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Chapter 472

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The Legendary Man The Gomez Family

Meanwhile, Punisher and Hades had been waiting downstairs for some time.

“Have you made up your mind?” Jonathan gazed at Punisher expressionlessly.

Punisher hesitated briefly as if he was steeling his resolution. “Yes… I’ve made up my mind!”

“If you’ve made up your mind, then begin packing your belongings because it’s time to return to Epea.”
Jonathan casually flicked the cigarette in his hand. “However, before returning to Epea, I need you to
help me eliminate a nuisance.”

“Nuisance? What nuisance?” A look of surprise flashed across Punisher’s face.

What kind of nuisance requires me to solve? With Asura Office’s capabilities, what kind of trouble
couldn’t they solve?

Jonathan replied nonchalantly, “Help me kill someone. He also belongs to Dark Web, seemingly a
person who goes by the name Scorpio and is ranked tenth on the Heaven List. Think of this mission as
a fight to announce your return after years of imprisonment!”

“Okay! My hands have been itching because I’ve been suppressing my desire to kill!” A sinister smile
spread across Punisher’s face. He had been holding back his urge for too long inside the Northern
Crimson Prison all those years.

Not even a drop of blood was spilled in prison, much less any murder.

“I want you to bring me his head in three days. If you fail even to accomplish this task, I think you can
forget about returning to Epea.” Jonathan’s intent was clear. If Punisher was incapable of eliminating

even someone ranked tenth on the Heaven List, how could Punisher even dream of controlling Dark

“Three days are too long. I’ll deliver his head to you in two days,” Punisher replied without hesitation.
Although he had been imprisoned in Northern Crimson Prison for three years, that did not mean he lost
the ability to kill others.

Not to mention, his target was merely someone ranked tenth on the Heaven List.

In the past, he was ranked third on the Heaven List. To achieve that feat, he had murdered countless
people on the Heaven List.


Jonathan waved his hand, signaling Punisher to retreat. After Punisher left, Hades turned to Jonathan
and said, “Mr. Goldstein, do you want me to send someone to monitor him? What if he flees?”

Jonathan sneered. “Flee? Where can he flee to? Do you think he’s capable of leaving Chanaea?
Besides, even if he successfully escapes from Chanaea, do you think I won’t be able to end his life?”

If I wish to kill someone, they will end up dead even if they run and hide to the ends of the earth.

“By the way, have you found out about those people in hiding?” Jonathan asked casually. The people
he referred to were the masterminds behind Josephine’s kidnapping incident.

They were the same people who put a bounty of one hundred million to hunt down Jonathan on the
black market.

“I discovered some clues, but I have yet to get a clear picture on that matter. According to the various
clues, they all point to the Gomez family from Lumonburg.” Hades frowned slightly.

A hint of perplexity flickered in Jonathan’s eyes upon hearing those words. “Since when was there a
Gomez family at Lumonburg?”

To the best of his knowledge, there wasn’t any prestigious clan in Lumonburg bearing the Gomez
family name, much less a family who could offer to pay a bounty of one hundred million.

Hades said with his brows knitted, “I’ve never heard of them either. They appear to be the escapees
from when we conquered Lumonburg. According to the information provided by Asura’s Office, the
Gomez family of Lumonburg started living in Lumonburg over a hundred years ago. They occupied the
mountains and established themselves as the rulers there. Then, they seized the opportunity during the
war and retreated, allowing them to avoid the predicament. I heard the strongest member of the Gomez
family is a martial arts practitioner, not to mention a martial arts grandmaster?”

“Martial arts practitioner?” Jonathan subconsciously furrowed his brows when he heard that term.

In the past, if he heard those words, he would not be fazed. However, ever since he visited Jetroina, he
became aware that there seemed to be many hidden cultivators in the world.

Still, that was the first time he heard the term ‘martial arts.’

“Initially, when I heard that term, I didn’t know what it meant too. After that, I scoured for more
information before finding out that a long time ago, martial arts was a form of cultivation practiced by
cultivators. These people were known as martial artists. These martial artists were also divided into
different realms such as Precelestial Realm, Postcelestial Realm, Superior Realm, and Grandmaster
Realm. There were also more advanced levels such as God Realm, consisting of immortal beings.
These things merely reminded me of fantasy novels!” Hades pouted in disdain while elaborating.

Evidently, he did not believe in the existence of those things.

After years of waging wars and killing enemies, Hades only had faith in the gun in his hands.

In his opinion, no matter how skilled in fighting a person could be, they still could not avoid death when
shot in the head.

If there had been such immortal beings and martial artists, where were they when chaos and
pandemonium reigned in Chanaea during wartime in the past?

“Are you telling me that there is a martial arts grandmaster hiding among the Gomez family in
Lumonburg?” Jonathan demanded.

“That is the information provided to me. I don’t believe in these bullsh*ts such as martial arts
grandmasters. Mr. Goldstein, should I lead an army to wipe out the Gomez family tonight?” Hades said
without a care.

“There’s no hurry.” Jonathan waved his hand. “Who’s in charge at Lumonburg?”

“I think it’s Tiger,” Hades replied.

Tiger was referring to Hayes Yeager, the King of Lumonburg, who was in charge of that region.

He was a short-tempered, brutal, and ruthless man, much like a tiger.

Before yielding to Jonathan in the past, he was the chief bandit who terrorized the mountainous area.

His temper improved after he became Jonathan’s subordinate. Still, his nickname ‘Tiger’ remained


Jonathan could not help but grin after hearing that name. Back then, he specifically arranged for Hayes
to guard Lumonburg. Prior to the latter’s departure, Hayes had kneeled before Jonathan with tears and
snots streaming down his face, extremely unwilling to go to Lumonburg.

“Contact Hayes and inform him I’ll be going to Lumonburg after a few days. However, before I reach
there, I want him to make sure he has investigated the Gomez family thoroughly.” Jonathan put out the
cigarette in his hand. “Remember, I want every detail related to the Gomez family. I’ll skin Hayes alive if
he leaves out any information!”

“Mr. Goldstein, you’re going to Lumonburg?” Hades was astounded to hear Jonathan’s instruction.

He could not believe Jonathan was planning to leave Jazona to go to Lumonburg during that critical

“That’s right. I want to know more about the Gomez family. How dare they put a price on my head!”
Jonathan’s eyes turned cold at that instant. “If my head is what they want, I’ll deliver myself to them! I’d
like to see if they dare to accept my gesture!”

“But Mr. Goldstein, Jazona…” Hades was worried.

Without Jonathan around, what if something terrible happened with Zachary guarding Jadeborough

“No one can lay a finger on Josephine as long as Zachary is here!” Jonathan had faith in Zachary on
that matter. After all, Zachary did not rely on mere luck to have been promoted from a footsoldier to the
Vanquisher King of War, guardian of Jazona.

All Eight Kings of War had earned their titles after experiencing their share of bloodbaths and
gruesome battles.

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