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Chapter 484

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Xiara froze when she heard Jonathan’s words. When the ruffians dragged her into the alley before that,
it was to lure Jonathan in so that he could be killed.

However, Xiara immediately knew her plan had backfired when she saw Jonathan walking away
without turning back. From her outfit to her facial expressions, Xiara kept trying to figure out what she
had done wrong. After all, as an assassin, it was extremely dangerous to have her identity exposed
before she could assassinate someone.

That was why she followed Jonathan for that long. She wanted Jonathan to reveal her mistakes so that
she could reflect on them.

However, she didn’t expect Jonathan to say her name out loud.

After all, assassins were meant to live in the dark their whole lives.

As predators, they would find their targets from all around the world and get rewarded by carrying out

It was because of this that assassins were bound to have a lot of enemies.

Quite a lot of the parties who had been targeted would then pay a third party to kill the assassins in

Hence, assassins had to be constantly looking over their shoulders because not only could they be
killed when they were hunting, but they could also become prey themselves.

That was why it was said that once a professional assassin got exposed, they were as good as dead.

The moment Jonathan called her out, Xiara slipped a pistol from her sleeve down into her hand.

“If I were you, I wouldn’t put too much hope in that pistol of yours,” Jonathan uttered coldly. “Besides, I
promise you that the moment you point that thing at me, you’ll die before me. If you don’t believe me,
try it.”

The smile on Xiara’s face froze. How? My pistol was under my sleeve this whole time. It’s like Jonathan
can predict my moves! This ability of his reminds me of the top assassin on Heaven List, GOD! That
guy could predict all the moves his counterpart made!

Xiara could only stare at Jonathan in puzzlement.

“I don’t get it. Three years ago, Punisher, ranked third on Heaven List, came to kill me. I sent him to
prison, and he had only gotten out a few days ago. Also, a few days ago, Scorpio, ranked tenth on
Heaven List, had also tried and failed. Now, I shouldn’t be on the bounty list anymore, right? Why would
you risk your life to assassinate me? Are you sick of living?”

Right then, they arrived at a long bench by the side of the road. Xiara whipped out her pistol and put it
on the bench. With a sigh, she sat down. “Well, I’m sure it’s better to live than to die. Why would
anyone be sick of living?”

Xiara curled up on the bench, hugged her legs, and leaned her head on her knees. “Although I don’t
know Punisher and Scorpio personally, I think it’s rather easy to know their personalities by looking at
their assassinations. Punisher never shied away from creating a loud bang with his assassinations.
There was once, he blew up a fifty-two-story tall building just to kill a member of a prominent banking
family. Obviously, it was a crazy act in the eyes of the public. At the same time, it was quite talked
about among the assassins as well. That guy was a brute, and he would often act on his emotions
instead of knowledge. I wasn’t surprised when you caught him. Prior to this, I even thought you’ve killed
him. As for Scorpio, he was a coward. He would only kill his targets with a sniper from afar, and he

never dared to fight someone face-to-face. Frankly, I’m ashamed because I’m on Heaven List with

Upon hearing Xiara making comments about her two counterparts, Jonathan couldn’t help but chuckle.

Back when he had a bounty on his head, he would bump into an assassin every few days. Hence, he
had some understanding of the profession. Some people might think that assassins are all in suits and
sunglasses, and they’re all cold-blooded and ruthless killers. These characteristics are often shown in
movies. In reality, assassins are all top-class actors and actresses. They could disguise themselves as
students, white-collar workers, beggars, and even poor sods who are getting beaten up. However, once
they’re presented with their targets, they’ll act swiftly and kill. Although I’ve met plenty of them before,
I’ve never ended up having a conversation with one.

While listening to Xiara grumbling, Jonathan turned to look at that adorable face of hers. “One of them
is a brute, while the other one is a coward. What about you? What are you?”

Xiara smiled smugly and answered, “The wise one. If you had entered the alley, you would’ve died.”

“How so? Have you set up some booby-traps in there?” Jonathan smiled.

“Of course.” Xiara’s face was red with excitement as she added, “I buried three grenades in there to
blow you to pieces.”

Jonathan nodded slightly. “All right. I’m sorry to have wasted your effort and time. Since you didn’t
attack me, it’s only fair that I let you live. I have other things to attend to. Stop following me, okay?”

With that, Jonathan turned around to leave.

Xiara jumped and landed in front of Jonathan. “Where are you going, Jonathan? Could you bring me?”

“Why would I do that?”

“So that I can look for an opportunity to kill you,” Xiara answered matter-of-factly. “The reward for killing
you had just gone up to five hundred million. For that price, I would willingly risk my life.”

Five hundred million? Jonathan frowned. Before this, the bounty was set at one hundred million.
However, Scorpio failed, and the bounty was taken off. How did it suddenly go up to five hundred
million? No wonder Xiara was willing to try to kill me, even though she knew she was no match for me.
Who wouldn’t risk their lives for that price?

“Well, you have the freedom to go wherever you want. However, if you try to attack me, I’ll have to kill
you!” Jonathan uttered.

Jonathan was walking down the street under the moonlight, and Xiara just kept following him from

Meanwhile, Philip and Zane were standing outside the infirmary in the Gomez residence.

At that moment, a group of specialists from all the top hospitals in Lumonburg was standing before

An old professor said to Philip, “Mr. Gomez, we’ll try our best to treat Mr. Quinton. However, his injuries
are too severe. The bone in his right arm is shattered. Besides, the shattered bones had penetrated his
flesh. We can’t separate all the bones from his flesh…”

Philip’s expression turned grim. “Dr. Shaw, you’re the expert. Please do whatever you can to save my

Terry Shaw nodded slightly and said, “In order to avoid infections and blood loss, we need to amputate
your grandson’s right arm!”

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