Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 480

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The Legendary Man


Jonathan’s mind raced as he looked at Quinton’s menacing and vicious gaze.

After acquiring the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique, Jonathan had been pondering whether there
were beings similar to him in the world.

People like Zachary and the others who attained the title of King of War were certainly powerful and
adept at fighting.

That being said, they were still undoubtedly mortals. Their training was merely to polish their external
strengths instead of cultivation.

Jonathan’s meeting with Quinton that day had finally verified his hypothesis.

However, Jonathan was unsure whether it was due to Quinton’s cultivation method or because he was
turning into a devil that the latter’s aura disappeared from time to time, giving him an unusually
malicious and bizarre vibe.

“Interesting. According to the reports from my investigation, you are supposed to be an outgoing and
cheery heir to an affluent family. Unexpectedly, the real you is a madman,” Jonathan uttered while
looking at the bloodstains on Quinton’s body.

At the same time, Quinton had already completely adopted his true personality.

Standing on the lane, Quinton yanked away his shirt, revealing numerous scars of various sizes on his

“I had to put on the pretense,” Quinton replied sinisterly while warming up his limbs.

“Ever since I was tested to have the qualification to cultivate, I was trapped in a secret underground
basement for a year and a half cultivating. F*ck! I wanted to become an artist, but they forced me to
cultivate. Those people would hang me up in midair whenever I stopped and beat me up. In a year and
a half, I entered the Precelestial Realm and rose to the Postcelestial Realm, all for the sake of killing
that b*stard! He was just a lowly servant. How dare he order me around?”

At that moment, Quinton appeared to have entirely lost his sanity. Half-arching his body, he seemed to
be muttering to himself but was simultaneously recounting his past to Jonathan.

Quinton was indeed too lonely.

He had never mentioned those experiences to others. To put it more precisely, no one could
understand the impact of the underground life he led in the one and a half years on him.

Right then, facing Jonathan, Quinton unleashed all his bottled-up feelings.

“Jonathan, since you do not hesitate to commit a murder, I suppose you understand the thrill of killing

Quinton stared at Jonathan in anticipation, desperately hoping the latter would give him an affirmative
response as he could sense Jonathan’s overwhelming power.

Jonathan’s strength imposed an indescribable pressure on Quinton.

Therefore, Quinton wished Jonathan could agree with him on that matter.

In that way, he could at least acquire a sliver of comfort after all his slaughters.

Still, under Quinton’s intent gaze, Jonathan slightly shook his head. “I do end others’ lives, but I do not
take the lives of innocent people. I only kill those who deserve to die. For example, I will have to
eliminate you if you try to kill me.”

“Me?” The corner of Quinton’s mouth curled into a disappointed smile. “So, you want to stop me from
killing others by killing me? I thought we were the same kind of people. I guess I was wrong. Do you
know that the b*stard trembled in fear and begged me for mercy when I wrapped my fist tightly around
his throat? He was even willing to give everything up just to stay alive. From that moment onward, I
understood that as long as I was sufficiently powerful, I could control everything. Jonathan, although I
do not know why Father desires to get rid of you, I now give you the opportunity to yield to me. If you
do so, I can allow you to survive.”

Quinton clenched his fists and regarded Jonathan expressionlessly, waiting for the latter’s answer.

Jonathan’s reply was rather straightforward. He merely smiled faintly and said, “I’ll give you a chance to
pick your options too. You can kneel and beg for mercy. If you do that, I can pardon you from facing

“Looks like there is no room for discussion.” Quinton chuckled. The next second, his body was in the
air, charging in Jonathan’s direction.

“Go to hell!” he bellowed, stiffening his right hand and jabbing directly at Jonathan’s neck.

He is too slow.

Focusing his spiritual energy on his eyes, Jonathan thought Quinton seemed to be moving extremely
slowly despite the latter’s agility.

Jonathan leaned his body forward a little, lifted his right leg, and attempted to boot Quinton in his lower

That was the elixir field as well as the foundation of one’s cultivation. Once a person’s elixir field was
injured, they would have to recuperate for several months to recover if it was a minor injury. A severe
impairment would lead to the utter loss of cultivation progress. That martial artist would no longer be
able to cultivate again in the future.

Even though Jonathan wanted to see Quinton’s cultivation method, he reckoned there was no reason
for him to do so if Quinton failed even to counter his few simple moves.


Following a grunt, Quinton flew backward with his hands shaking.

Just a split second ago, Quinton had shifted both his hands downward and blocked Jonathan’s right
kick at the most crucial moment.

“An expert… You are the kind of expert I have been looking for this whole time!” Quinton looked down
at his hands, which were convulsing in pain. A hysterical and ecstatic look spread across his face. “For
countless times, I wanted to fight my grandfather to test my abilities, but I was genuinely afraid of
accidentally killing him!”

After finishing that sentence, Quinton plunged his left hand into the ground, his fingers parting the
hardened soil like a sharp knife cleaving a piece of tofu.

“It must feel fantastic killing you!” Quinton muttered to himself in an undertone. He raised his left hand,
pelting a fistful of soil at Jonathan’s face. Then, he stayed low and close to the floor like a leopard
hunting its prey, dashing forward while targeting Jonathan’s lower body.

That was a bona fide battle.

Quality of skills and mastery of techniques were non-existent.

The only thing that mattered was their life and death.

Jonathan closed his eyes at the sight of the incoming soil. Upon seeing that, Quinton swiftly withdrew a
sharp blade using his right hand, which had been positioned behind his back all along and swung it at
the area between Jonathan’s legs.


With a crisp sound, Jonathan grasped Quinton’s right hand.

“Impossible!” Quinton thundered with his eyes widened.

Not even a second had passed from when Quinton tossed the soil at Jonathan until the former
revealed his ultimate strike.

Besides, Quinton distinctly saw Jonathan shutting his eyes. As such, he could not fathom how
Jonathan could accurately fend off his attack without the aid of vision.

Don’t tell me he has attained the Superior Realm like my grandfather?

As that thought surfaced, the idea began growing wildly in his mind.

Jonathan is still so young. How could he possibly have achieved the Superior Realm already?

However, unbeknownst to Quinton, Jonathan’s senses had sharpened to the microscopic level since he
reached Enlightenment.

If Jonathan concentrated hard enough, he could even easily sense the drip of a water droplet or the
sway of a leaf around him, let alone the movement of Quinton’s fists.

Although activating and keeping up that ability was very mentally exhausting, it could truly render the
user all-knowing.

After all, vision could only allow one to see ahead, while this form of microscopic sensing ability had no
blind spots.

“Nothing is impossible.” Jonathan gradually opened his eyes and uttered, “If that’s the extent of your
capabilities, then you may die now.”

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