Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 481

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Jonathan was losing patience with Quinton. Even though Quinton was sharp in his attacks, his skills
were at most slightly better than ordinary human beings.

Besides, judging by his moves, he was clearly inexperienced. Or rather, although he did have
experience killing people, his victims were all normal people who were completely not his match. As
such, no matter how many people he had killed, it would not help in his cultivation.

Even though Quinton was extremely strong and agile, when faced with Hades, Zachary, or the others,
according to Jonathan’s estimation, the man’s chances of winning were just fifty percent.

The Eight Kings of War were also mortals made of flesh and blood, but they were experienced fighters
who had taken part in countless battles.

If a fight really occurred between Quinton and the Eight Kings of War, it was likely that both parties
would suffer injuries, but Jonathan was certain that Quinton would not come out of it alive.

In fact, Jonathan was completely uninterested in Quinton, whose abilities were just mediocre.

He looked at Quinton, who had a scowl on his face, and tightened his grip.


A loud and crisp sound was heard as Quinton’s wrist broke. At the same time, the dagger that he was
holding fell to the ground.

“We’re not done yet!” Quinton let out a low roar.

Disregarding his injured right hand, the next moment, the man propped himself with his left hand on the
ground, and in an inverted stance, he launched a kick toward Jonathan’s chin.


Quinton let out an agonizing shriek as he completely lost it.

He had chosen to sacrifice his right hand by executing his earlier move.

Even though he had managed to escape from Jonathan’s grip, his right hand was severed into several

He had gone completely insane, choosing to break his own arm in order to kill Jonathan.

“I’m not done yet! I can still fight! I’m definitely going to kill you today!” Quinton bellowed with his hands
dangling below his waist.

The exposed skin on his hands had already turned unnaturally purple.

Jonathan narrowed his eyes slightly, and the next moment, spiritual energy started radiating from his
body and spreading out, spanning a radius of more than thirty feet.

Jonathan could clearly feel that the surrounding spiritual energy was entering Quinton’s body at a rapid

At the same time, Quinton’s aura was also getting stronger.

“Hahaha… Indeed… The only way for me to achieve a breakthrough is by extreme killing. This energy
is so—”


Quinton was interrupted by Jonathan before he could finish his sentence.

As Jonathan uttered that word, the spiritual energy surrounding Quinton completely disappeared.

“Force field!” Quinton exclaimed before continuing, “You’re really a martial arts grandmaster!”

The man turned around and ran off after saying that.

Although he was crazy, he was not stupid.

Quinton was a martial artist who developed his skills through practice. Even though he had broken
through into the Superior Realm, he was well aware that he was definitely no match for a martial arts

A martial arts grandmaster who’s not even thirty!

The man could not help but wonder if his father knew about Jonathan’s true abilities.

He knew he had to tell his father and grandfather all about it. Otherwise, the entire Gomez family might
be eliminated.

“Stop right there. Did I give you permission to leave?” Jonathan’s placid voice sounded behind Quinton,
who was running away at top speed.

All color drained out of Quinton’s face when he heard that. He turned around and saw Jonathan
charging toward him at lightning speed.

In mid-air, Quinton wriggled his body with all his might, trying to escape the other man’s attack.

The next moment, a dagger, which was targeted at Quinton’s heart, was stabbed into his body, barely
missing his right ribcage.


Quinton lost his balance and slammed heavily against the ground. He tried to stand up, but a foot
landed on the back of his head, pinning him to the ground.

“I did give you a chance, but you did not cherish it,” Jonathan said unemotionally.

At that moment, Quinton was no longer able to retaliate.

“I’m not admitting defeat!” the man bellowed while struggling with his remaining energy.

“You don’t have to admit defeat, but you have to die…”

Just when Jonathan was about to strike, he had a strange feeling that caused him to jump sideways


The instant Jonathan jumped aside, the tree trunk that was originally behind him exploded into several

At the same time, the crisp sound of a gunshot could be heard echoing from the mountains in front.


It was a sniper!

Jonathan crouched down immediately and stayed close to the ground. His heart sank. Although
Quinton was running away, Jonathan did not even look up at him.

The Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique merely made use of cultivation techniques to strengthen the
practitioner’s overall strength, and practicing it would not allow one to become impenetrable.

Jonathan glanced at the shattered pieces of tree trunk behind him and did a mental calculation.

The enemy was using a large caliber sniper rifle, and Jonathan knew that he had to deal with the
situation carefully.

After composing himself, he closed his eyes and used his spiritual energy to process everything in his
surroundings that was within thirty feet from him.

The next second, the man dashed out suddenly.

After taking two steps forward, he stomped his feet on the ground and propelled himself forward.

Almost simultaneously, a boulder exploded behind him.


Gunshots rang out again.

It’s here again!

Just then, Jonathan felt the same strange feeling he had earlier on. Without hesitation, he changed his
course of direction.

A thunderous explosion sounded and blazing fire shot through the air as the ground blew up. It turned
out to be a napalm bomb!


Another gunshot rang out.

The sniper was equipped with napalm bombs, armor-piercing bullets, high explosives and had a rate of
fire of three. Judging by the sound of the gunshots and the speed of the bullets, Jonathan guessed that
the sniper was most likely positioned around four thousand feet away.

The sniper is at the mountaintop across from me!

It only took Jonathan a split second to put together all the information he had. After coming to that
realization, he jumped down into the forest on the slope of the mountain.

Camouflaged within the trees, Jonathan jumped almost a hundred feet at a time, dashing down toward
the foot of the mountain at lightning speed.

The sniper was as good as exposed with his location being known.

Since you have the guts to try and kill me, you must die!

Within two minutes, Jonathan was already standing at the spot where the sniper should have been
according to his estimations.

He turned to look at the mountaintop where he was earlier on and saw that the area had erupted in

“He has escaped. That’s fast!” Jonathan said to himself.

As his spiritual energy dispersed, the man turned to look at a field that was just a distance away.

When he got closer, he saw the sniper rifle that had been left on the ground. Through the scope of the
rifle, Jonathan could see that the gun was aimed exactly at his earlier location.

A frosty expression appeared on the man’s face when he saw the weapon.

It was an M03 sniper rifle. As it was a weapon that was used exclusively by the military, every rifle had
its unique identification number. There was no way an ordinary citizen would be in possession of one of
those guns.

As such, the sniper who tried to kill Jonathan had to be someone from the military.

Hayes’ troop was the only military troop that was stationed in Lumonburg.

Using his spiritual energy, Jonathan could sense that there was something underneath the rifle, and his
gaze turned cold.

If he had guessed it correctly, it should be an anti-personnel mine that was there.

Once armed, any pressure of at least two ounces could cause the mine to detonate.

It was obvious to Jonathan that his assassin was a ranger.

He took out his phone and rang Hayes at once.

“Hello, Mr. Goldstein!” Hayes greeted respectfully at the other end of the line. However, he was
interrupted by Jonathan before he could continue speaking.

“Tiger, a sniper had tried to kill me just now. He was using an M03 sniper rifle. You have until midnight
to find out his identity. You would no longer be the King of Lumonburg if you fail to do so!”

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