Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 471

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Hades did not become the leader of the Eight Kings of War by showing others mercy.

Instead, he accomplished that by killing countless people.

Punisher’s ashen face was contorted as he looked at Hades.

He was ranked third on Heaven’s List and the best in the assassin world. He had never been
humiliated in that manner.

Three years ago, Jonathan defeated him using a single strike. Punisher could not believe he was being
beaten and put to shame by Jonathan’s subordinate three years later.

How could he let that slide?

“Prove your worth with your strength if you’re reluctant to admit defeat. Let me tell you. If it wasn’t for
Mr. Goldstein’s wish to spare your life, do you think you could get off the plane alive?” Hades said

“All right. That’s enough.” Jonathan casually put out his cigarette and walked up to them.

“Do you know why I’m looking for you?” Jonathan stared at Punisher indifferently.

“I don’t know!” Punisher grimaced and gritted his teeth.

“It’s a simple matter. I want you to help me with something. I want to turn Dark Web into Asura’s
Office’s Dark Web!” Jonathan uttered.

“What do you mean?” Punisher was shocked.

“Don’t you think it is time for a new person to take charge of Dark Web? I think you’re a suitable
candidate.” Jonathan elaborated with a smile.

“Me?” Punisher frowned at Jonathan, seemingly confused by the latter’s explanation.

“You foreigners are just too stupid and slow-witted at times. Simply put, you will be in charge of Dark
Web and serve Asura’s Office from now on.”

“Me? In charge of Dark Web?” Punisher’s expression changed drastically. “Do you know how many
assassins are on Dark Web and how powerful they are?”

Jonathan interjected him, “That’s not important. You only need to reply to me whether you accept my
offer or not. You don’t have to worry about the other matters.”


Punisher wanted to speak but was interrupted by Jonathan again. “You don’t have to get back to me
hastily. I’ll give you an afternoon to consider. Come and meet me tonight with your definite answer.”

After finishing his sentence, Jonathan did not waste another second talking to Punisher. Jonathan
directly turned around and left. However, he suddenly stopped in his tracks and said, “By the way, just
to remind you, you should avoid doing anything foolish. You must trust Asura’s Office’s capabilities to
hunt you down and end your life no matter where you escape to. Do you understand me?”

Instantaneously, menace flashed across Jonathan’s eyes as he emitted an overwhelming aura from his

At that moment, Punisher felt cold sweat drenched his back. A sense of foreboding washed over him
as if his head would detach from his body if he dared to say no to Jonathan.

“Mr. Goldstein, are you sure you want to collaborate with that guy?” Hades could not contain his
curiosity and asked the moment they walked out of the door.

Hades could not fathom why Punisher was chosen when there were so many candidates from Asura’s

“Why not? Don’t you think this sensation of having our spy on Dark Web is thrilling?” Jonathan replied

If the assassins from Dark Web could mess with his life, why couldn’t he utilize a member of Dark Web
to return the favor?

Jonathan wanted Dark Web to have a taste of their own medicine.

Soon, a few black sedans returned to the mansion. Jonathan went straight to the second floor right
after he got out of the car. He had been staying by Josephine’s side ever since she was hurt.
Whenever he was free, he would keep her company.

At that moment, Josephine was sleeping inside the bedroom.

Fearing he would wake her up, Jonathan carefully exited the room and went to the study. Then, he
turned around and locked the door before sitting leg-crossed on the bed. He took out the Ancient
Sacred Dragon Technique and began poring over the cultivation methods.

Ever since Jonathan returned from Jetroina, he did not have the time to go through the second half of
the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique and Heavenly God’s heritage. Now that he finally had the time
so spare, naturally, he would have to use it wisely.

The Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique was divided into two parts. The second half of the Ancient
Sacred Dragon Technique he was holding was the essence and gist of the technique. The first half was

merely an introductory part of the technique. Therefore, Jonathan’s cultivation had been static in that
world with thin spiritual energy.

However, ever since he obtained the second half of the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique, he could
clearly sense the concentration of the spiritual energy around him had increased by several folds. He
was able to enter the Enlightenment stage because of the effect of the second half of the Ancient
Sacred Dragon Technique.

Inside the study, Jonathan sat with his back straight and hands interlocked as he felt the dense spiritual
energy around him. Although he had just advanced to the Enlightenment early stage, he vividly felt the
signs of another breakthrough after acquiring the Heavenly God’s heritage.

Jonathan closed his eyes, continuously cultivating to absorb the spiritual energy in the atmosphere.
Suddenly, faint blue lights enveloped his body. The lights turned into sparks and floated toward his
head, gradually condensing into the shape of a dragon’s head.

Roar! The cry of a dragon resounded through the air.

At that instant, everyone inside the mansion was frightened. Zachary, who was guarding the mansion’s
entrance, was shocked. He hastily led a large group of soldiers to search for the origin of the
commotion. When they arrived in front of Jonathan’s room, Zachary remembered Jonathan’s reminder
never to enter the room without permission, regardless of the uproar happening inside, unless
absolutely necessary. So, Zachary and his subordinates could only stop outside Jonathan’s room and
stood guard outside the door.

Few hours passed in the blink of an eye.

Twilight filtered through the window as dusk fell, illuminating Jonathan’s poker face.


Sitting cross-legged on the bed, he exhaled deeply and slowly opened his eyes. A hint of blue light
flashed across his gleaming eyes.

“I did not expect the early stage and middle stage of Enlightenment to be so different!”

Jonathan clenched his fists, sensing the endless, overflowing energy within his body. He could feel his
current power became significantly a few times stronger than when he was in the early stage of
Enlightenment. Not to mention, the golden core in his elixir field had notably grown in size, now the size
of a chicken egg.

The Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique could unbelievably boost his ability to absorb spiritual energy.
There would not be any bottleneck in his training if he relied on that overpowering cultivation method.
Jonathan reckoned the thin spiritual energy of the world he was in was why some cultivators had
stagnated on the same stage for a long while.

The corner of Jonathan’s lips curled into a faint smile at the thought of his cultivation journey becoming
smooth sailing. There would no longer be any hindrance for him to break through to more advanced

Ring! Ring!

Right then, his phone placed on the table nearby suddenly rang.

Jonathan slowly got up. As if he had remained still for a long time, his every move prompted his body to
produce cracking sounds.


“Mr. Goldstein, it’s me. Punisher is here!”

“Tell him to wait for me downstairs.”

With that, Jonathan strode out of the room.

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