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Chapter 475

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The Legendary Man King of Lumonburg

“I have said this before, I hate being threatened!”

Jonathan casually threw away the corpse in his hand, but his grasp on Juliette grew even stronger.

Under his force, her face turned red, and she felt a sense of suffocation.

“Put the gun down now! Do you want me to die?”

Juliette shouted with a red face.

Hearing her words, the men in black suits put away their guns, vigilantly surrounded them, and
prepared to charge at any time.

When Jonathan saw how the securities had blocked all the possible escape routes, he sneered in his

It was apparent that they had been doing this regularly.

However, such tricks meant nothing to Jonathan.

Even when he was confronting thousands of troops at the border, Jonathan Goldstein had never been
afraid, let alone facing those guards with some fancy ruse.

“What is your last name?” he asked with a cold face.

“Yaeger,” Juliette replied with a gasp.

She understood that her every word would decide her fate, so she dared not hesitate even for a

“Yaeger? Is there anyone from the Yaeger family in Lumonburg?”

“Yes, since two years ago,” she said in a pained voice. “My brother is the King of Lumonburg. If you kill
me, you won’t be living either!”

Jonathan was prepared to get rid of this arrogant lady after questioning her. However, after he heard
her mention King Lumonburg, his countenance changed instantly, and the grip of his hand loosened a

If anyone dared to call himself the king in Lumonburg, it could only be Hayes Yeager.

And this Juliette is his sister?

Sensing the pressure on her neck began to dwindle, Juliette started to take deep breaths.

“Let go of me now, you brat, and I will ask my brother to let you off the hook.”

Juliette, who could finally breathe freely, thought that Jonathan was apprehensive because of her
brother’s title. Hence, she opened her month and tried to bargain again.

But just as she did, his grip intensified.

Her neck was firmly pinned to the edge of the car window. Because of the force, she coughed and
spewed out dark red blood.

“You can’t k-kill me. My b-brother will never let you go…”

She desperately grabbed his wrist, struggling to breathe in more air, but his hands were like cast iron.
No matter how hard she tried, they wouldn’t budge.

It took more than ten seconds before he finally let loose of her.

Although Juliette wasn’t dead, she was extremely feeble. The arrogant and overbearing lady was
nowhere to be found by then as she slumped against the car door and panted heavily.

Jonathan reached out and pulled the car door with a little force. Instantly, the door, which was
supposed to be bulletproof and could withstand grenade explosions, was single-handedly ripped off.

As the door fell off, Ms. Cecilia, who was leaning against the door, collapsed straight to the ground.

Right as a cold light flashed, Jonathan raised his right hand.

A dagger was firmly caught between his fingers.

“Such a good servant you are!”

Jonathan turned to look at the middle-aged chauffeur in the car. With a flick of his wrist, the dagger shot
straight through the latter, nailing him to the car door.


Witnessing the murder of the chauffeur, Juliette howled in grief.

Before she could struggle to get up, a slap from Jonathan sent her back to the ground.

“I shall give you a chance. Ask Hayes to come now and show me how he’s going to let me go,”
Jonathan said coldly as he sat in the back seat of the car.

Right then, Juliette, who was lying on the ground, no longer had fear in her eyes as she looked at him.
Rather, they were grim with a hint of madness.

“I will kill you! I will kill you for sure!”

She took out her phone and dialed a number while choking with emotion.

“Hayes, I’m at Lumonburg Airport… Gabriel has been killed. Help me…”

A few brief words later, she hung up the phone.

Enduring the severe pain in her body, she staggered to open the car door and gazed at Gabriel’s body.

In less than twenty minutes, there were loud buzzes in the sky as a helicopter rapidly approached

The airport was in view, yet the chopper landed directly on the lot outside of Lumonburg Airport.

Not only that, several military vehicles pulled up by the road one after another before hundreds of
soldiers in camo uniforms jumped out of them and assumed control of the entire surroundings.

Right then, the helicopter hatch opened, and a middle-aged man dressed in training attire leaped out.

“D*mmit, who dares to lay a finger on my sister in Lumonburg? I think you have a death wish!”

Misnomer could happen but not misname.

Hayes, who was also known as Tiger, had a fiery temper as his name suggested and was exceptionally
fearless in war.

A few years ago, when Jonathan was on an expedition in war, he encountered many bandits who
terrorized the mountains, but only Hayes was spared from the lot.

The main reason was that Hayes was loyal and abided by the rules. Although he took over the
mountains and lord over the rest, he never harassed the people.

In the previous landslide, despite the roads being blocked and the rescue teams couldn’t reach the
disaster area, he personally led the others to participate in the rescue mission.

That being said, bandits would always be bandits. After the extermination, Jonathan had sent him off to
station in Lumonburg.

Looking at the corpses on the ground, Hayes strode toward the Bentley.

By then, Juliette had ceased sobbing. She was in a daze as she held on to Gabriel’s body.


Hayes felt a pang of sadness while looking at the scene before his eyes.

His sister lost her parents since young. At that time, Gabriel was the butler of the family.

Despite the accidental death of his employer, he did not leave. Instead, he was all the more dedicated
to taking care of the Yaeger family. It was safe to say that Gabriel assumed the role of Juliette’s father
from then on.

As such, it was hard for her to accept his sudden demise.

“Who had the guts to do this to you? Tell me, and I will seek revenge for you!”

Standing in front of the car, Hayes barked.

Just then, a cold voice rang out from the back seat of the Bentley.

“Tiger, it has been two years since we last met. Are you more capable now? Show me how you will
avenge her then!”

Following his plain words, dozens of guns were all raised at once, every single one aiming at the back
seat of Bentley.

Only Hayes stood transfixed on the spot as if he had been struck by lightning.

In the meantime, beads of sweat started to form on his forehead.

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