Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 468

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The Legendary Man

Heaven List Of Assassins

In Asura’s entire lifetime, numerous people wanted to kill him!

A few years ago, the bounty on his head was worth a billion.

Yet, after so many years had passed, there were still those who thought they could pay a million to take
him out.

“Keep looking! I want to see exactly how long these people can hide!” Jonathan snorted. A glimmer of
cold flashed across his eyes.

When he left Chanaea and entered Jetroina, he had been waiting for the bunch of clowns, who had
been in hiding, to jump out. Unexpectedly, on the first day he came back, they couldn’t seem to hold
back anymore.

“Yes, Mr. Goldstein!”

Hades immediately nodded.

“Is Zachary here yet?” Jonathan casually lit a cigarette as he walked toward the door.

“Yes, he’s right outside!”

Jonathan had barely stepped out of the room when he spotted Zachary at the door. He seemed to have
come here in a rush, as he didn’t even have time to change his clothes. He had hurried here in his
green camouflage suit. The moment he saw Jonathan, Zachary marched forward to greet the man, “Mr.

“After today, I shall leave No. 1 Villa in your hands. Remember, if anyone in No. 1 Villa loses even a
hair, I will hold you accountable!” Jonathan commanded coldly.

“Yes, Mr. Goldstein!”

Zachary quickly straightened his back.

“Mr. Goldstein, what’s going on? Why have you summoned me from Jazona in such a hurry?” Zachary
had to ask. With Jonathan’s character, if it wasn’t because of matters of great importance, Jonathan
wouldn’t have demanded Zachary to return from Jazona so suddenly.

“Josephine’s been kidnapped!” The moment Jonathan spoke, Zachary’s expression shifted. He knew
very well what Josephine meant to Jonathan. “Who did it?” Zachary asked.

“Just a bunch of clowns!” Jonathan simply replied. “This is not your concern. All you have to do is keep
No. 1 Villa safe.”

“Yes, Mr. Goldstein!”

“Mr. Goldstein, shall I send someone to protect Ms. Goldstein?” Hades reminded him softly.

“Oh, do you mean Sophia?” Jonathan knitted his brows.


Hades nodded.

Because of his status, he knew exactly the relationship between Jonathan and the Goldstein family. He
was also very much aware of the connection between Sophia and Jonathan.

The Goldstein family wouldn’t have risen to become the most influential family in Yaleview if it were
only Sophia at the helm. Without Jonathan, how could they have achieved something like that?

“That’s not necessary!”

Jonathan shook his head and continued, “Only few in Asura’s Office know about the relationship
between the Goldstein family and me. However, just in case, have Andy get some of his people to
patrol the Goldstein residence in secret twenty-four hours a day. If they find anybody suspicious,
capture immediately! If needed, act first and ask questions later!”

“Yes, Mr. Goldstein!”

Within a few minutes, Jonathan’s commands were carried out in an orderly manner.

When everything had been arranged, Jonathan turned to Hades and asked, “Have you found out who
accepted the mission for a hundred million?”

“Yes, I have!” Hades nodded. “It’s Cobra, ranked tenth on the Heaven List!”

“Ranked tenth on the Heaven List?”

The moment Jonathan heard the phrase, his eyebrows furrowed sharply. He had most certainly heard
of the Heaven List. There had always been a publicly recognized list among the assassins, and it was
separated into four parts: Heaven, Earth, Dark, and Gold.

The order of the list was personally arranged by the founder of the Dark Web. The rankings were
determined according to the tasks performed by the assassins, the difficulty of the tasks, and the power
and status of the targets.

The Heaven List was at the very top while the Earth List was at the bottom.

Therefore, whoever ranked first on the Heaven List was the undisputed “king” among all the assassins!

“I remember that Punisher, whom I sent to Northern Crimson Prison years ago, was ranked third on the
Heaven List, am I right?” Jonathan seemed to recall some information all of a sudden.

“Right!” Hades nodded and said, “Since his imprisonment, the order on the Heaven List hasn’t been
updated. To this day, he is still the third place on the Heaven List!”

“It seems that this Heaven List is nothing special. After so many years, nobody has overtaken the third
place on the ranking!” Jonathan smiled faintly as a hint of contempt flashed across his eyes.

Some years ago, Punisher, who ranked third on the Heaven List, had gone to Chanaea to execute an

The target of his mission happened to be Asura—Jonathan himself!

Unfortunately, Punisher had barely laid a finger on Jonathan when the latter had him tossed into
Northern Crimson Prison, and he remained there until this day, locked up in the dark.

The reward money back then had gone as high as one billion!

“It seems that each generation of assassins is getting worse than the last!” Jonathan shook his head.
He turned to Hades. “Relay my order to Dorian. Punisher’s sentence is over. Tell Dorian to release

“Release him?” Hades expressed surprise when he heard that.

After all, Punisher had committed a serious crime. His sentence should be perpetual. In fact, it would
not be an exaggeration if he was shot a hundred times over!

How could his sentence possibly be lifted?

“Yes!” Jonathan replied flatly. “However, before you do, pass him a message for me. Tell him that I want
to meet him before he leaves.”

“Meet him?” Hades uttered. “What if he doesn’t want to come?”

“He will!” Jonathan grinned again before he went on, “If he refuses to come, then just kill him!”

“Yes, Mr. Goldstein!”

Hades naturally had nothing to say about Jonathan’s order. However, before he turned to leave, he
couldn’t help but make a request, “Mr. Goldstein, there’s something I’d like to ask, but I’m not sure if it’s

“Ask away,” Jonathan responded casually.

“Someone like Punisher is better off dead. Why do you want to meet him?” Truthfully, Hades had
always despised these assassins.

The Heaven List is nothing but a load of hogwash! It’s useless! In the face of absolute power and a line
of guns, what can a mere assassin do? One shot is all it takes to kill him. If that’s not enough, then ten
shots! Or a hundred! I don’t believe that one hundred shots can’t finish off a third ranker on the stupid
Heaven List!

“Don’t you think the Dark Web had been very quiet lately?” Jonathan smiled slyly.

“Mr. Goldstein, you mean…”

“Simple, really!” Jonathan smiled. “If the Dark Web doesn’t know its place and lies low abroad, then we
should just get rid of it! Don’t you think Punisher would be the perfect weapon?”

“Understood, Mr. Goldstein!” For a split second, Hades registered what Jonathan meant.

What was the use of an organization of assassins that was not controlled by Asura’s Office?

It was better off gone!

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