Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 488

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Maneuvering Needles With Energy

Jonathan furrowed his brows, recalling the information he had collected about the respectable family.
“Are you saying the respectable family is behind the Gomez family’s bounty on my head?”

“That’s right.” Philip could not help but heave a sigh as he recalled.

“Six years ago, Lachlan had occupied Lumonburg and claimed himself the king. Then, the properties of
the Gomez family were deeply affected.

That year, I gave up Lumonburg and brought my family back to our hometown. However, when we
were back in our hometown residence, an elder was staying in our place.

How could we stand our residence being occupied by someone else? So, we had a conflict with them.
However, a child who worked with the elder had beat everyone up in the Gomez family.”

He paused momentarily, then continued, “Just as they were going to take our lives, the elder stopped
them and told us that Quinton and I have the talent for cultivation and forced us into serving them.

Then, Quinton and I started cultivating for about a year and a half. Only after Hayes had resolved the
chaos in Lumonburg were we able to return to Lumonburg and work for them.”

Even though Philip briefly explained what had happened, it filled up Hayes’ missing information and
completed the timeline of the disappearance of the Gomez family like fitting a missing puzzle piece.

It was then that Jonathan finally understood what Quinton said about him being locked up in the
basement to cultivate.

“Even though I don’t have much knowledge about respectable families. I’ve heard the saying that one
must obey the respectable family,” Jonathan said.

He then looked at Philip and continued, “Technically, what you said did not expose any information
about the respectable family. But, if they blame you for this, the Gomez family will be destroyed.”

Philip chuckled as he heard Jonathan’s words, “If I don’t tell you about this now, I might not have the
chance anymore.

Mr. Goldstein, since you’re able to track us down on the Dark Web, the possibility of us surviving is
slim. Even though the Gomez family will be destroyed, I want to let you know who is the mastermind
behind this.”

Despite the rapid growth of the Gomez family, they were the only ones who knew about the pain they’d
endured to achieve success.

Just like what Jonathan said, both families had no beef against each other. The Gomez family wouldn’t
have gone against Jonathan if they hadn’t been forced to do so.

“So… you’re telling me about this, so I’ll spare the Gomez family?” Jonathan smiled and asked.

“Then will you spare the Gomez family?”


“I’ve guessed so.” Philip rolled his sleeves up, then continued, “Great, I won’t give up on getting
revenge for Quinton either. It looks like only one of us will make it out alive today.”

“You’re right. We chatted for long enough. It’s time to get down to the business.”

As Jonathan was saying that, he turned to leave the gazebo and stood on the grass.

While Philip followed behind him and stood opposite Jonathan with a smile.

“I’ve always imagined that I will be able to leave the game one day. What a shame.”

With that, Philip raised his hands in front of his chest and chuckled.

“Mr. Goldstein, this is the Fatal Palm. It’s an unpredictable technique that can aim at your weakness.
Be careful.”

With that, Philip rushed toward Jonathan’s chest like a shadow at an unbelievable speed.

“He’s so fast!”

Xiara stood up, and her eyes widened in shock.

At Xiara’s first sight of meeting Philip, she knew he was not just an ordinary person. However, she did
not expect that he would have such incredible power.

When Xiara was immersed in her thoughts, Jonathan and Philip were in an intense fight against each


A shock wave exploded, and Jonathan grabbed Philip’s wrist tightly with his right hand.

“You’re much stronger than your grandson. But there’s no way you could defeat me with your skill,”
Jonathan said calmly.

“Break!” Philip roared icily.

A terrifying gust of wind gathered on his fist and slammed toward Jonathan’s chest.

A ray of golden glow flashed through, and the golden core in Jonathan’s elixir field was gleaming. The
spiritual energy that rushed toward him had been instantly extracted and refined.

Philip was thrown back as he tried to block Jonathan’s attack by raising his knee.

Just as both of them separated, a gunshot could be heard.

Jonathan turned around and saw Xiara putting away her pocket pistol.

While at the entrance of the living room, Zane’s right-hand index finger was nowhere to be found as
blood was gushing out from his wound. A black pistol could be seen beside him on the ground.

“How dare you try to snatch my bounty?”

Xiara giggled and returned her gaze to Jonathan and Philip.

“Go on. I’ll make sure that no one disturbs the battle.”

Jonathan was speechless when he saw Xiara seemingly enjoying the show. He thought it might be a
bad idea that he did not take her life.

“Zane, stay out of this.”

“Yes, Father.” Zane gritted his teeth and replied while he applied pressure on the wound on his finger.

Jonathan turned to look at Philip and found that the latter was already panting.

Jonathan could tell it was a sign that Philip was running out of stamina. Even though the latter looked
solid and energetic as he had been cultivating, he was up in years and could no longer engage in an
intense fight like that.

Especially the punch Philip unleashed just now consumed the spiritual energy in his body. If Jonathan
wanted him dead, Philip would be no match for him.

“Philip, tell me your cultivation method and the identity of the respectable family! I’ll give you a quick

The Gomez family wanted to murder him and Josephine.

There was no way that he would let them off. No matter what their difficulties were, it was none of
Jonathan’s business.

But at the same time, Jonathan felt sympathetic for the Gomez family.

He believed that Philip’s operational ability would make the Gomez family the most powerful family in
Chanaea in less than ten years. In fact, if Zane and Quinton were capable enough, the Gomez family
could even become a wealthy family after a few decades.

However, they had angered Jonathan.

Philip shook his head and smiled when he heard Jonathan’s words.

“Mr. Goldstein, since the beginning of our match, I knew that I’m no match for you. However, it’s
impossible for me to do nothing and wait to be murdered.”

As Philip was saying that, he flipped and tossed his hands. Two needles flew out of his hand and shot
toward Jonathan’s chest.

“Then die!”

Jonathan bounced lightly with his feet and dodged the two needles. At the next moment, he landed
beside Philip.


A punch dashed toward Philip’s abdomen.

With just a punch, his elixir field was crushed.

Jonathan grabbed Philip’s collar and dragged the latter to his back.

The two iron needles flying back then pierced into Philip’s chest.

Philip had cultivated the technique of maneuvering needles with his energy for three years.

However, he did not expect to murder himself the first time he used the technique.

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