Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 476

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The Legendary Man

The Gomez Family Of Lumonburg

“Who’s behind there? Come out at once!” a lieutenant ordered as he slowly inched toward the backseat
of the Bentley. With a pistol in his hand, he had just taken two steps forward when Hayes pulled him

“Commander…” The lieutenant turned his head and looked at Hayes in confusion.

At that moment, Hayes gulped in fear. It was obvious that he was very flustered.

“Get… Get lost,” Hayes said as he pulled the lieutenant by the shoulder over to the side. He then took
a few deep breaths before he walked toward the back seat of the car.

Following that, he slowly lowered his head to see who was sitting in the Bentley. In the next instant,
Jonathan’s face appeared through the window.

“Hayes Yaeger, the King of Lumonburg. How mighty you are!”

“M-Mr. Goldstein!”

Hayes had thought that Jonathan’s voice sounded familiar when he heard the latter speak.

However, as Lumonburg was a remote area, Hayes would have been in disbelief if he had not seen
Jonathan with his own eyes. He had never expected that the latter would personally visit Lumonburg.

Regardless, even though Hayes did see Jonathan with his own eyes, the entire situation still seemed

Suddenly, Hayes recalled something and shouted at his men, “Everyone, put down your guns! I will kill
anyone who’s still holding their weapons up!”

All of the soldiers instantly dropped their guns. Meanwhile, Juliette, who was sitting in the front
passenger seat, looked at Hayes with widened eyes full of disbelief.

“Get rid of him, Hayes! He’s the one who killed Gabriel,” Juliette said in a nonchalant manner as if she
was talking about the weather.

However, even though she said it so casually, everyone could feel the underlying sadness hidden in
her tone.

“Shut up!” Hayes ordered before turning to face Jonathan. He then knelt down before the latter without

“Please forgive her, Mr. Goldstein. It’s my fault for not educating her properly,” he pleaded.

“Forgive you?” Jonathan was stone-faced. “Let me ask you a question. What did I tell you when I
appointed you to guard over Lumonburg?”

“Not to act like a bandit anymore.”

It was only a few words, but it spoke volumes.

Moreover, Hayes did keep his promise. Therefore, when he uttered those words out loud, Hayes did
not have a shred of hesitation and guilt in him.

Jonathan nodded slightly.

“That’s right. You have done a good job during these few years in Lumonburg. I won’t deny that.
However, have you forgotten that you, as a general, are not allowed to increase the wealth and

influence of your family? Why is the Yaeger family this powerful in Lumonburg?”

That rule was the first one that Jonathan declared after establishing the Asura’s Office.

In Asura’s Office, there were eight Kings of War, who led tens of thousands of soldiers, not to mention
the millions of mercenaries under their command.

If all of those generals were to utilize their resources for the benefit of their families, the entire Chanaea
would probably fall into chaos and war in three years’ time.

“I…” Hayes lowered his head. “Mr. Goldstein, although the Yaeger family is now an established family
in the city, we have never once gotten involved in any political matters. I only wanted my family to live a
better life,” he tried to explain.

“I don’t have time to listen to your nonsense.” Jonathan scoffed. “The Asura’s Office will come and
carry out a thorough investigation on the Yaeger family. If you have done something wrong, they will
definitely find records of it. As for your sister, I will forgive her on behalf of our comradeship.”

“I don’t need your forgiveness,” Juliette snarled as she drew out the dagger that was stuck in Gabriel’s
chest. She then charged toward Jonathan.

“Stop!” Hayes shouted in shock. He quickly got up and grabbed onto the blade with his bare hands,
stopping the dagger from piercing into Jonathan’s body.

“Let go, Hayes. If you don’t want to avenge Gabriel, I’ll—”


With a soft snap, the dagger in Hayes’ grip broke into two pieces.

At the same time, Hayes swung his right hand toward Juliette and hit her on the neck.

The latter instantly fainted while Hayes knelt back down with half of the dagger still in his hands.

“Please, Mr. Goldstein. You know my situation. All of my other family members had been killed. It is
only because of that that I took my men with me to get revenge. She is the only family that I have left.
Please have mercy on her, Mr. Goldstein,” he pleaded with Jonathan.

“Since I’ve promised to let it pass, I will do just that and forgive her,” Jonathan said casually as he got
out of the Bentley. “However, your sister is too arrogant. If this ever happens again, don’t blame me for
not sparing her.”

“Thank you, Mr. Goldstein!” Hayes said in a trembling voice.

Meanwhile, on the hill behind the Gomez residence, an old man with a head full of gray hair was
currently practicing martial arts on a platform that was built on the top of the hill.

His footsteps were light as he moved. As he did so, the air around him seemed to move along with him,
his actions sending ripples through it.

If any martial arts specialist were to pass by, they would definitely be able to tell that this could only be
achieved by a grandmaster.

This old man was none other than Philip Gomez, the head of the Gomez family.

As time passed, Philip’s actions started to speed up.

In the end, he seemed to be moving so quickly that his body turned into a blur.

There were leaves floating in the air around the platform after being swept away from the branches by
a light wind. With Philip’s graceful yet powerful movements, the leaves seemed to move along with his

actions. They were either moving swiftly through the air or floating around gently in accordance with his
movements. It was a spectacular sight.

Right at that moment, a man wearing a pair of gold-rimmed spectacles walked over to the platform.

“Dad, we’ve just gotten news that Juliette had been attacked at the Lumonburg Airport. Hayes had
already rushed over to save her.”

With a muffled thud, the leaves that were originally fluttering around fell to the floor. Philip staggered
backward before regaining his balance.

“Dad!” The middle-aged man quickly walked up to help Philip.

Philip shook his head. “It’s not your fault. Although I have already achieved the Superior Realm, my
condition is still relatively unstable. The energy within my body still can’t flow smoothly.

Martial arts require constant practice, but I’m already very old. Therefore, no matter how much I
cultivate, this is still my limit. Since Quinton is the only person other than me gifted in cultivation in our
family, you must take care of him and remind him not to cause trouble outside. Got it?”

“Don’t worry, I know.” Zane brought Philip over to sit on a stone bench by the side. “Moreover, Quinton
isn’t the type to cause trouble. He has never done anything out of line, so I’m not worried about that.”

At the mention of his grandson, Philip’s eyes lit up with satisfaction.

“You’re right. He is an obedient child,” he praised. “Oh, right. Juliette was attacked at the airport?”

“Yes. It happened an hour ago,” Zane replied courteously. “Hayes immediately rushed over with
soldiers and weapons. The situation should be settled by now.”

A sharp glint flashed across Philip’s eyes when he heard his son.

“Whoever dared to attack the sister of the King of Lumonburg on his grounds must be outrageously
bold. However, judging by Juliette’s attitude, it doesn’t come off as a surprise to me. In Lumonburg,
apart from Hayes’ family, we are the largest and most powerful family in the city. Pay more attention to
this matter. I don’t want that fool to drag us through the mud.”

“Got it.” Zane nodded.

“Also, make sure to look over the bounty uploaded on the Dark Web.” Philip looked into the distance
with worry etched on his face. “It is by pure coincidence that our family had become a vassal for the
Osborne family.

Although we have been given an opportunity to cultivate martial arts, there is also a huge risk that
comes with it. Although I don’t know what did Jonathan do, the Osborne family seems to be extremely
wary of him.

Otherwise, they wouldn’t have thought of using us to post the notice for the bounty onto the Dark Web.
Right now, the Gomez family is only but a pawn. We still have a long way to go before we can reach
the end of the chessboard.”

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