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Chapter 485

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A Twist Of Events

“Amputation?” Zane shouted and immediately grabbed Terry’s arm. “I won’t agree with it! Quinton is
only nineteen! How could you amputate his arm? Give me the best solution possible. The Gomez
family is rich enough to pay for anything—”


Zane wanted to add more comments, but he was sent crashing onto the floor with a slap.

The person who slapped him was none other than the person next to him, Philip.

“Zane, do you even want Quinton to live?”

“But, Dad—”

“Shut up!” Philip roared and turned toward Terry. “Dr. Shaw, proceed with your suggestion. As long as
you can save his life, I’m willing to pay the price.”

With that, Terry brought his subordinates away and entered the infirmary.

After that, Zane got up from the floor and asked, “Dad, do you think we can pull it off?”

“Don’t worry.” Philip looked out the window and added, “Quinton mostly kept to himself. I doubt there
are many who have seen his true appearance. Besides, Arnold had already injured the face of the man
in there. Apart from the people who knew Quinton well, no one else could tell. Before I sent that man in,
I had already damaged his arteries. That imposter will live less than ten minutes on the operation table.
I didn’t get Arnold to send Quinton to the place we’ve set up. I don’t even know where they are heading
to. It’s safest if we don’t know his location.”

Upon hearing that, Zane was on the verge of crying. “Dad, we—”

“Wait.” Philip inhaled deeply and said, “I would like to see who would win. Will it be the Osborne family
or Jonathan?”

Philip then kept silent while staring at the garden outside the window. A few minutes later, everyone in
the infirmary burst into exclamations.

“Get the epinephrine injections!”

“Bring me the defibrillator!”

“Hemostatic forceps!”

Philip and Zane glanced at the entrance to the infirmary and breathed a sigh of relief. With the death
certificate, Quinton is now finally completely safe.

Meanwhile, all the workers on the highway of Lumonburg were removed because armed soldiers had
taken over the highway.

“Get out of the car! Open up your luggage and show your ID card!”

“Didn’t you hear me? Get out of the car!”

“Leave now! You’re blocking the road! Next! Show your ID card. This is an inspection!”

The scene was chaotic, with soldiers screaming and shouting everywhere. All the vehicles exiting the
city had to be inspected.

Besides the highway, the roads, airports, and bus stations were all guarded by soldiers.

Even the minor roads leading out of the city were guarded by soldiers with dogs.

After finding out that Finley was the one who attacked Jonathan, Hayes uploaded Finley’s message
into their database.

At that moment, all the soldiers and police officers in Lumonburg were after Finley.

Hayes himself was also on the highway, carrying out inspections. After sizing up the driver in front of
him, he shouted, “Go! Next!”

After gaining permission to leave, the driver smiled, took his ID card, and sped off.

“Commander, you should just let us do the hard work! Why don’t you rest in the car?” one of his
subordinates suggested.

“Bullsh*t!” Hayes fumed. “If you guys can’t manage to catch Finley tonight, you six division leaders are
going to get punished severely! F*ck you guys with your advanced technology! F*ck your infrared
scanners and trackers! You can’t even locate a person! You guys are f*cking useless!”

Hayes was getting very anxious because Jonathan had only given him till midnight to apprehend
Finley. However, it was almost nine, and they still couldn’t find Finley. Asura had been attacked in my
territory by my subordinate and the weapon I issued. If I don’t get this right, I won’t even mind losing the
title of the King of Lumonburg because I would be too ashamed to face Mr. Goldstein!

Based on the location of the attack, that highway was the fastest way Finley could escape from
Lumonburg. That was why Hayes had decided to guard that highway personally.

While Hayes was still thinking about the consequences of his failure at capturing Finley, an ambulance
slowly came to a halt in front of him.

A soldier standing next to Hayes pointed his gun at the driver and shouted, “Open your car door! This is
a compulsory inspection!”

Upon hearing that, the driver rolled down his window. The driver was an old man wearing a face mask
and a paramedic uniform. After whipping out his ID card, he said, “Commander, I have a patient in the
back. He’s heavily injured, so please be gentle.”

“Cut the crap!” Hayes snatched the ID card from the soldier’s hand.

“Norman Cooper? Since the patient is heavily injured, why isn’t he receiving treatment from the
hospitals in Lumonburg? What are you guys doing leaving the city on the highway this late at night?”
While talking, Hayes waved his right hand, and his subordinates ran toward the back of the ambulance
to open the door.

Right then, the driver handed a cigarette to Hayes and said, “Commander, how would I know? They
paid me to bring the patient, so I’m just doing what I’m told. However, I was told that the patient’s family
is too poor to pay for treatment. That’s why they’re bringing him back home to die peacefully.”

“If they’re so poor, why did they pay for an ambulance?” Hayes sneered.

“You’re very suspicious!” he exclaimed and went to the back of the ambulance.

When he leaned in to see the inside of the ambulance, he saw two medical practitioners with their face
masks off.

Meanwhile, there was a young man with an oxygen mask on the stretcher.

Hayes frowned and glanced at the young man’s right arm. Right away, he knew how serious the injury

Hayes ordered one of the medical practitioners, “Take his oxygen mask off! I want to take a look at his

“Commander, the patient had just stabilized moments ago. I can’t take it off—”

“I told you to remove the oxygen mask! Do it now!” Hayes yelled.

Upon hearing that, the soldiers next to Hayes immediately pointed their guns at both the medical
practitioners inside.

The medical practitioner was so scared that he stammered, “O-Okay…” He then hurriedly reached out
his hand toward the patient’s oxygen mask.

Right at that moment, a gunshot was heard from the left side of the ambulance.

Everyone at the scene turned toward the sound and saw a figure running and jumping over the barriers
at the side of the road.

“That’s Finley!” the wounded soldier shouted.

In an instant, Hayes jumped on top of a car nearby and rushed in the direction where Finley had

After that, a series of gunshots were heard at the scene.

Since there were other cars on the highway, all the civilians were watching as the event unfolded
before their eyes.

Seeing that Finley had shown himself, a military officer shouted at the civilians, “Leave! There’s nothing
to watch here! Leave, or you’ll be punished by law!” Just like that, the cars were chased away by the

The ambulance was one of the vehicles seen leaving the scene.

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