Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 478

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The Legendary Man

You Are Useless

Jonathan’s brows furrowed at Philip’s recent photos.

It wasn’t even a year and a half since the Gomez family returned to the city.

Though they claimed to have put jockeying for power behind them and returned to an honest-to-
goodness life, he thought the circumstances behind Philip’s drastic transformation were strange.

Before they disappeared into seclusion, Philip’s gaunt features made him look almost like he was on
the verge of death.

Jonathan predicted that he couldn’t have lived past five years if it weren’t for the mutiny.

Typical recuperation couldn’t have revitalized his health.

However, Philip was bright-eyed with an upright posture in the most recent photo, his complexion rosy
and smooth. The most noticeable feature was his temples which were slightly bulging.

It was the telltale sign of someone practicing martial arts.

Hades had previously told Jonathan that there was a possibility of the Gomez family practicing martial
arts. The drastic change in Philip’s countenance seemed to have proved Hades’ speculation.

“Some data are missing from the report, such as the Gomez family’s asset valuation before the war
and total investment valuation after the war, as well as their comings and goings during their year of
disappearance. The details are incomplete, and I need them for further analysis,” Jonathan stated
evenly, tossing the laptop to Hayes.

Hayes caught the device and delivered a kick to a bowing soldier beside him. “You motherf*cker, why
didn’t you do your job properly? Didn’t I tell you to give me the most extensive report possible? Do you
have cotton between your ears, or do you want to be fired from your position as intelligence chief?”

The middle-aged man landed three meters away, his face belying no emotions.

He quickly clambered to his feet and saluted Hayes briskly. “Commander, the rogue military altered
many data to loot assets before the Gomez family left Lumonburg. The industrial and municipal
archives had all been destroyed, and there was nothing to cross-reference with. After they returned, the
city was in ruins, and the administration gave many investors and businessmen the green light to revive
the economy. Many procedures were overlooked and incomplete. There’s nothing I can do regarding
the Gomez family’s whereabouts because we were stationed here three years ago when they had left
five years ago.”

“There’s nothing you can do? Why am I paying you, then?” Hayes glared, and his hand shot out to
smack the intelligence chief.

“Enough,” Jonathan snapped impatiently. “Stop putting on a show. Any investigation would be expected
to fall short if the records were deliberately destroyed.”

Hayes pinned the subordinate with another death glare before deferentially refilling Jonathan’s teacup.
“Mr. Goldstein, why the sudden interest in the Gomez family? Just say the word, and I’ll do whatever
you instruct me to.”

“It’s nothing.” Jonathan chuckled. “Someone placed a bounty on me on the Dark Web. I’m guessing it’s
the Gomez family.”

The ceramic teapot in Tiger’s hands shattered with a loud crack at his response.

Jonathan’s gaze flew to Hayes to find cold brutality settling over his face like a mask of stone; any hint
of humor had disappeared.

“I’ll lead soldiers to the Gomez residence and fight them all now, Mr. Goldstein.” Then, Hayes turned on
his heels to do as he promised, but Jonathan stopped him. “Get back here,” he snapped.

Hayes pivoted to face him. “No, Mr. Goldstein, not if they dare to lay a finger on you.”

“Nonsense!” Jonathan sighed at Hayes’ serious demeanor. “Can you take a beat to think properly?
Would I have traveled this far to Lumonburg if I only wanted to ruin the Gomez family?”

“S-So…” Hayes stammered in bewilderment.

In his opinion, enemies should be vanquished, and there was no other way about it.

However, Jonathan had other plans.

He rose to his feet and strode out.

“Mr. Goldstein, what are you—”

“Don’t intervene in this Gomez family matter. I’ll tell you if you’re needed. I’m going out for a breather.
Don’t follow me.” Then, he disappeared into the garden.

Hayes gave the intelligence chief another sidelong glare. “Find out the Gomez family’s whereabouts by
tonight. Alert the third and fifth divisions to be combat ready and stand guard on eight-hour shifts. They
need to be prepared to be mobilized immediately.”

“Yes, sir.” The intelligence chief turned and left.

Hayes glanced to the east toward the Gomez residence. “Who’s there? Show yourself!”

A foot guard dressed in the Yaeger residence’s guard uniform emerged from beside a flower bed
following his snarl. “Commander, do you need me to refill the water?”

Hayes saw him holding a jug of water and shook his head before leaving. “Clean this up.”

“Yes, sir.” The young guard bent down to pick up the shattered pieces, and a bead of sweat fell from
the tip of his nose as he watched Hayes leave.

The mansion north of the Yaeger residence belonged to Juliette, and she was slumped against the
couch at that moment, her eyes reddened and swollen. A picture of Gabriel lay on the coffee table.

“Finley is here, Ms. Juliette,” a middle-aged woman announced at the door.

“Let him in,” Juliette replied flatly, though a teardrop rolled down her cheek.

The woman opened the living room door, and a figure walked in. It was the young man who had picked
up the shattered teapot in the garden earlier.

“This is a recording of the conversation in the garden, Ms. Juliette,” Finley said, pulling out a pen from
his pocket and placing it on the coffee table.

“Commander addressed the man as Mr. Goldstein, but his identity remains unknown, only that he had
come to Lumonburg to investigate the bounty placed on him on the Dark Web. The person who issued
the bounty is a member of the Gomez family.”

“The Gomez family,” she echoed softly, her gaze falling on the picture of Gabriel on the table.

“Got it. You can leave now.”

Finley let out a sigh and turned to leave. However, he stopped dead in his tracks and turned around
again after two steps.

“Anything else?”

“I’d do anything for you, Ms. Juliette,” he said in a low voice after a long pause to gather his courage.

She slowly raised her gaze to meet his eyes.

Their eyes locked for a few seconds before she burst into uncontrollable laughter and sagged into the
couch. “Anything for me? Are you confessing your feelings to me?”

Juliette slapped a hand on her mouth, and more tears of sorrow or hilarity streamed down her face. Her
hands then slid lower, widening the collar of her T-shirt. “It’s hot in here. Come here, Finley, I have
something to tell you.”

“Ms. Juliette…”

“A little lower. Give me your ear.” She panted in laughter.

Finley did as told and wryly lowered his head. His breathing began to quicken as he had an unhindered
view of her cleavage under her clothes from his vantage point.

In the next second, a wine bottle was smashed on the top of his head.

He tumbled to the ground in a heap, and a crimson stain began to pool around him.

“You’re not worthy of comforting me, you pig. Get out of here!”

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