Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 490

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The Osborne Family

Even Jonathan, who was known for his composure after years of ups and downs, was taken aback by
Xiara’s theory.

He thought about Xiara’s words carefully and found that she had a point.

When the Gomez family hunted Jonathan with a bounty on his head, they were still responsible for that
decision although they acted by force of circumstances.

Moreover, all three generations of the Gomez family were serious about ending his life when he arrived
at Lumonburg.

Just as he accepted the fact, the whirring sounds of a helicopter rotor tore through the sky from afar.

Jonathan looked up. The spotlight was turned on, and a blinding ray of light was searching for a while
before targeting Jonathan and Xiara.

“Aiming at me? The person must have a death wish!”

Xiara smirked while her right hand was ready for the next step on her left wristwatch.

Sensing her move, Jonathan lowered his head and watched her left wrist.

For a split second, Xiara’s wristwatch had been totally removed, and four delicate blades popped out
from the four corners of the dial.

“A drone?” asked Jonathan.

“In a way,” answered Xiara, nodding her head. “It’s a bomb inside the drone. I’m going to blow it to

While Xiara was talking, she was also controlling the drone. Before the drone could ascend into the
sky, Jonathan immediately patted her shoulders to stop her.

“He is looking for me. Just step aside and watch me,” said Jonathan.

Jonathan was confident about it because he could feel pressure being targeted at him as soon as the
helicopter appeared on top of him.

There must be a cultivator in the helicopter, and his power was definitely stronger than that of Philip.

Eventually, the helicopter landed on the grass in the garden.

The door opened, and a middle-aged man in the suit alighted from the helicopter.

The man was Sullivan. He adjusted his tie and gradually approached Jonathan and Xiara.

“Jonathan Goldstein? I thought Asura should look stronger or more powerful, but you don’t seem that
great at all,” mocked Sullivan.

“Asura?” Upon hearing that, Xiara stared wide-eye at Jonathan by her side.

Though there was news about Jonathan on Dark Web, no one mentioned Jonathan’s identity as Asura
of Chanaea.

It was not Xiara’s fault that she was unaware of his identity. Even Punisher, who was arrested by
Jonathan three years ago, only knew that Asura was his assassination target. Punisher only found out
that Asura was the alter ego of Jonathan after the former was caught.

Ultimately, Asura’s identity was one of the top secrets in Chanaea.

If that secret was exposed, Jonathan would face the threats of decapitation from all around the world.

It was actually not a big deal for Jonathan. However, it could be quite troublesome to settle.

“Wait! You are Asura? The one who cleared the mess caused by military factions in Chanaea in one fell
swoop? Asura, you are my idol!”

“Huh? What’s that for?” mused Jonathan.

Xiara was not a Chanaean, but she really admired Asura.

Ten years ago, military factions began to rise up from different places in Chanaea. Like Lachlan who
usurped the military force in Lumonburg, different military factions marked their respective territories as

Hayes was one of them who established his own territory with his army.

Nevertheless, there were more and stronger military factions than Lachlan and Hayes at that time.
Based on the situation in Chanaea back then, sooner or later, the nation would end up in battles
between different military factions without external forces.

When it seemed impossible to turn the tide, a man appeared out of nowhere.

He led his subordinates to wind up the huge military system that consisted of twenty or so factions.
Then, he set up Asura’s Office.

After that, he assigned Eight Kings of War to guard each territory to prevent Chanaea from breaking

As always, women fell for heroes. Additionally, Asura was the hero who resolved the nation’s conflict.
Thus, it was only reasonable for women to fall for him.

“Jonathan, you’re my idol!” Xiara giggled sheepishly and grabbed Jonathan’s arm all of a sudden.

That caught Jonathan completely off guard.

After all, she was still holding the bomb. If it accidentally exploded, he might really die regardless of his
status as Asura.

“Just say what you want to say, and keep your hands to yourself. I’m married,” Jonathan stated with an
unnatural expression while pushing Xiara away.

Meanwhile, Sullivan was grimacing at the side as he was ignored by Jonathan and Xiara.

“Jonathan, I’m not here for entertainment. The Osborne family has my back!”

“The Osborne family?” Jonathan turned around and stared at Sullivan.

“I know nothing about those secluded respectable families, but at the very least, the head of the
Osborne family should make it here if he wishes to speak to me.”

“Who the heck do you think you are?” sneered Sullivan.

“People called you ‘Asura’, and now you think you are somebody? The fact that the Osborne family can
take over the Gomez family in Lumonburg shows how powerful they are to own a thousand more
families. Your power and soldiers are nothing to them. Even your military seal, the Osborne family can
easily take it back.”

“Are you sure?” Jonathan smiled faintly and stared at Sullivan. “Well, I don’t mind giving it a try. I
wonder if Eight Kings of War recognizes me by the military seal or as a person.”

Jonathan was putting it lightly, but he had secretly stirred his pure spiritual energy within his body and
exerted it on Sullivan.

“Oh! I’d like to know who are you to the Osborne family to raise your voice at me!” said Jonathan.

Since spiritual energy was invisible, Sullivan, who acted all arrogant while talking down to Jonathan,
began to sweat after Jonathan spoke to him. Sullivan’s forehead was slowly gleaming with sweat, and
he instinctively wanted to loosen his tie.

The moment Sullivan’s eyes met Jonathan’s scornful gaze, Sullivan halted what he was about to do.

“I am the person in charge of the Osborne family’s property in Lumonburg. Today, I come as a
messenger on behalf of the Osborne family. The Osborne family can accept you if you pledge your
loyalty to them. If you don’t, you’ll die!” stated Sullivan.


A crisp, loud sound split the air.

Sullivan was sent flying more than ten meters away before hitting the gazebo pillar.


Sullivan was a martial artist from Superior Realm. If that smack fell on an ordinary man, he would
surely be dead by now.

Sullivan took the hit head-on and managed to stand up by the pillar.

Even so, half of his teeth broke, and his cheek terribly swelled up.

“A martial artist is really something. That’s a pretty thick skin you have!” Jonathan jeered as he walked
toward Sullivan.

When Sullivan saw Jonathan approaching him, he jerked back and fell on the grass, rolling and
struggling to beg Jonathan.

“I’ve nothing to do with this! I’m just a servant of the Osborne family who comes to relay a message…”
Sullivan yelled in fear.

As a martial artist who had achieved the cultivation level in Superior Realm, it was a piece of cake for
Sullivan to defeat several dozens of ordinary people.

Despite sensing the pressure from Jonathan and knowing that Jonathan was going to attack him, he
could not even lift his hand to defend himself.

That feeling was like the surrounding air had solidified and entrapped Sullivan.

Jonathan must be a Grandmaster Realm elite! Sullivan was surprised.

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