Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 479

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The Legendary Man


West Moon was one of the most luxurious bars in Lumonburg.

There were office workers who visited the bar to release their work-related stress and thugs without
proper jobs who lived aimlessly, hanging out at the bar.

Under the dim lights, everyone removed the facade they had put on for the whole day, twisting their
bodies to their hearts’ content as they expressed their genuine emotions.

Aside from the casual, hedonistic atmosphere at the bar, a different environment could be observed in
the underground basement of the bar.

Fighters with naked torsos gathered inside octagon rings fenced with barbed wires.

The thrill of swinging punches on their opponents, the adrenaline rush from seeing the fighters bleed,
and the craze of killing jumbled together in that chaotic, lawless place.

At that moment, inside the octagon ring, a fighter wearing a white mask was casually moving his body.

Meanwhile, the commentator, wearing a suit, was screaming in excitement outside the ring, “White
Mask successfully defeated five opponents again tonight. He is the true Lumonburg underground
fighting champion. Let us cheer for him…”

The underground basement crowd leaped to their feet and shrieked, following the commentator’s

Inside the bloodstained octagon ring, White Mask raised his hands in the air, thoroughly indulging
himself at that moment.

However, just then, a waiter jogged up to the commentator and whispered something in the latter’s ear
before scurrying away.

The commentator turned his head to gaze in the direction of the ceiling-to-floor window of Room 3
while wearing a conflicted expression. That window was a one-way mirror, so the interior was not
visible from the outside.

Nevertheless, the commentator knew the person sitting in the private room was Kent Channing, who
was the leader of Hillriver Gang, the largest gang in Lumonburg.

“Hey! If no one else is going to challenge me, hurry up and open the door. It’s time for me to leave,”
White Mask shouted inside the octagon ring.

“This…” The commentator looked at White Mask with an ashen face. “White Mask, we know your
principle of never taking off the mask, but we just received news from the guest inside Room 3. The
guest is offering one million for you to take off your mask…”

“Open the door!” White Mask repeated coldly.

The commentator had worked there for a long time, so he was very familiar with White Mask’s
capabilities. At that instant, he was at a loss, taking in White Mask’s demeanor.

On the one hand, Kent was the leader of a gang. On the other, White Mask was a ferocious, genius
fighter who had never lost a battle. The commentator knew he could not afford to offend any one of

Right then, a burly man walked out of Room 3.

“Brat, my boss Kent wants to see your face. This is a card containing one million. Don’t be an idiot.”

As the burly man spoke, he tossed a bank card to the edge of the octagon ring.

White Mask tugged at the iron chains binding the octagon ring’s door. He then exerted force on them,
and the arm-thick iron chain broke into half like a piece of paper.

“Tell Kent not to mess with me if he doesn’t want to die.” White Mask kicked the bank card on the floor
before turning around and walking toward the changing room.

“F*ck! You had your chance!”

The burly man became enraged upon seeing White Mask’s impudence. He withdrew a dagger from his
waist and swung it at White Mask’s back.


A soft thud sounded.

The muscular man seemed stunned as he stood rooted to his spot.

Somehow, White Mask had become the dagger’s wielder, and the weapon’s pointy end was stuck in
the muscular man’s heart.

“D*mn it. This sensation is wonderful. I can’t stop myself now.”

White Mask forcefully pulled out the dagger, allowing the burly man’s blood to splatter on his mask.
Then, under the crowd’s gaze, White Mask held the dagger in his hand and walked toward Room 3.

Horrified shrieks erupted inside the room. In less than one minute, pin-drop silence ensued.

Inside the private room, White Mask was sitting on Kent’s chest.

He shoved the dagger into Kent’s mouth and slowly pushed it deeper, plunging the weapon toward the
latter’s brain.

Suddenly, White Mask’s phone rang inside his pocket.

Standing up, he took out the phone and was momentarily dazed.

“Juliette, what’s up?”

In the northern suburbs of Lumonburg, Jonathan opened a bottle of white wine and gently poured it
onto the stele in front of him.

That was the burial site of the warriors who had sacrificed their lives during the war to end the rebellion
in Lumonburg back then.

“Shaun, back then, if you hadn’t shielded me when the bomb exploded, perhaps Asura would not exist
today. Initially, I wanted to build a separate tomb for you, but I knew you would not agree to receive that
special treatment. Please allow me to take this opportunity to pay tribute to all of you with this glass of

After saying that, Jonathan placed the wine glass in his hand beside the stele. He successively lit a few
cigarettes before slowly turning around to look behind him.

“You’ve been following me for the whole journey. It’s time to show yourselves.”

The grass swayed as breezes blew by, but still, no one was seen on the road behind Jonathan.

He frowned at a bush slightly far away.

“What’s the matter? Do I need to send an invitation for you to come out? I don’t want to repeat myself.
Show yourselves!”

After Jonathan spoke, a rustling noise sounded from the bush as two soldiers stood up.

“Did Tiger instruct you to follow me?” Jonathan asked indifferently.

One of the soldiers replied, “Yes! Commander is worried about your safety, so he told us to protect

“That’s the wrong answer.”

Jonathan snorted. He lightly launched himself upward and appeared beside the two soldiers


One of the soldier’s pauldron shattered as a cracking sound reverberated in the air.

A black gun fell from the soldier’s slackening arm.

Again, these two are assassins!

Jonathan lifted his right hand and slapped the other soldier’s chin. The next second, that soldier
breathed his last.

The remaining assassin let out a grunt. Jonathan knitted his brows as he saw revolting and stinky fluid
streaming down the assassin’s mouth and nose. The killer had clearly ended his own life by consuming

“They are not just assassins. They are killers who are ready to sacrifice themselves when necessary.”

A voice rang out from far away.

Jonathan looked up in the direction of the sound. Then, he saw a man wearing a white mask sitting on
a large boulder nearby. The latter was staring at him calmly.

“Are you Jonathan Goldstein?” White Mask asked curiously.

Judging by the sound of his voice, the person wearing the white mask seemed to be a young man.

Jonathan noticed the wet bloodstain on the white mask. With the mountain breeze blowing in his
direction, he could even catch whiffs of the smell of blood.

“Aren’t you a daredevil, having the courage to run around after you just killed someone?”

“Right back at you.”

White Mask leaped forward and jumped down from the boulder.

“Previously, I did not understand why Father would offer such a high bounty to end your life. However, I
think I’m beginning to see his point after watching your skills earlier.”

Jonathan was slightly taken aback after listening to White Mask’s speech.

“Offer a bounty to end my life? Does that mean you are Quinton Gomez?”

“You sure did a thorough investigation.” Hearing his name, White Mask reached out to the back of his
head and tugged gently, causing the white mask to fall to the ground.

With that, the handsome face underneath the mask was revealed. Jonathan furrowed his brows at the
sight of Quinton’s cold and bloodthirsty eyes.

I read about this from the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique. His eyes are soulless, and he is
profoundly murderous and savage. Those are the signs of someone turning into a devil.

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