Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 470

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The Legendary Man

Shut Up

“What? Don’t you want to leave?” Hades snickered.

“Asura really plans on letting me go?” The moment he heard Hades say that, Punisher, who had been
squatting in the corner, rose to his feet tremblingly.

He looked weak, as though a gust of wind could easily topple him.

Yet, his eyes remained sharp and fierce.

“Do you think I’m joking with you?” Hades eyed him coldly. “Do you think I would make the journey all
the way from Jazona just to crack a joke at you?”

He was the head of the Eight Kings of War!

If it wasn’t because of Jonathan’s order, Hades wouldn’t have come here personally to free a prisoner
even if the latter was number one on the Heaven List. Punisher was only ranked third!

“What’s the catch?”

Punisher was not annoyed by Hades’ statement. In the three years he had been locked up in this
place, he could barely recognize himself.

“Before you leave, Mr. Goldstein wants to see you,” Hades said.

“What if I reject?” Punisher retorted coldly.

“Then, you can forget about leaving this place!” Hades’ gaze turned cold. “Before I came here, Mr.
Goldstein told me that if you refuse, I’ll have to kill you!”

“Ah, that’s more like it! That’s surely Asura’s style!” Punisher sneered when he heard that. “Take me to

“You intend to meet Mr. Goldstein just like that?” Hades simply glanced at the prisoner. He waved his
hand. “Guards, clean him up! Then, put him back in chains and take him to the helicopter!”


At his command, countless soldiers in black armor stepped forward and dragged the shackled prisoner
out the door.

Punisher might have regained his freedom, but as long as he had not left Northern Crimson Prison, he
was still an inmate there.

An hour later, the helicopter took flight.

After a quick clean, Punisher instantly turned from a prisoner to a domineering CEO from overseas. If
he were sitting in a first-class cabin instead of a combat helicopter, many flight attendants would have
flocked to him, asking for his contact details.

Of course, he would have to be freed of the handcuff and shackles first.

“The smell of freedom… is great!” Sitting in the helicopter, Punisher looked out at the sky. Then, he
turned to Hades and asked, “Hey, do you have cigarettes? Let me have one!”

“Not for you. Shut up, you’re too noisy!” Hades glared at him impatiently. “One more word from you,
believe it or not, I will throw you off this helicopter!”

“I doubt that!” Punisher threw him a look of disdain. “Asura wants to see me personally. Would you dare
to throw me off from this height?”

“You think I wouldn’t?”

Hades’ gaze darkened instantly. He grabbed Punisher by the neck, kicked open the door of the cabin,
and tossed him right out!

Outside, the cold wind howled eerily as it blew at him.

Yet, Punisher was hanging in mid-air. If Hades ever released his hand, Punisher’s life would come to
an end as he became bones and dust.

“You’re crazy! You’re f*cking crazy! Pull me up!”

He had finally gotten his freedom after three years. He didn’t want to die just like that!

“Punisher, let me tell you. I don’t care if you’re ranked third on the Heaven List overseas. In Chanaea,
you’re just a small fry. I can kill you without even lifting a finger. Do you understand now?” Hades stared
daggers at Punisher, who was suspended in the air. “Any more nonsense from you, and I’m throwing
you out of here! Got it?”

“Yes! Completely!” Punisher didn’t dare to argue.

In one fell swoop, Hades lifted his right hand—the one grabbing Punisher by the neck—and flung the
ex-convict hard against the door of the cabin.

There was a loud thud as Punisher slammed heavily against the floor.

Wheeze! Wheeze!

Punisher gasped for air after he had been dragged back up. He stared at Hades with a hint of fear in
his eyes.

He’s mad! He’s f*cking mad! I didn’t think I’ll ever meet someone who has more loose screws than I do!
F*ck! If it weren’t for these shackles on my hands and feet, I’ll definitely not forgive this Chanaean!

A few hours later, the helicopter touched down at Jazona airport.

When it landed, a black car was already waiting right outside.

Standing in front of the vehicle was none other than Jonathan.

“Mr. Goldstein!”

Once Jonathan got down from the helicopter, Hades sprinted toward him. “I’ve brought Punisher!”

“Okay. Get him here!” Jonathan instructed as he flicked away the cigarette ash. Then, he saw Punisher,
who was in shackles, being escorted off the helicopter by several soldiers in black armor.

Compared with a few years ago, Punisher looked visibly haggard, yet he seemed to have gained some
weight too.

“I suppose the food at Northern Crimson Prison isn’t so bad,” Jonathan snuffed out the cigarette butt
and waved his hand. “Take off the shackles on him!”

“But… Mr. Goldstein!”

Hades wanted to say something, but Jonathan directly cut him off. The latter said, “Don’t worry. He was
no match for me three years ago, and he’s still no match for me now!”

“Yes, Mr. Goldstein!”

With that, Punisher, who had been restrained by numerous shackles, instantly regained his freedom.

Once he had been freed from the chains, to everyone’s surprise, the first thing he did was throw a
punch directly at Hades!

“F*ck! How dare you do that to me! Today, I’ll show you just what happens when people think they can
fight me!”

Right after he said that, Punisher swung his fist at Hades’ face.

However, the moment he did that, there came the sounds of guns clicking as countless bullets were
loaded into the weapons.

The soldiers aimed their black muzzles of their guns right at Punisher’s head.

“Put the guns down!”

Hades simply waved his hand. He was not afraid of Punisher’s attack at all. “Did you think that I dared
to punch you just now because you were in shackles?”

“Go to hell!”

Punisher didn’t want to have this conversation with Hades, so he quickly land his punch.

How could Hades let Punisher have his way?

Before Punisher could even execute the punch, Hades had already stepped forward and kicked the
former in the stomach. Next, he grabbed Punisher’s fist and twisted it hard. The sounds of bones
cracking could be heard.

With another thud, Punisher knelt down before Hades.

“Like I said, I don’t care about your ranking on the silly Heaven List. In my eyes, you’re no different from
an ant!” Hades glared coldly at Punisher, who was kneeling on the floor. “You should be thankful that
Mr. Goldstein was your target three years ago. If your target had been me, you would have already
become a dead body!”

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