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Chapter 474

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The Legendary Man Juliette

Pushing away one of the men with a hand, Baxter strode toward Jonathan.

Jonathan, on the other hand, remained completely indifferent even after taking out two strong men in
succession as he continued to rest on the massage chair.

Seeing such a scene, Baxter snickered and took a few steps forward. Then, he sat himself down right
in front of Jonathan.

“Kid, you’ve hurt my men. Aren’t you going to explain yourself?”

“Explain? What for?” Jonathan said indifferently without even bothering to open his eyes.

As the Asura with the Eight Kings of War under his command, the whole of Chanaea was under
Jonathan’s control.

Facing a nobody like Baxter, Jonathan did not even bat an eyelash.

However, some people just would not give up. In fact, they would take other people’s tolerance toward
them for granted.

Baxter was that kind of person. Jonathan’s provocative words had successfully lit a flame of rage in

“What do you think? Brat, you beat up my men. Do you think this is over?” Baxter roared as he shot up
from his seat.

Then, Baxter’s two palms balled into fists and swung at Jonathan’s face.

Bang! A crisp sound rang out as Jonathan’s fist landed on Baxter’s face and sent him to the ground.

“Baxter!” exclaimed the group of men dressed in black.

Once again, they gathered around Jonathan. However, they were all shrouded with fear when they saw
the terrifying look in Jonathan’s eyes.

As Baxter’s subordinates, these men naturally knew just how vicious their boss was. Yet, at that
moment, the guy in front of them had taken Baxter out with just one punch. Just who is this guy?

“Morons! Are you just going to keep looking at him?”

Baxter covered his arm in pain and yelled, “Hurry up and take care of him! Waste him! I want him

“I think you want yourself dead!” Jonathan shouted indignantly.

It was at that exact moment that a lazy voice suddenly sounded from behind the crowd.

“What’s going on here?”

Jonathan followed the source of the voice and found that it belonged to the glamorous woman from

The woman was wearing a long, red satin dress which showed off her lovely figure. Her bright red lips
accentuated her beautiful face, and she exuded an undeniably alluring charm.

It was just that the woman’s eyes were cold and dead.

That coldness came from the depths of her soul. It was as if nothing in the world was worth her time.

When the group of lackeys saw her, they quickly lowered their heads and greeted respectfully, “Ms.

With a cigarette sandwiched between her fingers, the woman walked toward Baxter and flicked the
cigarette ash on him.

The ash fell and landed right in Baxter’s mouth. Yet, the man did not even dare to flinch. While
tolerating the pain in his arm, he could only stay still and remain silent.

Clearly, the mighty Baxter was terrified of this woman named Juliette.

“Useless piece of trash,” Juliette said softly. Her voice was charming yet eerily bone-chilling.

This was the moment Baxter’s countenance changed as he struggled to get up. With one hand on the
ground, he kneeled before Juliette as he huffed and puffed.

“Ms. Juliette, please forgive me. Juliette, please spare my life.”

Even Jonathan, who was so used to witnessing scenes like this, frowned slightly.

It was evident from Baxter’s earlier actions that he was an arrogant and ruthless man. A person like
him was sure to have some blood on his hands.

Yet, an outlaw like him was actually so afraid of this woman standing before him.

Who the hell is this woman?

Baxter kowtowed ceaselessly until his forehead began to ooze fresh blood. Meanwhile, Juliette had
already slowly made her way over to sit in front of Jonathan.

“Raise your head,” Juliette smiled and said to Baxter.

Just as Baxter looked up, a cigarette butt was pressed right onto his forehead.

Baxter hissed through gritted teeth, suppressing the urge to yelp in pain.

Only then did Juliette grin from ear to ear with pleasure and turn to look at Jonathan.

“You actually managed to cripple my dog. Your skills are not bad. How about you work for me from
today onward?”

Jonathan remained indifferent in the face of this enchanting woman. “There doesn’t seem to be much
of a future working with you.”

“Ha! You’re a gutsy rascal.” Juliette shook her head with a smile. Then, she propped her legs up on the
back of Baxter, who was still kneeling over, and continued, “Kid, since you’re in this terminal, I’m
assuming you’re headed to Lumonburg?”

Seeing Juliette’s leisurely attitude, Jonathan turned around and went back to his seat.

“Don’t bother me again. Otherwise, you guys won’t be so lucky next time.”

Those were the words Jonathan left them with before he once again closed his eyes.

Opposite him, Juliette stared at Jonathan’s face with a burning gaze.

It was as if she was looking at a prey that had caught her interest.

“Enjoy your last moments of peace. You can’t escape me.”

The strange woman who went by the name of Juliette flew in first-class, just like Jonathan.

However, she did not bother to interact further with Jonathan on the plane.

The three-hour plane ride went by very quickly. Just as Jonathan was walking out of the terminal, he
was immediately cornered by a group of men dressed in black.

Following that, a black Bentley slowly came to a halt in front of him. The car window rolled down,
revealing Juliette’s smiling face.

“Little brat, I told you that you can’t escape me. Now, I’m giving you two options. Be good and follow
me, or die!”

As soon as Juliette’s words fell, the men in black all moved their hands toward their waists.

“Do you know that the thing I hate most is being threatened by someone?”

Jonathan let out a cold snort before his whole body lifted into the air. Within seconds, his fist had
already landed on the throats of the few men in front of him.

Jonathan nimbly dodged the blood that was spurting everywhere while his right hand tugged on the tie
of one man, using him as a human shield to block the oncoming attacks.

“Protect Ms. Juliette!” Someone saw through Jonathan’s plan and shouted.

However, it was too late.

A distance of ten meters was nothing to Jonathan.

In the blink of an eye, Jonathan appeared in front of the Bentley.

Then, he smashed through the car window with his fist and violently grabbed Juliette by the hair.


Juliette’s head was pressed against the smashed window by Jonathan while her wide-open eyes were
filled with terror.

She was truly horrified.

After all, the window was made up of bulletproof glass. Even from a close distance, it could block the
attack of gunshots.

Yet, this man actually broke through the glass with his bare fist. Juliette wondered if Jonathan was even

Fresh blood dripped down the side of the car door. For the first time ever, Juliette saw her life flash
before her eyes.

“Please… I’ll give you whatever you want. Just ask, and I’ll give it to you…”

Juliette was utterly shaken to the core.

At that moment, she was being held by her hair and pressed against the car window. As if that wasn’t
bad enough, she was looking directly at the body of her lifeless subordinate in Jonathan’s other hand.

Outside the car, her men were all pointing their weapons at Jonathan. However, Juliette did not feel a
shred of security. When she saw the terrorizing look in Jonathan’s eyes, Juliette finally understood one

She was going to die!

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