Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 469

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The Legendary Man


Northern Crimson Prison was located in the Sanguine Desert, a desolate and godforsaken place in the
middle of nowhere with nothing but sand that stretched for miles.

Here, a year could pass without getting a single drop of rain. There was only sand—tons of it—drifting
in the air.

However, on that day, the legendary Hades, head of the Eight Kings of War, had arrived at this
godforsaken place.

The army green combat helicopter had just landed at Northern Crimson Prison when hundreds of
soldiers armed with heavy weapons quickly stepped forward and pointed their guns at Hades inside the
vehicle. “Halt! Who goes there?”

If these soldiers found that there was something slightly off about him, they would fire their guns and
put countless holes in his head!

“I’m from Asura’s Office!”

Even with hundreds of guns pointing at his head, Hades remained calm and unafraid. He glanced at
the troop of soldiers calmly and said, “Where’s Dorian? Get him here now!”

“From Asura’s Office?”

The moment they heard “Asura’s Office,” the expressions of the soldiers outside the helicopter
changed drastically. To them, Asura’s Office represented supreme authority and power!

“Who are you?”

“I’m Hades!” He opened his mouth and spoke. The moment he did that, a blackish gold seal appeared
in front of the soldiers.

On the black seal, written in large, red letters, was his name: Hades.


The moment they saw the Seal of Hades, countless soldiers in black armor instantly fell to their knees
with a loud thud. “Hail to Hades!”

This was Hades, the head of the Eight Kings of War!

His status in Asura’s Office was second only to Asura!

Even Dorian had to back away a few steps when he saw Hades, let alone a bunch of soldiers like

“Quick! Report to Excalibur King of War! Tell him that Hades has arrived!”

As soon as the order was issued, a soldier went ahead to make the report. A while later, Dorian,
donning a suit of armor, made his appearance.

“Hades? What brings you here?”

Since the day Northern Crimson Prison was established, Hades had never stepped foot into Mysonna.

So, why had he come here all of a sudden?

“What do you think?”

Hades glanced at him impassively. “Dorian, Excalibur King of War, I am here on Asura’s orders to
release the criminal Punisher!”

“Release Punisher?” Dorian’s expression shifted when he heard those words. “And this is Mr.
Goldstein’s order, you say?”

“Do you think I’d dare to fake the Decree of Asura?” Hades shot a cold glance at Dorian. “Enough of
this nonsense! I want you to release the man!”


Dorian didn’t dare to go against Asura’s order. However, after receiving the order, he couldn’t help but
ask, “What’s going on, Hades? Why has Mr. Goldstein ordered for the scum’s release so suddenly?”

After all, Punisher had attempted to assassinate Jonathan!

Furthermore, Jonathan had personally requested to have Punisher serve his sentence in Northern
Crimson Prison.

In other words, if Jonathan hadn’t ordered it, Punisher would spend his entire life in Northern Crimson
Prison. He would never get to leave. Even after his death, his ashes would be buried underneath the

“Mr. Goldstein has his reasons!” Hades looked at Dorian indifferently. “Do you intend to disobey him?”

“Of course not!” Dorian quickly shook his head. “Even if I have the courage of a lion, I won’t dream
about going against Mr. Goldstein’s orders. I just don’t get it. Why has Mr. Goldstein suddenly decided
to let the scum go?”

“I wouldn’t think too much about it if I were you.” Hades lit a cigarette casually. “All you need to know is
that Mr. Goldstein would never do anything without reason. By the way, Ms. Smith was kidnapped by

the people of the Dark Web last night!”


When Dorian heard the news, his face darkened. They all knew very well how important Josephine was
to Jonathan.

The Dark Web dared to lay a finger on Josephine! Does it have a death wish?

“Who did it? Has the killer been found?” Dorian asked coldly.

“He died at Mr. Goldstein’s hands. Anyway, these are just a bunch of clowns. What Mr. Goldstein really
wants is to destroy the Dark Web!” Hades said as he glanced at Dorian. “Do you understand now?”

“What’s this got to do with releasing Punisher?” Apparently, Dorian couldn’t make heads or tails of
Hades’ explanation, but he decided not to press on the matter. “Never mind. I can’t possibly
comprehend what Mr. Goldstein has in mind. You want to meet Punisher, right? Follow me!”

With that said, Dorian led the way as he guided Hades into the prison that was said to resemble the
depths of hell.

The prison was in total darkness.

There was a guard standing in front of each cell. The further they went in, the higher the number of

When they got to the deepest end, the place was almost full of guards.

There were practically guards standing at every corner!

All of them were heavily armed and overflowing with murderous intent.



As Dorian approached, the guards greeted him loudly.

“Open the door of Cell 10!” Dorian commanded. Upon receiving the order, a guard quickly stepped
forward to unlock the door.


They heard the sound of the door being unlocked. What came right after was a horrible stench. The
moment they sensed it, Dorian and Hades instinctively covered their noses.


Hades coughed and walked into the cell, where the dim light flickered in the wind. Under it, a foreigner
with disheveled hair, unshaven beard and blue eyes could be seen squatting in a corner as he kept
mumbling incomprehensible words.

Many shackles were locked around his wrists and ankles.

“What are you mumbling about?” Hades shouted sternly. His eyes turned cold as he observed the
foreigner squatting in the corner. When the foreigner heard it, he lifted his head. In an instant, a faint,
cold light flashed toward them.

“Who are you?”

The foreigner spoke in broken Chanaean with a thick accent!

Hades didn’t want to be bothered with him. “By the Decree of Asura, we’re here to release you. You
have served your sentence and can now walk free!”

“What did you say? Release me?” When the foreigner heard that, his face lit up with a sneer. “Is this a
joke? Asura wants to release me? Impossible!”

Three years ago, he failed to assassinate Asura. Ever since then, he had been imprisoned in this

Over the years, he had certainly thought about making an escape.

However, regardless of whatever means he used, in the end, he could never pass the gates of
Northern Crimson Prison. Gradually, he began to give up.

Right then, here came someone telling him that Asura wanted to let him go.

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