground with a thud. “Mr. Goldstein, she’s my only sister…”

Jonathan said lightly, “I’ve given her a chance! Now I’m giving you a chance too. Kill Juliette, or hand
over the military power and spend the rest of your life in Northern Crimson Prison with Juliette. You

“I’m going to Northern Crimson Prison!” Without any hesitation, Hayes answered directly with a kowtow.

Jonathan looked at Hayes who was thankful and grateful.

Unfortunately, Jonathan had to take away his military power even if Hayes was loyal to him.

Juliette tried to kill Jonathan twice. Although Jonathan believed that Hayes did not know about that,
there was no way to let Hayes control the military power anymore.

Even if Hades were the one who dealt with this matter, Hayes would be shot to death too. There was
absolutely no room for negotiation.

Turning to look at Sullivan surrounded by soldiers, Jonathan waved his hand slightly. “Let him go.”

Surrounded by hundreds of soldiers with guns in their hands, Sullivan dared not move at all. Upon
hearing that Jonathan wanted to let him go, he quickly thanked Jonathan, hopped into the helicopter,
and closed the hatch.

As the helicopter took off, Xiara started to whisper, “Thirty meters…”

“One hundred meters…”

“Two hundred meters away now. It’s probably not possible to blow it up…”


All of a sudden, the helicopter turned into a huge fireball in the sky and dropped down.

Jonathan frowned and looked at Xiara. He suddenly realized Xiara’s watch was gone.

Xiara looked at Jonathan while scratching her head and smirking playfully.

“I’m sorry. I couldn’t hold it. I just can’t stand the sight of him.”

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