Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 489

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Does It Make Any Difference

Jonathan released his grip on Philip’s collar. Philip grabbed Jonathan’s arm and tried to stand up.
However, the former lost his strength and slowly knelt on the ground.

“Dad!” Seeing that his father had fallen, Zane couldn’t care about his hand injuries anymore and rushed
toward Jonathan like a maniac.

“You’ll pay for this, Jonathan!” Even though Zane did not have the talent for cultivation, he grew up with
Philip and learned some skills from him.

However, it was just some kickboxing skills. Though it was enough to handle two or three ordinary
people, he was no match for a top fighter like Jonathan.

Zane rushed toward Jonathan, and just when he was about to raise his hand, Jonathan struck Zane’s
shoulder blade, sending him flying backward.

“Zane…” Philip shouted weakly.

Meanwhile, Zane landed on the ground and let out an agonizing shriek. However, he pushed himself up
and struggled to get back on his feet.

“The Gomez family has used more than forty years to get to where we are today. I can’t let you all ruin
our family! How dare you hurt my dad? I’ll make you pay for it!”

Zane stumbled and rushed toward Jonathan again as he wailed.

Because of the injuries on his shoulder blade, he couldn’t use any skills and just lowered his head and
ran toward Jonathan like a bull.

Jonathan’s heart clenched when he witnessed the scene in front of him.

As Philip said, many families had billions worth of assets, significant influence, and appeared

However, they were nothing but a toy to the prominent families.

Just like the situation now, the respectable family used the Gomez family to destroy Jonathan.
Consequently, the Gomez family was on the verge of being destroyed before Jonathan even met the
respectable family.

He slowly stretched out his right hand as he looked at the furious Zane, who was yelling in resentment.

Jonathan felt sorry for the Gomez family, but there was no way that he could let them off.

The only thing he could do now was to give them a quick death.

However, when Zane rushed in front of Jonathan and was about to launch an attack, Philip jumped up
and threw himself toward Zane.


“Dad, let go of me! I’ll make him pay the price…” Zane struggled to escape Philip’s grip, then
continued, “He murdered Quinton! Now, you’re also… I can do nothing! Please let go of me… Dad…”

“Zane… Ahem!”

A gush of dark-colored blood escaped from Philip’s mouth as he spoke.

As the blood gushed out from his mouth, he loosened his grip, and his body slipped to the ground.

“Dad! Don’t scare me! It’s just two needles! You’ll be okay… I’m sure you’ll be okay…”

Zane held Philip and wiped off the blood on the corner of the latter’s lips with his trembling hand.

“Zane…” Philip grabbed Zane’s hand. “There’s poison on the needles… I can’t live for long…” he said

He leaned on Zane’s arms and turned to look at Jonathan.

“Mr. Goldstein… This is the end of the Gomez family… Can I ask you for one last thing? Zane is not a
martial artist… So please don’t kill him… Please let him carry me next to my grandson… By then, he
will take his own life…” Philip pleaded.

“Dad, please stop…”

Zane held Philip tightly in his arms, with tears streaming down his face uncontrollably.

Witnessing the scene in front of him, Jonathan nodded in agreement.

“The Gomez family is reputable and should have their last dignity. Go ahead…”

“Ahem!” Philip coughed lightly, and a smile bloomed on his face. “Thank you, Mr. Goldstein… This is a
gift for you to express my gratitude…”

As he was talking, he stretched out his arm and took out a pocket watch from his pocket.

“It contains the information about the Osborne family… It’s just some peripheral information… But, it’s
the only information that I could find…”

Jonathan bent down and took the pocket watch. In just a second, he was able to identify that there was
a storage chip implanted in the core of the pocket watch.

“Why did you help me?” Jonathan asked while looking at Philip, who was on his last breath.

“You should know that it doesn’t matter if you give me anything. I’m still not going to spare Zane’s life,”
Jonathan added.

“It’s not because of Zane…”

With the support of Zane, Philip stood up with much effort and turned to walk toward the mourning hall.

“The Osborne family… is not a family that a small family like us can mess with… I-I just wanted to
make the money and let my family live a good life. I didn’t know it would cost their lives. It’s none of the
Gomez family’s business, but we were destroyed because of you all… I might as well give you their
information, and you two can go against each other… Regardless of wh-who the winner is, we’re able
to get half of our revenge. But Mr. Goldstein, I hope you can destroy the Osborne family… th-these
prominent families treated us like animals… I’ve gone through a lot in Lumonburg. I’m tired, and it’s
time for me to rest…”

With the end of his last sentence, Philip collapsed to the ground and breathed his last breath.


Zane held his father’s body in his arms as he wailed loudly.

Meanwhile, Xiara stood beside Jonathan and giggled.

“Jonathan, are you feeling sorry for them?”

She witnessed everything that had happened just now. At that moment, her attention was entirely
focused on the pocket watch in Jonathan’s hand.

Xiara had seen a lot when she traveled the world for assassination missions.

However, all the rich and noble families in other countries except Chanaea tended to keep a high

For example, the reputable Rothschild family and the Rockefeller family.

All of the members of the families were well-known.

Nonetheless, the identity of the respectable families in Chanaea was kept a secret.

The top information about respectable families would be worth a fortune.

Looking at the greedy look on Xiara’s face, Jonathan chuckled lightly.

“The Gomez family has become the sacrificial lamb. Shouldn’t I feel sorry for them?”


Xiara was stunned when she heard Jonathan’s question.

“I don’t know what that feeling is. I’ve assassinated eighty-six people on the wanted list ever since I got
into the business. In order to assassinate them, I’ve murdered more than five hundred bodyguards and
innocent people. The employer who placed the bounty, a professional assassin like me, the wanted
person, and the guards who protected the wanted person were all someone who would sacrifice their
lives for money.

It’s all our choice. Why should I feel sorry for them? Let me put it this way, if you’re the one who was
dead today, will they feel sorry for you? Or does feeling sorry for someone make any difference at all?”

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